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by Haifisch

Part 15: Update 14.5: Bonus Mini-Update

Thanks to whoever got me this avatar. I was planning on buying myself an avatar, but I guess the one I made will just be up for grabs when the appropriate time comes.

rubythunder posted:

So I've been replaying along with the lp and, not to insult Haifisch or anything cause he's(she? i forget)showing stuff off that I didn't see before, but there are even more optional scenes that you can get. For example from the last update, when you leave the kitchen, if you go back in you see the chef singing to Memry, calling her a goddess. You can also see the curry lover stuck in the hole at this time too which i found hilarious.
She. And to be fair, I don't think there's usually anything special going on if you go back to where you started in most cases of "time to go somewhere else." (Then again, I usually don't even check...) I also didn't even think of heading all the way back into the depths of the jail.

But because I love you all...

Bonus mini-update!

First of all...since the closest savestate I had to this stuff was before saving Rindge, let's see what would happen if I didn't even bother to stop Memry from planting the bug.

: Yup. There she went...
: Now what?! That "ladybug" is going to get burnt up!
: I wonder if there's any way to stop it now?
: If I knew this was going to happen, I would've let her get crushed under the chicken instead of me!
: I can't tell if you're kidding. (Oh boy...)

And the instant the timer hits zero, the chef has something to say...

: I took a bite! My heart swelled with pride! And I got goosebumps! I'm consumed with the love of consuming you! La la la!
: He has a good voice.
: If you like that kind of thing.

If you remember, that's the exact thing Rindge heard him singing from the bug(once we made it be left behind in the kitchen). A nice touch.

And now the jail cells are going to make the list of places I check each time I have free reign with the phone even longer.

: Nothing much seems to have changed since I visited last.

: My time will soon be locked away from me as well. I can't waste what time I have left. I'd better get going.

And finally, more chef singing in the Chicken Kitchen. I remember this scene, so I know I saw it when I played before. No idea why I forgot to show off it in the last update.

: La la la! The lovely maiden, Memry! Goddess of chicken!
: What's with the song, chef?
: I don't know why myself, but...tonight, I feel like singing to you as much as you like, until you've had your fill!
: Oh yeah? Well, if you're going to sing about me being a goddess, I don't mind.
: (That's all it takes, eh?)