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by Haifisch

Part 14: Infodump Mania

(Music: Chicken Paradise)

: Is Lynne having a serious talk with that detective? Nah. She's just gobbling down chicken. How did the detectives know to stake out this restaurant tonight? I'd better see if I can get some information. But, more importantly, I have lots of questions for that lady detective...

We can jump from the phone to the bell on the empty table. Ring it three times to get Memry to bring some water with her...

...and just hop into the water pitcher while she's skating by.

: Come to see me, did you? Aww, that's so sweet.
: Oh, hi, Memry. Don't mind us. Just pretend we're not here.
: Why don't you try some chicken while you're here?
: No thanks. Just watching Lynne eat is quite enough for me.
: So...? How did it turn out? With my "ladybug"?!
: Oh, that listening device? Well, let's see...I thought the gentleman had a very nice singing voice. Sorry, but we're in the middle of an important talk. Could you leave us to it?
: No, stay right there!
: H-Huh?
: I'm at the crucial moment with this chicken here. I'll need you to pour me some water if it starts going down wrong!
: Lynne, you don't have to risk your life over chicken, you know...
: He's right. Sheesh. (Anyway, I'd better move now while I have the chance.)

Let's do that, and...

: Hmm, that's funny...

: Not like the one Lynne has, or that valiant little doggie, Missile. I thought the ones I save are supposed to develop a core when they're alive again. I guess I still have things to learn about these "powers of the dead."

: Well, I'm heading back. Lots of things to do, you know!
: Yeah, like washing dishes, and planting bugs...
: Some day I'll plant a big one on YOU, Detective!

: I agree.
: Me, too.

: Listen,'ve explained your side, and I understand. But there's an APB out on you. Can't you at least hurry up and get out of here? You know, slip away quietly?
: No can do. I'm meeting somebody here.
: (Meeting somebody...oh, yeah. That's right. The little lady, Kamila.)
: But why do you have to meet somebody HERE? The Special Investigation Unit is watching this restaurant. Now, how can that be a coincidence?
: I dunno, but it IS a coincidence.
: ......hey, is it true what they say? That you're...still looking into Detective Jowd's case on your own? Inspector Cabanela is worried about you, you know. I understand how you feel, but...just don't do anything crazy, okay?

Only two things to do here: Talk to Lynne, and ring the bell to re-summon the odd girl. Let's ring that bell!

: I guess I'd better not bother the waitress anymore. I'll give Detective Memry a break. (Although, she really doesn't seem like she needs a break...)

...or not. Fine, let's talk to Lynne.

(Music: Lynne ~ A Targeted Redhead)

: It's great! But, you know...with Detective Rindge -- that's his name, by the way -- sitting right across from me...I mean, he was just dead a few moments ago, right? That's kind of taking the edge off my appetite.
: (Oh brother...)
: But he's a great guy. He understands my situation, he said. He's going to give me a pass, just for tonight.
: Speaking of Detective Rindge, I noticed something strange. He doesn't have a core now.
: He doesn't?
: I thought a core was supposed to show up once I saved somebody.
: Hmm...I wonder if...

: Unconcious? Yeah...he was, wasn't he? Just like you. You were unconcious the first time I saved you, too. And after I saved you, you didn't have a core either.
: So for people who are unconcious when you save them, no core shows up. I think that's probably what it is.
: You must be right. Okay, I'll leave Detective Rindge to you, then. But I've still got lots of questions for you.
: Yeah, I thought you would...
: Let's get started, then.

Let's start with Jowd.

: What is your connection to Prisoner D99...Detective Jowd? He seems like more than just a coworker.
: Yes, I suppose you have the right to know. Detective Jowd is my hero.
: "Hero", huh? You don't hear that word much anymore.
: Well, it's an old-fashioned, heroic kind of story. It happened ten years ago.

Then the music cuts out, and it's time for a flashback! This is all narrated without portraits, but for convenience I'll still use them.


: And then, somebody grabbed my arm from behind. I was so scared...I thought I was going to die. And then...

: And then that really loud sound...I think it was the sound of a gun. I passed out. When I came to...

: Y-you saved me, mister?
: I was just doing my job. The gods...they're the ones who saved you.
: What's your job, mister?
: Me? I'm a police detective.

: That's right. He was my ideal of what a detective was all about.
: (But an ideal detective doesn't shoot and kill his own wife...)
: Exactly.
: ...!
: And that's why I want to prove that he didn't.

Interesting. But is it relevant to us? Anyway, let's move on to talking about Point x.


: Detective Rindge works for the Special Investigation Unit. He said an important deal is set to go down tonight at this restaurant. A deal that could effect the future of our nation.
: (A nation isn't something that's easily influenced, though...)
: But that's what he said. Anyway, it's that couple at the table upstairs...

: (Those two, huh? They certainly are an odd pair...) Is this "other party" they're waiting for..."me?"
: It's kind of hard to imagine, isn't it? Nobody really knows any details of the deal, except for one person...

*drumroll for an overly dramatic reveal*

(Music: Cabanela ~ A White Lovely Lanky Man)

: They say he's been watching the movements of those two for a long time. I've never seen him work so frantically on an investigation before.
: Inspector Cabanela, eh? Apparently, you're a real favorite of his.
: A favorite? Yes, well, there's a reason for that.
: And what's that?

I'll never quite understand why things like this are split into multiple conversation topics. Oh well, onward I go.

: Inspector Cabanela and Detective Jowd were good friends.
: Yeah, I think I remember the prison guard saying something about that.

: They're two very different types, but they were always in friendly competition to be the best.

: Detective Jowd was always very particular about thorough investigation of the crime scene.

: And Inspector Cabanela...well...I guess he just has a natural genius for investigating. Anyway, those two lead the division in those days. But Inspector Cabanela is different now. He...changed a little.
: He changed?
: Ever since the Detective Jowd incident. Now he distances himself from fieldwork. And he's starting to focus on nothing but moving up the ladder.
: Hmm. And so that's how he became head of the Special Investigation Unit, I take it.
: Anyway, Inspector Cabanela took me under his wing.
: Because you were the little girl his good friend had saved, huh?
: He really looked out for me. Helping me study for my detective's exam, fudging my exam scores for me...
: Uh, that goes a little beyond the scope of "looking out for you." (Inspector Cabanela, eh? I wonder what role he plays in everything that's happening tonight?)

And last but not least...where the hell is Kamila?

: It sure is taking Kamila long enough...she should've been here by now. I'm getting really worried.
: You two are like sisters, aren't you? That's what Kamila said.
: Yup. That about sums it up.
: It doesn't look like being worried affected your appetite much, though.
: Hey, the bigger the crisis, the more a girl's gotta eat. ......I have to make sure Kamila stays safe, no matter what. Kamila...and that music box, too.
: "Music box"...? Oh, yeah. That wooden box.


: From Detective Jowd?
: Yes, it was five years ago. That box arrived three days after the murder incident. He must've sent it just before he was arrested. "Some day, when the case is over and everything is settled, I want you to give this to a certain person," he said.
: So what's inside?
: I don't know. I can't open it.
: Hmm. That's a shame.
: Sissel, I...
: Did I really shoot you?!
: Where did that come from, out of the blue?
: I really don't remember. I've tried and I've tried, but I just can't. Now I finally understand how you must feel. And how hard it is to have your memory gone, your story erased...
: But who knows? Knowing the truth might be even harder...
: I'd rather believe there's hope, myself.
: ......

And now that we're out of things to talk about...what will Sissel do now?

: Do I have chicken on my face? You're staring.
: ......
: I bet you're thinking about how impressed you are with the way I took care of that chicken!
: Just tell me one thing. This case you say you're looking it Detective Jowd's?
: ......What if it was?
: I-I can't keep it from you. It's too cruel...
: Huh? Wh-what are you talking about?
: I'm sorry''s tonight...Detective Jowd' know. It's tonight. His execution.
: ...but there's still time. I looked into it, and I found out all the executions in this country are carried out at dawn.
: That may be the norm, but not this time, I'm afraid.
: What?!
: The execution is set for eleven pm.


: It's going to happen pretty soon.
: Isn't there anything we can do to stop it?!
: Of course not. It's too late now. Not without a stay of execution from the justice minister.
: ......I'm going to go see him, then.
: What...? See who?!
: Who else? The justice minister!
: Don't be ridiculous! There's not enough time!
: I'm going! Sissel!
: Me?
: Get to the prison! Stop that execution!
: Easy enough for you to say.
: Detective Rindge, I'll be going now.
: Okay, I'll let you go this time. I'll tell 'em I was distracted because I was eating chicken. Is there anything else I can do?
: Could you find Kamila? She's supposed to be on her way here!
: Oh, your little Kamila? Okay, you got it. I'll look for her.
: Okay, you know what to do, Sissel! You have to save Detective Jowd!