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Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

by Haifisch

Part 6: Swanky Swishy Dude

Last time, we headed back to the junkyard. The police had apparently showed up, so let's see what that's all about.


: What's going on here?
: The police are here to start their criminal investigation. You know, into your murder.
: Where is Lynne? Is she all right?
: So you found out her name already, did you? I'm impressed.

: (Not to mention the fact that a hitman is after her again...)
: Well, you don't have to worry about that kind of thing. She was just taken into custody a few minutes ago.
: Custody? You mean she was arrested?! But why?
: I don't know. I'm just a desk lamp.
: (Hmm. I'd better see what I can find out.)

Right away, we can see that the cops are talking about something. It's probably something kind of important(whether it's related to Sissel's death or to Lynne's situation), so let's listen in!

: Yeah. One of our own...a murderer? Heads will roll over this.
: And she's a rookie, too. I heard she was carrying out some crazy investigation?
: Rookies aren't given crazy assignments like that. Not even Lynne.
: Yeah, but I heard she was "special". She's got strong ties to Inspector Cabanela of the Special Investigation Unit. Hmph. I plan on moving up the ladder on my own merits, myself.
: Well, we detectives shouldn't be standing around gossiping. Who knows who might be listening?
: Like me.
: Like me.

: Bring the stretcher. I'll look into the rest back at the lab.
: Would you mind waiting here for a bit, doctor? Inspector Cabanela, head of the Special Investigation Unit, is on his way now.
: Special Investigation Unit? What do they want with a case like this?
: I don't know, but Cabanela's our top investigator...we don't want to get him all bent out of shape, or there'll be hell to pay.
: Hmph. Don't see what that has to do with me.
: I don't really get what Cabanela wants to come for, either. It's probably just a big lark for him, but it makes things tougher on us.
: Hey, watch what you say behind his back. Never know who might be listening.
: Like me.
: Like me.

Like me. But this Cabanela character sounds pretty harsh. Then again, I guess every police force needs one gruff, no-bullshit bastard who takes things with the utmost seriousne...


: Yeeeah, nothing like it, baby!

(Music: Cabanela ~ A White Lovely Lanky Man)

: Inspector Cabanela! Thank you for coming! Allow me to report, sir!
: Fine, fiiine. You just hold that thought. I'm gonna make a liiitle phone call first.

: (So this is the head of the Special Investigation Unit? He seems, uh...unique.)

As always, we must spy on any phone call that occurs within a 100 yard radius of us.

See that grey word bubble? If you try to listen in as usual...

: Hm. He's saying something, but I can't hear him from here.

...we learn that Sissel's ghost-eavesdropping abilities are still limited. To hear these guys, we just have to jump closer to them.

This traffic cone's as good a place as any.

: Well, here he is, for his "big lark." Aren't you going to confront him about it?
: I'm going to make my report!
: Yeah, that's about what I figured.

Enough snooping in on these guys. Let's go snoop in on Cabanela instead.


: I would say it's going well enough, about fair to average, if I had to say. Yes, it's going all right.
: ......Nooot the man I was hoping to talk to there, baby. Do me a favor and put that other nice man on the horn, now, would you? Thaaat's a nice fellow.
: If it has anything to do with this park, I'm the one to talk to. I'm the guardian of this park! Yes!

: Argh! Sorry 'bout that, Inspector! I just got here.
: Well, glaaad to hear you made it. That other fellow just about threw me for a loop. Started blathering about being "guardian of the park" or some such.
: Yes, him...*sigh* Sorry 'bout that.
: Well, start doing your "staking out" thing, baby. And buzz me if anything comes up.
: Yes, sir!

That was...informative?...

: Now then, sir! If I may make my report, sir--
: Doc! Yoo-hoo! Oh, Doooc!
: Talking to me?
: I need you to handle this case with your finest care and attention. Would you do that for me, Doc?
: Don't need you to tell me how to do my job.
: Anyhoot...I'd like to see the suspect now, if I may.
: Lynne, sir? I asked her to let herself be taken into custody voluntarily, sir!
: She's being detained in the junkyard superintendent's office right now!
: Super's office? Suuuper. And where's that?

: I'll go interview the suspect, then. Yeeeah, nothing like it, baby! Carry on, boooys.
: Good luck, sir!


We can't actually get up to the super's office yet. There's not a path of cores that will let us reach up there(or anywhere much further than where the detectives are talking, in fact), and we don't know its telephone number. So for now, Sissel will just have to do what he does best: Eavesdropping on law enforcement officers.

: Whew, that inspector Cabanela. He sure has a strange "air" about him.
: You can say that again. And I've never seen anybody use stairs the way he does...I hear he's dancing up the stairs of promotion that same airy way.
: And I hear Lynne is his personal favorite. What's the deal between those two?
: Hey, how should I know?

: Oh no. That pistol...
: Yup. Same model as the pistols you detectives carry around.
: You don't's Lynne's, do you...?
: This is not good. If it is hers, it's all over.

: (So Lynne is a detective, and the murder weapon might be her pistol...what could it all mean?)

We can hang around as long as we want, but nothing will happen until we jump over to the gun.

: A "pistol", eh? My memory seems to be hazy on pistols...but I have seen them before, that's for sure. Let's see, this part right here is--

: Fool! If you want to fire the thing, aim it in your own direction!
: I-I didn't fire it! I'm the victim here! This is the act of somebody who's jealous of my abilities as a detective!
: Well, what are you glaring at me for? I'm hardly jealous of you.

: (Well, guess that proves it's a real gun...)

And at least we didn't kill anyone!


: W-what was that?
: Is that what I think it was?
: The sound of a gun.

: I've got a bad feeling about this. Every time that phone rings, it's bad news.
: It's like that old riddle. "Which came first, the ringing of the phone, or the crime case?"
: Um, if you say so.

Hmm...I'd rather fire that gun again than snoop in on another phone conversation. So let's try it!

: That's all right. If you kill one, you can just save him.
: I don't think I need to increase my workload right now. (Better not fire it...)


Anyway, phone time!

: Which one are you, the green one or the blue one?
: Huh? Oh, uh...I'm the..."green one." Sir.
: Listen, greeny. Get the good Doc over here this instant...
: ...or I'll see to it you never wear a green suit again!
: Yes, sir! I'll send him right up, sir!

: Please, doctor! Go to the superintendent's office immediately!
: *sigh* If I must...

: Wh-what's going on?
: Don't ask me. But something seems really, really wrong.
: That shot sounded like it was coming from somewhere around the maintenance building...

Sissel then regurgitates another "hmm sounds like something's going on in the super's office, and it sounded bad!" statement before telling us to head up there. But screw that, I wanna see how Ms. Porn Novel Writer's doing.

(Music: Madam ~ An Enveloping Smell of Roses)

: She'd type her fingers to the bone to complete her tale of love, I imagine. The little girl with the fever seems to be sleeping now. I hope she's having sweet dreams.

: Oh...

... ...

: Hmm, I guess not.


(Music: CHASE)

Ah, the park. Much more pleasant.

: The voices of two young people drift over to me on the breeze...

: Uh, sorry, but could you do that somewhere else? I'm a little busy right now. I don't have time to talk.
: I suppose you think I'm a man of dubious character, a questionable person!
: No, I, uh...
: But if an objective person were asked, they might think YOU were a little suspicious, yourself! As two suspicious characters, shouldn't we take the time to converse with each other?
: Oh boy...All right, but just for a minute.
: There! I like your attitude! I like it very much! Let's relax and talk a while, then. The night is young, and so are we!
: Oh, man...

With that...interesting...scene over with, we finally have nowhere else to go but the Super's Office.