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by Haifisch

Part 7: Exposition Station

(Music: Intermission ~The Deepening of the "Night")

(Music: Cabanela ~ A White Lovely Lanky Man)

: Nooo! Lyyynne! Hang in there, baby!
: It looks like some piece of trash shot her from the top of the pile of garbage outside. Here, let me take a look at her. Maybe there's something I--
: Sorry, can't allow that, Pigeon Man. I investigate and you "superintend." You have your job and I have mine. Let's leave each to his own profession, shaaall we?
: Yeah? Well, here's what I think. How much of a "pro" can you be if you let her get shot right in front of you.
: I--!
: Anyway, have it your way. I'll stay out of your hair.

: Who are you to shout at me? Now, let me have a look at the victim.

: (I haven't even looked yet, but I can already tell you she's dead. Her second death of the night, actually...)

: How about it, Doc?! Can you save her?! She's not breathing...
: Afraid I'm not a miracle worker. Only thing we can do now is curse the aim of the one who shot her.
: could I let this happen to you?

I think you already can tell where this is going.

Although this isn't relevent to the current situation, you can jump down to see the basement, which is a bit...odd-looking.

: I can't see very well in this darkness, but it looks like a pretty strange room. (But never mind this...I'd better go see about Lynne.)

(Music: The World of the Dead)

: I...?
: ...! (She's coming to?)
: What happened to me?
: ......
: Excuse me...are you ignoring me?
: Oh! Uh, sorry...I'm still not used to talking to dead people, you see.
: "Dead"? So I'm dead, huh...hmm. Try as I might, I can't seem to remember who I am.
: (She's starting to remind me of me.)
: WHO AM I?!
: Everybody seems to call you "Lynne", if that's any help.
: "Lynne", huh? Pretty cute name.
: And, apparently, you're a detective, too.
: "Detective"...? You mean that super-cool kind of cop that solves crimes and upholds justice?
: Sounds like a pretty subjective description, but yes, that kind of "detective."
: ......Hey, wait a minute...
: ...! Are you starting to remember something?!
: There's no time to lose!

I can appreciate wanting to have Cabanela's smooth moves, but that's just silly.

: (Yeah, I certainly won't argue with the "really unusual" part.) That's not your face, you know. Take another look. You're the dead one.
: Oh...! Right, of course. It'd be pretty heinous if I looked like this, I guess, wouldn't it?
: (I don't know if "heinous" is the right word...)

(Music: Lynne ~ A Targeted Redhead)

: Tell me...what IS going on in this town tonight?
: Don't ask me.
: Huh?
: I can't remember a thing...I think it's probably 'cause I'm dead. Grr! Everything is so confusing! Can't you do something?!
: (Hey! You're asking the wrong guy!) But I've got some things to ask YOU about.

We have to hit all the topics, so might as well start from the top.

: I'm looking for the answers to the questions "who am I?" and "why was I killed?" Do you know anything that might help me? The only thing I know right now is that my name is "Sissel."
: Your name is "Sissel", huh?
: I think so. It rings some kind of bell, anyway. I think I was killed tonight, while I was meeting with you. So you must at least know me...I think.
: I was meeting with you?
: Yes, in the junkyard outside.
: Yeah, it's coming back to me...I remember now!
: I knew it! I knew you were the lead I needed!
: But I'm so sorry. I don't think I can help you.
: W-why not?
: 'Cause I don't know you.
: W-what do you mean?! I thought you said you remembered me?!
: No, I said I remembered something. I remembered the fact that I don't know you.
: No way!

And that opens up a new topic, but we're continuing down the list in order because I said so!

: So I died, huh?
: Yes, apparently. I'm very sorry.
: How could this have happened? And after I just passed my test finally this year? My exciting career of catching the bad guys had just begun...and now look at me! Why did I have to go and die, in an old junkyard like this?!
: (Poor kid. The shock is setting in...)

: This actually isn't the first time you died tonight, you know. You were already shot and killed once before tonight.
: saved me...?
: That's right. You don't remember?
: Hmm...yes, I do think I remember something like that happening...vaguely. Yes, I did get shot! By a blue man dressed in all black!
: (I guess that means that even if a death is erased, the memory of it remains.)
: So I died twice already tonight...
: (Wish I knew what to tell her...guess I'll wait until she recovers a little.)
: ......
: Hey! I bet that's some kind of record, don't you think?!
: Uh, yeah, you're probably right. (Looks like she's pretty much recovered already...)

And finally, let's touch on that new Two Strangers topic.

: So you don't know me, huh?
: Nope. Wish I did.
: So do you suppose we're just two strangers who happened to meet tonight?
: No way. I don't think it was any accident. Why in the world would I be way out here in the middle of nowhere for no reason? I was asked to come here tonight.
: Asked to come? By who?
: Can't you kind of guess where this is going?
: You're kidding. Y-you mean...?

: I asked you to come here?! But why?!
: That's what I was going to ask YOU. Why did you ask me to come here tonight? Way out here in the middle of nowhere?
: You gotta be kidding me! (It goes without saying that I don't remember!)
: Grr! Everything is so confusing! Can't you do something!?
: Mmm...Lynne. I'm not saying you owe me or anything, but I have a favor to ask.
: What is it?
: In the next four minutes, you'll probably come back to life. When you do, do you think you can try to find out about me? By tomorrow morning? Who I am, and why I was killed?
: I'm really sorry. But I can't make any promises.
: Why not?
: I don't remember very clearly right now, but I think I was investigating a case tonight. A case that is very, very important to me. so even if I come back to life, I don't think I'll have time to find out anything about you.
: ......
: I know that's a terrible thing to say to the person who saved my life once already...I'm really, really sorry.
: I see...that's too bad...
: But I'm afraid I'm still going to ask you...
: Ask me what?
: Ask you to save me. Even though I probably won't be able to help you...
: ......
: I know it's selfish of me. I really apologize. But...I just can't die. Not yet. Not like this. I'm investigating something important tonight. I think maybe that might be the reason I was killed. But I still want to solve the case, in spite of all that! Am I out of line?
: ......Didn't I tell you a minute ago you don't owe me?
: Huh?
: I'm certainly not gonna treat your life like some kind of bargaining chip. I'll save you. What you do after that is up to you.
: Thank you.
: So, you ready to go back? Back to four minutes before you got shot?

The next puzzle is fairly long & complicated(it's the first one with more than one Fate Changed point...and the fact that it kept crashing my computer as I was trying to record it didn't help ), so I'll leave that for next time. But for now, enjoy a shitload of new records!

New & Updated Records
Perfumed Lady
Careworn Gentleman
Green Detective
Blue Detective
Odd Blue Doctor
Detective with the Cap
Guardian of the Park
Pigeon Man
Pigeon Man's Office
Lady's Red Apartment
Lynne's Apartment
Office of the Troubled Man
Park Stakeout Point