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by Haifisch

Part 26: Temsik Park

(Music: Intermission ~The Deepening of the "Night")


: What's he doing here?
: La la la! Let me spend a moment's time with you, my love! The world will not end if the food delivery is a little late! La la la!
: (A little late? It's already ice-cold...)

Let's start getting over to Lynne. You have to wait until the chef swings close enough to the briefcase for you to jump into his hat. But he won't swing far enough for us to get to the left side of the park, so let's mess around with the swingset a little...

And with the right timing, we can jump over to the basketball inside that globe climber. After we do that, the chef has something on his mind...

: What just happened? I wasn't even pumping my feet......Hmm...the swing swings me, and I sling the chicken. The swing is swung, and the chicken is slung. Everything always comes back to chicken in the end.
: (I'm not even gonna try to figure that one out. Moving on...)

Now we have to turn the globe climber... we can get over to the see-saw. And now we have to move the see-saw... we can create a path to go over to Lynne.

(Music: Lynne ~ A Targeted Redhead)

: From your dejected expression, I gather you didn't find what you were looking for?
: Right. I can't find the music box anywhere. But I found something else instead, something more horrible.
: Horrible? What is it?
: There. In the grass. You'd better see for yourself.

: I nearly died when I saw it. And I suppose now that we've found it, we can't just leave it there, can we?
: Nope, I suppose not.

And we could check out the dead body, but Sissel has a little more to say if we talk to Lynne again.

: Heh heh. It's so like you to come looking for a music box, and find a dead body instead.
: What can I say?! I'm a detective!
: Meaning...?
: Well, a detective goes over everything with a fine-toothed comb, right? So there you go!
: (Fine-toothed comb or none, you were bound to run across it. I mean, it IS pretty obvious.)
: Anyway, go on, Sissel! Get to it!
: What am I, your bloodhound?

(Music: The World of the Dead)

...pfft, he's fine. Look, he's so not-upset about his death that he's acting exactly like he did in life! Clearly nobody will mind if we leave one hippie dead.

: You, there!
: You're talking to me...aren't you?
: I have some leaflets! Leaflets I KNOW you'll be very interested in! I urge you to peruse it thoroughly! Examine it in detail!
: Never mind that right now. Do you remember your name?
: My name... ......
: What does my name matter, when there are more important things to worry about?
: Okaaay...
: Come now, and study these tracts with me, my brother! Come and learn about the "rock of the gods" with me! The night is no longer young! As a matter of fact, daybreak is approaching! But we are young!
: ......Look, I don't have time to get involved in your way of life. But I AM interested in your way of death. So let's go back, to four minutes before your death!

Video: Four minutes before the park hippie's death

: Oh, that's Mino.
: Mino...?
: Mino the mascot, the symbol of Temsik Park.
: Forget about the NAME of that big, creepy lump of concrete! I'm talking about the way it changed direction! Did you see that?!
: Yes! Yes I did! We witnessed it with our own eyes! The power of the rock of the gods! That was the power of the gods! The power of the gods saved that little girl!
: And then that same power very deliberately crushed you instead?
: Yes! Yes, precisely! That is called "the mischief of the gods"!
: (Was it the mischief of the gods, or was it a ghost trick...? But, couldn't have been a ghost trick. No ghost trick could change the direction of something that heavy mid-air...) ...! But wait a minute... (What if there was somebody with much greater powers than me...?)

(Music: Fate Updated)

: Oooooh! So that is the flame of a god, is it?! But hold on...your spirit is a flame too, isn't it?
: Yeah, so?
: Uh, pardon me, but...are you a god?
: I sincerely doubt it. (At the last minute, that big lump of concrete made a huge swing to one side...that was probably that flame's doing.) Who could it be?
: I definitely believe it's either a god or somebody god-related!
: (Hmm...maybe I'd better try talking to this person...)

Yes, let's go do that! Right now! (mostly because nothing particularly interesting happens if you ignore the flame; you can't save the hippie right now, for what it's worth.)

: This person with much greater powers than me...It's...It'

(Music: Missile ~ A Courageous Little Animal)

: Oh,'s...
: ...Missile!
: You look well...(...for being dead.)
: Did you see?! Did you see what I did?! I did it! I tried really hard and I did it! I saved Miss Kamila!
: ...Are you telling me I was done in by a puppy dog?
: Missile, what's going on? How did you get the powers of the dead?
: I'm glad you asked! After Miss Kamila went out and you left...I worked like crazy to make my own path, and I did it!

: And then I followed Miss Kamila out into the big, wide world! And then, here at this park, I found her at last! Yes, you guessed it! I barked! You bet I did! And I went running after her, too!

: And then I guess I died. And then I was unconcious for a little while.

(Music: Towards Nothingness...)

: Poor, poor Miss Kamila! Crushed under that big, scary lump...
: Oh! Oh! What have I done?! I'm so sorry, little lady! Please forgive me!
: Miss Kamila!!!

: I cried out from the depths of my heart. And then...

(Music: Intermission ~The Deepening of the "Night")

: I can't tell you how surprised I was. But I bet you understand, right?
: Better than probably anyone else could.
: And I remembered what you did for me, how you saved me.
: went back, right? Back to four minutes before the little lady's death?
: You bet I did!

And right as Mino is about to crush four-minutes-before Kamila...

: (I looks pretty far...)
: I stretched out my paw toward the core. Ooh, how I felt at that moment! I'd love for you to be able to feel it too! Go ahead, Sissel! Go ahead and try it for yourself!

: I-I can't believe it! (How could you connect over such a great distance...?!)
: Well, they don't call me Missile for nothing!
: Hmm. And so then you manipulated that "Mino" thing and threw it aside...?
: ...right on top of my head.
: Well,, actually.
: Huh?
: I can't manipulate things like you can, Sissel.
: You can't?! Then how did you...?!
: I didn't know what to do! Then I happened to see something out of the corner of my eye...and it had a core, too. A single leaf hanging from the tree...I tried reaching out to the leaf!

: Wh-what in the world?!
: I can't manipulate things...but, apparently, I can swap them! As long as the two things have the same shape, that is.
: Swap things with the same shape...?
: Go ahead and try it! Touch the swap button!

: Th-that's incredible! And so that's how you saved your mistress, is it?!
: And that's how I became caught up in this, is it?!
: I'm very sorry! My powers were too meager!
: "Meager"?
: Because, you see, I saw one more.

: There was something with the exact same shape stuck in the branches of a tree.
: Hey, you're right! If Mino could be swapped again with that...
: ...then disaster wouldn't have to rain down on my head!
: But what is that thing? It's too big to be a leaf...
: Whatever it is, I'd much prefer it on my head than Mino!
: So why didn't you swap them, Missile?
: I couldn't. I can stretch out my paw a little further than you can, Sissel.

: I must admit, it's a fascinating spectacle of a death, if I do say so myself!
: I kept retrying over and over again, seeing if there was anything I could do...
: I bet there's something you can do now.
: Huh?
: If we work together, you and me.
: Sissel! You think so?!
: I don't plan on letting anybody die in front of me tonight. Do you think you could help me?
: Of course!
: Naturallly!
: So we're going to drop that "Mino" thing in a different spot. Okay, let's try it. Let's go back again, to four minutes before!

: Four minutes from now, you'll swap Mino with the leaf. And then you have to swap Mino with something else. Something with the same shape.
: Oh, I believe that's a rugby ball!
: Okay, "rugby ball," huh? But with the rugby ball where it is now, Missile can't reach it. So that means I have to move it closer somehow. It looks like you and I will have to work together on that one, Missile.
: Okay! I'm ready!

Then we get a brief tutorial on switching between Missile and Sissel, but it's just pressing a button. Now then, Missile and Sissel are in different cores. If you try to move Sissel to Missile's core(or vice-versa), they talk. This in and of itself isn't bad, but it also means Missile and Sissel can't occupy the same core at the same time. This puzzle involves a lot of moving one of them out of the other's way, which can get rather annoying.

If you move Sissel here when the puzzle starts, both Missile and Sissel are stuck since neither can reach the barrel.

: I swore to myself not to repeat my mistakes!
: Mistakes?
: When somebody's in trouble, you should lend them a hand! Otherwise, you'll definitely regret it! And now the recklessness of youth has taken over, giving me lightning-fast speed!
: Hmm...I've been thinking...if we could stop this man from running, maybe he wouldn't get squished...?
: It won't be easy to stop me once the recklessness of youth has taken over!

So we're stuck, but we got an idea of what to do when we try again. Let's try this again. First, let's get Missile over to where the action is.

There's three round things around here - a tire(the big one), a baseball(on the see-saw), and a basketball(just offscreen, in the globe climber). They can all be swapped with each other since they're all the same shape. I end up with the tire in the globe climber, the basketball on the see-saw, and the baseball off in the grass to the left. But now that Missile's over here, he can go up the tree...

: It's the same shape as that horrible Mino! But it's too far to swap from here.
: Even this ball is starting to look horrible to me!

And now it's Sissel's turn. But as it turns out, leaving the basketball on top of the see-saw was a mistake.

: Maybe because of that swap I made?
: (I guess a little ball is about all the weight I can handle.)

Even after swapping the balls correctly(so that the baseball is on the see-saw), there's not really much we can do right now. Although Missile can reach the top of the tree right now, Sissel can't - there isn't a path of cores close enough together for him. So we wait...

: Uh-oh...the rugby ball is still in the tree.
: Ah, behold! The recklessness of youth!
: Yeah, it's that recklessness of yours that's causing us so much trouble...
: No one can stop the recklessness of youth!

That sounds like a challenge to me...let's get Sissel to the globe climber while the 4-minutes-before hippie is on it!

(Music: Fate Updated ~ Variation)

: Wow...I didn't see this coming...
: Don't you know the first thing about the globe climber?!
: Huh?
: Even little children treat it with the respect it deserves. They know that unless you spin it gently, there's no stopping it!
: Yeah, it does look pretty dangerous...
: It looks like I'm just destined to fly through the air like this for a while...!
: Hmm...this just might buy us some time.
: Maybe he'll just keep spinning around like that the whole four minutes!
: I'm sorry, but I don't think I would stand for it that long.

No, you can't just make him spin around the entire four minutes. I've tried. He eventually ends up leaping off at the end of one of the cycles of accelerated spinning, and you have no way to stop it. But fortunately, when he ran over here a bunch of leaflets got stuck in the tree. Now Sissel can get up there!

That balloon was the first stop, since now it's in a place where Sissel can reach that umbrella.

And now...

I actually messed up the order of the round stuff earlier. The tire needs to be on the left, and the basketball has to be on the see-saw. And then, when 4-minutes-before hippie finally slows down the globe climber and heads off onto the see-saw...

: Wow...I SO did not see that coming...(I never thought the umbrella would catch the ball.)
: Did you see that? The tree shook a little!
: I think I saw it shake, too.
: If only it shook a little would knock that terrible rugby ball down! From this terrible tree!

Looks like we just need some more it's the tire's turn! Missile swaps it into the umbrella, and...

: There! We moved the ball! What do you think, Missile?
: Hmm...with the ball there...I think I can do it!
: In just a few seconds, you'll swap Mino with the leaf. And from there, you can swap Mino one more time. The final moment is near, Missile! Are you ready?
: You bet!

And then we wait for Mino to start dropping. Thankfully, the game is nice enough to go into ghost mode for you when the moment is right.


: There! How's that?!
: My head has been spared! Truly, that was a "try" worthy of the gods!
: And now Mino is right where he belongs...
: We did it again, didn't we?! Didn't we?!

: Except for one brave little somebody...
: Huh?
: I'm talking about you, Missile.
: Oh! Me...? I guess you're right. I'm still dead, aren't I?
: So now let's go back and save your life.
: ......wait a minute.
: What is it?
: Now that I think about it...I think I want to stay dead a little longer.
: What?
: When I was alive, I couldn't even help Miss Kamila when she was in trouble. I want to be able to protect Miss Kamila. And to do that...I need these powers I have now!
: I see...
: Perfectly understandable! Even I wish I had powers like that!
: Hey, we just saved you. Don't wish your life away already!
: Oh...of course. You're right.
: Okay, Missile. Have it your way. By the way, Mr. Reckless Youth. There's a certain detective who needs that music box you found. When we get back to the present time, could you give it to her?
: Certainly! You have my word!
: Let's go back, then! To the present!

Saving the Park Hippie