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Part 21: A Stubborn Man

(Music: Elegy For The Torn-Off Gentleman)

: He was sentenced after a fair trial. And the man himself wants to be executed.
: But there was no evidence! All they had was his own confession!
: But it was no ordinary confession. It was the confession of an esteemed detective.

And when Lynne walks a little closer to the minister...

: I told you I don't want anybody coming near me!
: Mr. Minister, please listen to me! I might be able to gather new evidence in that case tonight!
: Wh-what...?
: So please, please! Just give me a little more time!

: I just got a call from the prison. Your death-row convict apparently just escaped.
: ...!
: Unfortunately, after all this time, it seems he now wants to dodge his punishment.
: B-But...
: When he's apprehended, his sentence will be carried out. Tonight.
: No...But when the sentence was handed down, you were against enforcing the death penalty. So why did you sign the order all of a sudden?
: Well, I...I was simply performing my duty as justice minister. That's all there is to it.
: Lynne looks like she's about to rip into the justice minister. I think she's forgotten all about me. I think I'll send her a little signal.

: Sissel! There you are!
: It sounds like the minister is being very stubborn.
: That's right! He is! Maybe we shouldn't have saved him after all!
: The minister has to have the execution carried out tonight. And he has a very good reason for it.
: A good reason?

: K-kidnapping?! They kidnapped the justice minister's daughter?!
: Apparently.
: Oh, my goodness...but, still...that's no reason to hurry forward with the excecution!
: Why don't you go ahead and say that to the justice minister, then?
: Hmm, the poor man...I hate to do that to him...
: Oh, by the you think you could carry me?
: Oh, right, sure. Not very handy, is it, having no legs?

And now we could proceed by listening to the minister...or we can get some optional dialog from Lynne.

: And I'm in here, too, don't forget.
: I guess this means a single soul is heavier than the whole world...maybe I'll use this thing to persuade the minister to change his mind.
: Good luck with that.

And now to talk to the minister.

: Oh, this? Er, heh no attention to this.
: (It's kind of hard NOT to pay attention to it...)
: By the way...and please pardon me if this is a silly question...were you...talking to somebody just now? But, of course not, right...? I mean, there's no such ghosts, right...?
: Are you talking about me?

: No! There's no such thing! This is a dream! It's nothing but a dream!
: Don't you remember me?
: My dream is talking to me!
: (Hmph. So now I'm a "dream", eh?)
: Mr. Minister? We know. We know about your daughter. She was kidnapped, wasn't she? And if the execution doesn't take place tonight, you won't see her again...

: Oh, what am I going to do...? The death-row prisoner has escaped. If he isn't executed Amelie...!
: But what if that execution isn't the right thing to do?!
: C'mon, Lynne. If you keep pressing him like that, he's gonna die again.
: What can I do, then?!
: We have to do something about that kidnapping. Until we do that, it'll be impossible to get the minister on our side. That's the way I see it.

And now we're free to leave, but it only makes sense to chat with Lynne and the minister a bit more.

: Fishy?
: I mean, the demand is to carry out an execution that was already set to be carried's just like the minister said. There's no need for such a kidnapping.
: might be right.
: Are you...talking to somebody again? No, no. There's no such such thing!
: I'm a realist! I'll never believe in them! Not in the existance of ghosts, not in this escape from prison, and not in this kidnapping!
: Hmm. This "realist" is running away from several very real facts...
: At high speed, too.
: Anyway, let me try and find out more about this kidnapping. After all, I know where the kidnappers are.
: Oh, that's right. You have their telephone number!

: Wh-what?! I've never seen you before! I-in any case, I'm a very busy man! If you're a dream, please don't bother me when I'm awake!
: (Uh, I'm NOT a dream...)
: Looks like it's just a waste of time, trying to talk to this guy.
: I think you're right. Stubborn justice minister...
: Please stop speaking ill of me inside my own head!

Okay, it's finally time to bid farewell to this office for now. Let's head out!

: Ha ha. I'm embarassed to admit this, but I'm apparently starting to lose my strength.
: Wh-what?
: Let me ask you one favor first, if you don't mind. There's a small creature who needs your powers...
: (Ah, you're talking about the little lady, aren't you?)
: She holds a clue to that which you seek. I encourage you to lend her your strength.
: How do you know all this?
: You'll find out, soon enough. I know you can do it. Hurry along, now. There's no time to waste.

: ...I don't see the little girl here anywhere. (So does this mean she was really kidnapped...?) In spite of the fact that her husband and daughter are in trouble, the novelist types passionately on. But I don't get did the kidnappers get ahold of the little girl...?

: I guess I don't need to come back here anymore...

And everywhere else has absolutely nothing new going on. Guess it's time to get down to business.


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