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by Haifisch

Part 28: All Aboard the WHAT Express

(Music: Intermission ~The Deepening of the "Night")

You have no idea how incredibly tempted I was to be an evil bitch and end the update right here.

(To make life easier for the reader, all lines by this other Sissel will have a ? next to his portrait.)

: Sissel! Where have you been, my good man? We've been looking everywhere for you!
: Had a little unfinished business to take care of. Didn't think it would take this long...what about your people? They sure went out of their way to mess me up.
: I say! I believe we fulfilled every one of your conditions in our little deal. What right do you have to complain about anything outside our bargain?!
: We can talk about that when we get together.
: This will be our last communication by telephone. We'll arrive in one hour. I look forward to seeing you, Sissel.

(Music: Welcome to the Salon)

: Yes, sir. All preparations are complete, sir. And we just had a report, sir. Lights have been spotted, sir.
: Have they, now?! By all means, let me have a look.

: Hmm, yes...we're very close!
: We will now disconnect from the communication cable and have no service until we arrive, sir.
: Very well.

And then the camera starts to pan out, and...

...wait a minute...

...well then. And back at the super's office...


: See ya, sucker.

: ...that submarine guy and his people have a deal going with me, do they? If that's the case...they probably aren't the ones who killed me...right? Anyway, there's definitely something behind the inspector's death. I think I'd better talk to him.

That does sound like a good idea...on the other hand, it's been a while since we've been phone-hopping...

: ......
: (I guess he's gone...) Don't tell me...he ceased to exist...?

: Looks like the lady has somehow managed to escape the chandelier. With her family's harmony restored, her fingers move more lightly than ever. The little girl appears to be asleep. I hope she's having pleasant dreams at last.
: *groan* Your face is so wrinkled, Papa...
: Hmm, I guess not.

: I can't believe I let a death-row inmate go free, if only for the night...maybe I wasn't cut out to be justice minister...? Just what kind of minister was I meant to be?!
: (It looks like there's no end to the minister's worrying...)

: It looks like it's all coming to an end.
: It is?! Don't hesistate to ask if there's anything I can do! I'll even look the other way if it comes to minor illegalities!
: Thank you, Mr. Minister. I'll let everybody know. (That's quite a blessing, but a little scary, too...daybreak isn't far off. It'll all be over soon!)
: Off you go, then! Leave this place to me!

: Uh, sorry, but could you do that somewhere else? I'm a little busy right now. I don't have time to talk.
: Then let me ask you this! The rock of the gods, or this "Kamila" you mention...which is more important? Please answer clearly and without reserve!
: Kamila, of course!

: Even knowing the situation, this scene still looks pretty suspicious...

Curiously, the line to the basement of the super's office isn't working. I wonder what happened there?

: The rich sound of singing and the delicious aroma of chicken fills the air.
: La la la! The last chicken of the night! La la la! Cooked by me, in that secret, special way, for me alone! The Chicken Kitchen will open again tomorrow to share its chicken with the world! La la la!
: I sure would like to try some of that chicken...

And those were all the places that had stuff going on. Time to deal with Cabanela, and possibly see what was up with that other Sissel.

(Music: The World of the Dead)

: Hey, do you think you could wake up for me?
: ......
: Oh, boy. Still unconcious, eh? (I guess he hasn't been dead for very long, then.) I'll just go ahead and go back to four minutes before his death. (I'm a little nervous about what I might see there, though...) But if that's where I'm gonna find my answers, I can't run away from it.

(Music: Four Minutes Before Death)

: Carry out the execution immediately and wait for our call.
: That's a good boy. Gee, a hostage sure is a handy thing. It gives me complete control over the top police inspector in the country.
: Ngh...!
: Whatsa matter? All those broken bones smart a bit? What's it like to feel pain? Does it make you feel ALIVE?
: Why...are you doing this?
: Now, is that any kind of question for a top inspector to ask? Isn't it obvious? Revenge, of course. Revenge on all the people who stole my life away ten years ago.
: Don't be ridiculous. It was a meteorite that stole your life. Or have you forgotten that?

: I was murdered! By ALL OF YOU! Detective Jowd, who chased me down and forced me into a corner, even though I was innocent. Lynne, that girl who was right there as I was running.
: Lynne? She was just an innocent little girl playing in the park!
: If that brat hadn't been there, I never would've thought of taking a hostage!
: That's the most self-centered garbage I've ever heard.
: And, finally, you, Inspector Cabanela!
: Me...?
: If you hadn't done what you did...I never would've pointed a gun at that kid. You were so proud of your "spotless record." And my case was the one blot on it, wasn't it? Only two people knew the real truth -- me, and Detective Jowd.
: ......
: I bet tonight's execution will be quite a relief to you, won't it? One of the people who know about the stain on your record will disappear for good. That's why you didn't help him escape from prison.

: That's the kind of guy you are!
: ......I got nothing to say to you. You'd never listen, anyway.

(Music: Four Minutes Before Death ~Variation)

: Ye gods...
: Now then, Inspector. Time to make a big red stain on your spotless white coat.

: This was another condition of my deal. To wipe out everyone who knew about Temsik.

: (None of this makes any sense...)

: Inspector Cabanela! (He's awake!)
: My head is spinnin', baby. Am I to understand...that "Cabanela" character who just got me?
: Uh, that's right.
: And you're supposed to be the scoundrel there who just shot me?
: I, uh...guess so...
: But you couldn't be, could you?
: Huh?
: After all, the guy in the red suit just walked out the door, right? So...
: ...who are you?
: (I guess I just have to face it...I'm not that "Sissel" guy!) I...I'm somebody who's searching for himself. That's why I'm here to save you. At the very least, you have information about that guy in red, information I need.
: So you came on a rescue mission, now, did you? Nothing like the sound of that, baby! Because there's a very important life here somewhere, a life valuable to this nation! Okaaaay, so do your thing, baby!

And back in time we go! Time for our Sissel to stop Evil Sissel from shooting Cabanela! Somehow.

(Music: Fate Updated)

: I have ghost tricks -- powers of the dead, yeah. But...I can't control living creatures.
: Anyhoot, I think you'd better be veeery careful. That guy in red is a manipulator. Naturally, he knows about powers like yours.
: ...!
: If he realizes you're here, things might get a liiitle sticky.
: (You're right. I'd better be careful.)

Hmm. Well, it can't hurt to take a look around in ghost mode, at lea-

: There's that "something" emanating from his body...(is it really the sign of having special powers of the dead...?)

Intriguing. But there's not much to use around here. What if we moved that lamp and...

Video: I think that was a bad idea.

: Who WOULDN'T notice what you just did? You were practically shouting "look at me," baby!
: It looks like it might be hard to save you under these circumstances...(I guess I can't use my powers right in front of him like that...)

Okay, let's try that again, without having Evil Sissel notice us. There's nothing we can Trick safely, although there is a bunch of books we can look at.

: This one on top is balanced so precariously, it's a wonder it doesn't fall off. How did the old pigeon guy even reach up here? (And I wonder if he makes his pigeon fetch it for him?)

It turns out there's nothing we can do...until Evil Sissel knocks the kettle off the stove. Then we get a path down to the basement, and quickly get an idea of why the phone line there wasn't working.

: What in the world happened here?
: ......Think I'm startin' to remember...
: ...!
: Something bad happened here. And now...there's another death lying hidden here.
: What?! Another death?
: Didn't I tell you from the start? Didn't I say there was a very important life, valuable to the nation, here?
: I thought you were talking about you.
: Hmph. I'm just a crazy character in a white coat, baby.
: (Hey, come to think of it...where is that old pigeon guy...?)

Hmm...well, we seem to be stuck up here. Or are we? We can still move that hook on the ceiling...

And from there, there's a couple of things laying around...

: Very astute observation.
: Uh, sorry. My memory isn't working...
: Yeah, mine isn't workin' too well right now, either. I do remember seein' somebody use this equipment, though...

Looks like it's time to go one level deeper again.

(Music: The World of the Dead)

: .......
: Are you awake?


: I never sleep during work hours.
: Professor! Do you recognize me?
: There's only one crazy character in a white coat that I know of.
: (He hasn't lost his memory!)
: I'm not the type who likes losing things...but never mind that. Cabanela, this is quite a surprising guest you've brought with you. Pretending like he didn't just blow up the place...
: Are you...talking about me?
: Oh, this is a different guy. And I'm his guest, actually. Said he came to rescue us. Unlike you, my sharp friend, he still hasn't gotten his memory back.
: Hmph. Pitiful.
: (Ouch. That hurts.)
: Anyway, now we'll be going back to four minutes before your order to change your fate, that is.
: But aren't we already in the past, maaan?
: But we can go back even further. I've done it before. (I still don't see a path to saving Inspector Cabanela...but if we go back even further, maybe I'll find a lead!)

(Music: Four Minutes Before Death)

: Don't be daft. I can't leave now. He's completely dead, but, just as I thought, I'm getting a reading.

: This is the source of his power. If I remove it...
: He's not "dead"! He's just "not there"! The true form of the manipulator isn't something you can "detect." It's a spirit!
: Hmph. Ridiculous.

(Music: Four Minutes Before Death ~Variation)

: You're a clever man, Inspector Cabanela.
: So it's really true...! Y-you're...!
: I wasted a lot of time tonight because of you, Inspector. But it's all just like you said. I died ten years ago. This body is just a vessel, a shell. I control everything -- this shell, people...
: Just like I controlled the justice minister and Lynne.
: So it's true. You were manipulating my baby that time...? You made her shoot your "shell"...but why?! Why would you do a thing like that?!
: To create conclusive evidence -- you know, on that security she's a murderer, too. She'll suffer just like Jowd did.

: I'm afraid it's time for you to die. I don't have any grudge against you. I'm even grateful to you...
: Oh yeah? So why don't you let me live, then?
: I'll be leaving this country forever tonight. But before I do, I need to erase all evidence that these powers of mine exist. Along with the "contraption" in this room.

: This time, the thing will work the way it was meant to, and it'll all be over. Cupid won't turn this time. He'll shoot his little arrow this way.

: Professor! LOOK OUT!

: He planned it all out tonight. Having my baby shoot him, having his corpse disappear...
: His corpse...disappeared...?

: He was a complete and utter imposter. He said he was going to take the corpse back to the lab, but he'd already made a deal with the manipulator to meet him and give him the body back. But I wasn't going to let that happen, baby!
: You saw through their plan, eh?
: I noticed right away the medical "examiner" didn't know the first thing about examining a body. I knew he was a fake, so I tracked him down and bought him off.
: Bought him off...?
: I had him smuggle the corpse to this room.

: Of course, never in my wildest dreams did I think his abilities were "powers of the dead."
: Anyway, there isn't much time. He's leaving the country before dawn.
: And I'm gonna follow him, of course, after I save you two. (But something's been nagging at the back of my mind...I remember what Ray said to me tonight. He said that spirits cease to exist when the day breaks. But if that's true, how could a spirit from ten years ago still be here...?)
: No time for thinkin' now, baby. Action is the name of the gaaame! Work your magic and take us back...even further into the past!

And we'll save both of time.

Four Minutes Before Cabanela's Death
Four Minutes Before Pigeon Man's Death