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by Haifisch

Part 31: Under The Sea

(Music: Intermission ~The Deepening of the "Night")

: Sissel, are you listening? We need your powers. No time to talk. We'll be waiting for you.

: This long night is drawing to an end.
: Yeah, it looks like it. Thank you for all your help tonight.
: I'm the one who should be thanking you.
: (At the other end of the phone line, I'm finally gonna find all my answers. I'd better go!)

: I didn't even sense your presence here in the dark.
: That's because I switched the power to my mask off, Detective Jowd.
: I used your phone. Hope you don't mind.

(Music: Towards Nothingness...)

: Egad! Never thought you'd track us here! Especially seeing as you're a death-row inmate...
: And I'm equally surprised about your choice of transportation. A submarine, eh?
: But how did you find us, my man? Not even the police knew where the Yonoa was going to surface, confound it.
: We detectives have a little saying. "If there's something you want to know about a case, ask the criminals."

: ...but they always prove useful. This one was a radio receiver made to look like a pocket watch.
: Hmm, yes. Inspector Cabanela. I hear he's an excellent investigator.
: By the way, where is that man in red? I know he's on this submarine somewhere.
: Ah, Sissel, you mean?

(Music: Chained Past)

: You can relax. That's nothing but his "shell."
: His "shell", eh?
: His spirit isn't here right now. Most likely, right about now...he's controlling your daughter.
: Please! I beg you! Let my daughter go!
: If you need a hostage, take me. Just, please, let her go!
: Bah! There's something our nation needs. Sissel has it. That's all we care about, my man! Nothing else matters. However, it would appear...Sissel has underestimated us. He's left behind his precious bargaining chip here.
: Bargaining chip...?

: Our nation has already researched it...this "product" that Sissel has to offer...the source of his powers!

: Wha...what in the world was that?!
: The Temsik fragment. It gives spirits special powers. And now our deal with Sissel is far as we're concerned.
: What are you talking about?!
: Tsk tsk. What a mistake to make...right at the most critical moment. Now, then, Detective Jowd.

(Music: Jowd ~ A Captive of Fate)

...they're not...

...well. That certainly was something.

: (The whole room just vanished. Detective Jowd! Where did he go...?)


That...did not sound good. At all.

: (I think I heard an explosion somewhere...) In any case, Lynne and the little lady should be here somewhere. (I smell danger. I'd better find them...and fast!)

Hmm, there's a soul right near us. That could be very, very good...or very, very bad, considering someone we KNOW is on board. But we can't reach anywhere else, so we have no choice but to talk to them.

: It's "Missile"!

(Music: Missile ~ A Courageous Little Animal)

: (Yes, I think even I remember who you are by now...) What do you suppose that shock was a moment ago?
: I have no idea, of course. I'm just a little sheltered apartment dog!
: (With my loss of memory, I can't say I'm much better...)
: Anyway! Let's hurry up and go save Miss Lynne and Miss Kamila!
: Do you think that trusty nose of yours can sniff them out?
: .......I'm sorry to say I don't think it can!
: (Why did I even bother to ask?) But you DO have the power to swap objects. So let's go find that lady detective and the little lady together.
: You got it!

: Wow! It's Miss Kamila! I just know it! My trusty nose is practically screaming it at me!
: I think you'd call that more of a "hunch." Anyway, let's get to the phone before it stops ringing.
: You bet!

(Music: Jowd ~ A Captive of Fate)

Well, Sissel can't reach the phone...but Missile can get over there with ease thanks to his longer range!

: Hello?! It's no use! This black "Hello?" just doesn't like me!
: Just create a path for me, Missile! I'll come right over!

Okay, Missile actually has to swap around a couple of basketballs and a baseball...that are hanging on nets here...for some reason. ...yeah, I have no idea why that shit's here, either. I guess the crew members needed something to do on their sub journey?

After that first swap, Sissel has to go down into the rightmost light. This gets him out of the way, while still leaving him in range of the path created by the next swap.

: (I've got a bad feeling about this...)
: Sissel! Look! That black "Hello?"! It came off the hook!
: (Uh-oh...I'd better answer!)

Luckily, Sissel now has a direct path to the phone.

: ...! (It's her! The little lady!) It's Sissel! Where are you?
: Somebody please answer...!
: (I guess she can't hear my "voice"...)
: You, too, huh? Oh, good! I thought she was ignoring me!
: Somebody help me...Lynne...Lynne is...
: ...! (She said "Lynne"!)
: Miss Lynne!!!
: (We'd better hurry!)
: Let's go, Sissel!


: Miss Kamila!!! And...Miss...Miss Lynne!!! Oh, poor Miss Lynne!
: (Yeah. She can't seem to catch a break. It looks like another tragedy has happened...)

: Sissy! I knew you'd come!
: Miss Kamila! Miss Kamilaaaaa!
: And Missile, too! I'm so glad to see you're all right!
: Well...I wouldn't say I'm "all right", exactly...
: Hey, wait a minute...Missile, your voice...I think I remember hearing it somewhere before.
: What? My voice...?
: (Hmm. That's right...Kamila has a core now. So that means...she DID hear Missile's voice before...when he saved her that time...)
: So that was you, wasn't it, Missile? You're the one who saved me in the park tonight. Thank you!
: Miss Kamila...I'm so glad I was born your little doggie!

(Music: Missile ~ A Courageous Little Animal)

: Hey, Missile? Could you stay here and watch over your mistress for a while?
: Huh?! But don't you need my powers?!
: I'll see what I can do on my own for a while. After all, you're the only one who can protect her.
: Okay! I...I'll do it!
: Thank you, Missile!


: (I'd better talk to the little lady a little more. And then, I'd better do something about the detective lady...!)

But just as importantly, we can talk to Missile a bit more!

: But I think I'd better stay with Miss Kamila!
: Yeah, that's all right. I think so, too. After all, you're the only one who can protect her.
: Oh, thank you! Sissel?
: Yes?
: Could you say that again? I really like the sound of that!
: Yeah, maybe later. (Oh, boy...)

And now we'll talk to Kamila.

: Yes, Sissy?
: Could you tell me what happened to you? What happened after I last saw you at your old house?
: Oh, let's see. After that...I think I fell asleep. I woke up to the sound of an engine.
: (So she was already in the submarine by then, eh?)
: I thought to myself, "I have to escape!"

: I was so tired, I couldn't move. And then...

: (She must have passed out. The poor thing...) You've been through so much. You've been very brave.
: I think Lynne's probably been through more than me.
: You've both been brave.

And now, it's finally time to see how Lynne died this time. This, what, the fifth time? Girl can't catch a break.

(Music: Lynne ~ A Targeted Redhead)

: Lynne! What in the world happened here?!
: I...I don't know.
: Huh?
: I just sort of blacked out all of a sudden. Next thing I know, I was dead!
: Yeah, I guess you wouldn't know, in that case.
: And where's Detective Jowd?! Is he all right?!
: I...I don't know.
: Huh?
: The room he was in just disappeared all of a sudden.
: Now it's all making even less sense than before...after we left the super's office, we followed after the man in red. We tracked him with that radio transmitter Inspector Cabanela fired into him with the bullet. The man in red took a boat out to sea from a small harbor on the edge of town. Detective Jowd and I managed to secretly stow away on his boat. And then we sneaked onto the submarine with him when it surfaced.

: Detective Jowd and I decided to split up. He would take care of the telephone line, and I would look for Kamila. I found Kamila hiding here in the engine room. She had escaped and run away here.
: Wow. That's quite an adventure. What happened next?
: I...I don't know.
: Huh?
: There was a flash of white all of a sudden. Next thing I know, I was dead!
: Oh, boy. It sounds like it'd be quicker to see for myself.)

(Music: Four Minutes Before Death)

(Music: Four Minutes Before Death ~Variation)

: Are you...? Are you really that man from the park ten years ago?
: Well, well. I see there's no need to introduce myself.
: Give Kamila back! She has nothing to do with any of this!
: Afraid I can't do that. This is my last chance.

: The phone is ringing.
: It's not for me. Nobody ever calls the dead.

: The fact that you're here...means that my revenge plan has failed.
: Revenge plan...?
: It didn't happen tonight, did it? His execution.
: W-Well...
: Knowing him, I half expected as much...that's why I was waiting here like this...waiting for him to show up. Wouldn't it be just what he wanted? To be executed by his own daughter?
: ......I heard about ten years ago. I feel sorry about what happened to you. But revenge...?
: ......nobody would possibly know. What I've--


: Wh-what in the world...? An explosion...?
: Uh-oh...I've got a bad feeling about this...have I been had...?

: That's a feeling I just can't understand.
: Of course not. You're not him.
: (She's right. I'm NOT him, am I.)
: He was going to shoot Detective Jowd. As Kamila...when he came to rescue's just too horrible...
: ......Anyway, let's bring you back to life...again.
: You didn't have to add the "again" part!

(Music: Fate Updated ~ Variation)

: ...was that mysterious explosion!
: (You're pretty "up", for a dead woman...)
: You know how detectives love a good mystery! It's like a shot of vitamins! And what do you mean, "for a dead woman"?!
: Anyway...I guess we should look for a way to stop the explosion.
: All right! Let's do this thing! Finding clues is like a dose of minerals to a detective!
: (I'm afraid with my memory loss, I have no idea what "vitamins" or "minerals" are...)

And now it's time to save Lynne again! time.

Four Minutes Before Lynne's Death (again)