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Part 22: The Saddest Thing

(Music: Intermission ~The Deepening of the "Night")w

: They had that restaurant surrounded. It took me forever to shake them, and now my poor bike is ready for the scrapheap.
: Next time, maybe you should make it a tricycle, so you don't hurt yourself.
: Ouch, that hurts, Beauty! But that's okay...that's what I love about you.

: Be a little more gentle with our valuable hostage, please.
: Yes, yes. "Always keep a smile on a lady's face," right, my dear? There. See that, Beauty? Now there's a smile blooming on your face too, my dear.
: Yes, a wry smile.

: I'm going out for a breath of fresh air. You're on guard duty.
: All right. I'll dream of you until you return.
: Why don't you open the trunk for our guest?
: I will, Beauty. I was just taking a little breather...

(Music: Beauty and Dandy)

: All right, little lady. Let me open that trunk for you... ......

And then the fucker starts snoring. I guess he wasn't kidding about dreaming about Beauty until she returned.

: Taking something precious to manipulate that's what kidnapping is. The dirty tricks those without the powers of the dead come up with...however...if I take that precious thing back, their power vanishes, doesn't it?

: Time to see how the justice minister's little girl is doing, before this guy wakes up from his dream of "Beauty"...

Problem one: Getting all the way over there. Let's try opening this cupboard and see if it helps anything.

Nope. But Sissel has something to say about it anyway.

: ...for some reason, I get the urge to send something flying with it...(These ghost tricks are kind of addictive.)

Well, let's try that candle next.

That helped a little. But we still can't cross the room with the cores as they are now. However, by going up into the newly freed star and swinging it around...

...we can now get to the right side of the room. From there, we can hop over towards the trunk...but it's still not in reach. Luckily, there's more stuff to fiddle around with over there.

That didn't seem to do much, did it?

: As long as there's light in this room, is something like this really necessary? (But, if something can be lit, it kind of makes me want to light it...I need another core to reach the trunk and open it. I wonder if I can create a new core?)

That's very insightful and all, but there's no obvious way to light the candles yet. Let's see what happens when we rock the shelf, instead.

...not a whole hell of a lot, apparently.

: I bet it'd be quite a spectacle if it fell...(if something can break, it kind of makes me want to break it...)

Okay, we're obviously not getting anything done over here. Let's go to the middle part of the room. But first...

No, I don't know why Sissel bothered to say that now either. And there's no way to get to the lower middle part of the room, so let's go over to the fan and make it spin faster.

A ball in front of a cupboard...this seems familiar.

You can guess what happens next.

And now we can reach the final part of the room! Let's start over here by messing with the balance toy.

Well, that wasn't very helpful. But there's not much else over here, except for some party poppers.

: "Just my imagination"? That's all he has to say? If he was any more laid back, he'd fall right off that crate. (But look at that streamer go spinning round and, how can I make use of that?)

Who knows. But there are more party poppers over here!

: "Just my imagination"? That's all he has to say? What an amazingly simple fellow...(this room, on the other hand, is starting to look amazingly festive. The question is, how can I use it to my advantage?)

Good question. Let's about setting stuff on fire? If we go back to the candle and make its flame big...

: ...for some reason, I get the urge to burn something...(unfortunately, everything is just out of the flame's reach.)

Looks like it's time for the fan again. And the flame stays big for a while, resulting in this:

And how are we going to use the newly lit candle? Well, that's where the balance toy comes in.

If this guy was any more unobservant, he'd be dead.

But more importantly, we can reach the trunk now! Let's open it!


(Music: A Dashing Enigma)

: What's going on here? This little lady is...

: Is this litle lady really a daughter of the justice minister...?

(Music: Beauty and Dandy)

: What's with the fun book and juice?
: Like I said, "always keep a smile on a lady's face." I wanted to treat our guest well.
: How about treating me well? I'd like some bread and milk, please.

: At your service, my dear. Be back in a flash.
: Hey, mister.
: Yes, cute little lady? More juice, perhaps? All you have to do is ask.
: Have I been...kidnapped...?
: Don't cry, little dear. There's nothing to be afraid of. The surroundings are miserable and filthy, I know, but we just ask for a little patience.
: Don't say those awful things about this house!
: Hmm?
: This house is...where I used to live.
: Wh-what?! I apologize, little lady. I'm the one who's miserable and filthy. Forgive me. What's the meaning of this, Beauty?! Why here, at this girl's old house?!
: Don't ask me. It was the other party in our deal who chose this location.
: Oh...Oh, I see.
: It's been empty for five years. And, apparently, nobody ever comes here. But never mind that. What about my bread and milk?
: Oh, of course!

: You just read your book and drink your juice.
: I want to go home...
: Not quite yet.
: This dilapidated place was Kamila's old house? (What's going on here?)

Lots of questions, not many answers. I guess we should go into Ghost mode and...

: Why does the little lady have a core of the dead...? (When I helped her out at Lynne's apartment, she didn't have that must mean she must've died sometime after that! And it also means somebody else must've saved her!) I'd better ask her what happened!

Or we can check out her book. That seems much more enlightening.

: An exciting adventure story, maybe? ......(although she's already getting quite a bit of "excitement" for one day...)

Okay, now let's talk to her.

(Music: The World of the Dead)

: Oh, wait a that you, Missile...? Missile!
: I'm sorry. I'm not Missile. My name's Sissel.
: Sissel...? My name is...Kamila.
: Kamila...(so it IS her. I knew it!)
: What happened to me. What is this place?
: (I can hardly tell the poor little thing this is the land of the dead...)
: "The land of the dead"...? Does that mean I'm dead...?
: (Darn! I forgot there are no "secrets" in the Ghost World.) You can relax. You're not dead. But this isn't the first time you've been here, apparently.
: Really? I don't remember. Wait a minute...maybe I do remember! Sort of.
: You do? (It looks like she doesn't remember being saved very well. there's some other dead person out there with special powers, eh? Anyway, I don't want to press her if she doesn't remember dying.) Do you mind if I ask you a few questions about something else?
: Sure, go ahead, Sissy!
: ("Sissy," eh? Ahem.)

Let's start with that kidnapping, since that's what we came here for in the first place.

: Lynne asked me to do something for her tonight.
: I know about that part. She asked you to go to the Chicken Kitchen on Dead End Drive, right?
: Yeah, but I never got there. Now I wish I could say, "I'm sorry" to her...I never should've gone through that park.
: What park?
: Temsik Park. It's a shortcut to Dead End Drive.
: Is that where the kidnappers grabbed you?
: Yeah...Lynne always said, "I don't like that park. Scary things happen there."
: (Temsik Park, eh?)
: What am I going to do? Lynne's going to be mad...
: She is? How come?
: Because I left it there. The music box. In the park.
: (That's right! The music box...!)

Let's see if she has any idea what's up with that thing, and/or why she left it.

: That music box was hidden in the apartment. I finally found it, with a little bit of luck and courage. Guess where it was?
: Hmm, I don't know. Where? (I'll pretend I don't know.)
: You don't have to humor me.
: (Oops...) So what happened to the music box?
: I hid it in the bushes at the park, just before it happened.
: Just before...? Oh, just before you were kidnapped, huh?
: I didn't want the bad man to take it! So I hid it...I bet it's still there in the park...
: You did well. (So the music box is in the park? I'd better let Lynne know.)

And now it's time to ask Kamila about herself.

: This is your old house?
: Yup. This is where we lived, until five years ago. But now I live with Lynne and Missile.
: Lynne is like a big sister to you, isn't she?
: Yup! She's a detective, you know. She's a hero!
: She is, huh? By the way, about your father...
: ...!
: Is he the justice minister?
: ......My father is...gone...
: Gone...? (Maybe he passed away...?)
: No. That's not it. My dad...he's going to die! And it's all because of me!
: Wh-what?! What do you mean, "because of me"...?! Why would you say that?
: It's called an "execution." My dad is...a detective.
: N-no way! Don't tell me your father is...Detective Jowd...?

(Music: Towards Nothingness...)

: That's right.
: (What in the world...?!)
: Five years ago, something really bad happened. Like a scary dream...but it wasn't a dream.
: Five years ago...(That murder case...!)

Let's see what happened when Kamila's dad murdered her mom. Even though I really don't want to.

: It was Mom's birthday that day. My mom and dad were working, and I was home by myself. And then I had an idea. I was going to surprise my mom...I set up that contraption.

Video: Pure tragedy.


: It wasn't supposed to work like that!
: (Hmm...I know that contraption...and I know how it was supposed to work. Party poppers and a cake...a birthday message.)

: My dad wanted to be executed. He asked them for it.
: But I wanted to tell everbody is was my fault! My dad said what I saw was a bad dream...he told me to forget it.
: (......this is all so unbelievably tragic...)

: (I just can't tell her...I can't tell her why she was kidnapped...)
: Why was I kidnapped?! I want to know!
: Oops. (There are no secrets in the Ghost World...maybe we'd better stop talking. It's too dangerous.)
:'re not going to talk to me anymore...?
: I think we'd better get you out of here first. We can talk more after that.
: Okay...but...
: I'm going to rescue you now. You just hold on a little longer, all right?
: ......okay. But we'll talk later, right?
: Don't forget! You promised, Sissy!

(Music: Beauty and Dandy)

: I traveled the entire town in search of the finest bread and milk for you, my dear. But it's late, and all the shops are closed.
: We're leaving this place, right now.
: What?! But he's not here yet! If we couldn't meet at the restaurant, weren't we supposed to meet here?
: Yes. And he's the one who chose this location.
: Hmph! I don't like this one bit! We have to run around doing all this "extra" work, all for the sake of his "deal"!
: Be quiet. It can't be helped. This place is too dangerous. I told you. My sixth sense is very strong.
: All right. As you wish, Beauty.
: I feel it...I sense something here, in this room...

: ...! (Is she talking to me?)

: Pardon me, little lady.


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