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Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

by Haifisch

Part 32: Everything that can go wrong...

(Music: Fate Updated ~ Variation)

So, Lynne got killed when she saved Kamila(who was being possessted by Evil Sissel) from being crushed by falling debris. How are we going to stop this? There's not exactly a lot of stuff around...and we can't even manipulate any of it to good effect. However, someone DID call the room during this death scene. If we wait for that, then go to the phone...

: (That's funny...I thought I could use it in the past if somebody was calling...)
: What are you talking about? The receiver has to be off the hook first, silly!
: ......
: Well, don't look at me! I can't do it. I don't have any hands or feet right now.
: (Somebody, please answer the phone...)
: If you want something done, you have to do it yourself!

Lynne's right; if you recall the 4 minutes before death scene, nobody ever answers the phone. And it doesn't fall off the hook by itself, even after that explosion. The thing to do here is go up to the wheel above the phone, and turn it.

: Hey, we somehow managed to knock down the receiver!
: ("Somehow managed"? Who's to say that's not how I planned it?)
: C'mon, hurry! Now's your chance to get on the phone! It might be Detective Jowd!
: ...! (She's right. I'd better check it out!)

: If anybody's still there, get yourself here, on the double! We're about to head out! ......Speak up! Why don't you answer...?! A-anyway, come if you're coming! We're leaving!

We can't stop the explosion from the engine room, so we have no choice but to go to wherever that crewhand is.

: ...that there are restless ghosts on board...that does it! I promise to turn over a new leaf, Mom.

: Who is he calling "restless ghosts"?!
: Well, it's true neither one of us is really "resting in peace"...
: looks like the sub just lost one of its crew.
: (Hmm...I guess that means the "fate" of this sub has changed slightly.)

(Music: Four Minutes Before Death ~Variation)

Since we happened to go back below that room, we get to see Jowd's disappearance again.

: It's Detective Jowd! What's going on there?!
: I saw this little "deal" go down once before...(In just a moment...the man in red is about to get his Temsik fragment taken away.)

: They decided to conclude the deal without the other party present. They're just going to go ahead and steal the Temsik fragment.
: Huh? But that's...That's cheating!
: ......I think we have more important things to worry about right now. (Where's the Temsik fragment going to go...?)

Hmm. Well, let's see what we can do around here. First, let's flip those switches!

: (It sure seems like it should do something...) Maybe it's just some kind of ornament...?

: Oh, well. I guess I don't have to lower it right now. (And if I ever had to move it, I could probably get Lynne to do it for me.)

Right. Well, that was a bust. What we really have to do is go back over by all those balls in the nets. There's a garbage can there...

And then we can jump into the capsule that's holding the Temsik fragment.

: Ah! The Temsik fragment! You're mine at last! The objective has been achieved. Now we detach the control room as planned.
: Yes, sir! Farewell, sir!

: The whole room just disappeared...with Detective Jowd in it!
: Don't worry, Lynne. I bet Detective Jowd can take care of himself. The main thing right now is rescuing you and the little lady.
: I can't believe this is happening...!

: ...before Sissel discovers what he's lost and comes after me! The Yonoa will be his coffin. May it lie buried here in the deep sea...forever! Farewell, Sissel!

: Huh? What is?
: Don't tell me that's another thing you've forgotten! The torpedo! It's like...well, you've heard of a "missile" before, haven't you?
: Yeah, sure. (But a different "Missile" comes more readily to mind...)
: It looks like he plans to sink the submarine with that thing! This is NOT good! We have to do something before that torpedo is fired!

Well, shit. Let's get to it! We were left behind in the capsule, but we can lower the platform Commander Sith's escape pod was on...

And while we're doing that, Lynne had something to say:

: We can't let it launch!
: But what can we do?!
: Let's just get to the torpedo as fast as we can! Maybe we can find a way to stop it somehow!
: "Somehow"...?
: A true detective never gives up!
: (Well, we certainly can't just ignore it!)

Alright, let's jump to that torpedo

: Don't worry! We can still find a way to stop it!
: What?! How?!
: Even if the torpedo does launch, we just have to stop it from detonating, right? There's still something we can do......I hope!
: (Why was the "I hope" at the end the strongest part of that sentence...?)
: Okay! Here goes!

: (...but was this really the best move?)
: I think so! We just have to keep it from going off, right? I'm sure this poor little rat will thank us too!
: (How in the world did it get in there?)

And once Trick Time starts, Lynne has some optional(but semi-useful) info for us.

: Do you know how a torpedo works?
: No, I can't say I do...(wow, detectives sure know a lot.)
: I saw it explained once in a book. On impact, the fuse in the tip is depressed. That in turn sets off the detonator.
: The detonator, huh? That must be that red button. So how do we stop it?
: Hmm...they didn't explain anything about that in the book...
: (Wow...detectives sure know a lot...or not.)

Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present that fucking puzzle. I don't think I have ever seen anyone post that they've had an easy time with it. There are very few parts to mess with here, and there's one thing in particular that can throw you off the right track. Fortunately for all of you, I already know how to solve this. But fucking hell if I didn't spend ages on this the first time I played.

Anyway, the first piece we'll mess with is that clamp.

: Hmm. This looks like just the thing...if we clamp this thing on the fuse, it should keep it from moving!
: what does that mean, exactly?
: It means we might be able to stop the torpedo from exploding with this!
: I have to admit, I don't understand all the details...but I do want to give it a try.
: But before we can do that...
: ( looks like we have to get something out of the way first, huh...)

If you keep trying to use the clamp like an idiot, there's a slight change in the rat's reaction...

: It's a stubborn little thing, isn't it? Hmm. Quite a worthy adversary...
: You DO know the rat isn't the main focus here, don't you?
: Okay, true. But until it's out of the way, we can't set the safety device.
: Hmm. You're right. If only OUR Missile was here right now!

Anyway, jumping over to the big red button...

: Hey, don't press it! The torpedo will explode!
: (Uh-oh! Better be careful...)

No, we can't solve the problem by blowing up the torpedo before it gets back to the submarine. That would be too easy, right?

: The spinning black things, right?
: Apparently, their spinning helps the torpedo maintain its balance. They must be pretty heavy.

: ...we're going to blow up the submarine! We have to set that safety and stop the torpedo from detonating!

Have you got even the slightest clue of what to do?

If you said "trick the weights so that both stop on the same side," you were right! doesn't work if they're pointing down. Nothing happens, and both weights start rotating again shortly afterwards.

And no, I did not spend too much time in my first playthrough wondering why this didn't work, since the only FAQ I could find said that both weights had to be pointing down.

The correct way to do this is to stop both weights so they're pointing UPwards. In this case, I already stopped the left weight. And next...

: Great! We've dumped the little creature off!
: Wow. Those weights were heavy enough to turn to whole torpedo over. Now for that safety device!
: Right!

: There! We clamped the safety device on!
: We did it! That should stop the torpedo from exploding! But there's just one problem...
: "Problem"? What's that?
: The torpedo is still going to impact. We can't do anything about that...
: Uh-oh...

A less frightful noise than last time, but the sub still got hit. At least Lynne isn't dead, though!


: Hmm. It looks like the torpedo still hit the submarine...
: But it looks like the submarine is still okay. This changes everybody's fate, including the little rat's. Sissel, we did it!

: What's the matter? You still look unhappy.
: We stopped the torpedo from blowing up...but we still opened up a gaping hole in the submarine.
: Hmm, you're right. I guess--

: (Huh? Am I hearing things...?) Anyway...I guess we'd better get back to the present as quickly as we can.
: Right! I'm worried about Kamila!


: Water is seeping in through the hole where the torpedo hit. I've got to get them out of here. I'd better go meet up with Lynne!

Hmm. There's no easy path there, though. Let's start by fiddling with the machine near the torpedo impact site...

: The lights went out, but this machine apparently still works. Unfortunately, I guess it won't work for very long. But maybe I can use its movements to help me create a path. I'd better hurry over to Lynne. It's not safe to stay here. And I just don't have the power to stop that water from coming in...

: Now that I take a closer appears there are...two sizes of fans.

The key to getting to Lynne is the machine - while it's running, the machinery down here moves. From there, it's a matter of timing your movements right.

And then you can get from one gear to another...

...all the way over to this piston. Jump into the flashlight on the floor, and a scene starts.

: Kamila! You're awake! How do you feel?
: I'm so sorry...I'm sorry I pointed that gun at you...
: Don't worry about that! That...wasn't you.
: Miss Kamila!!!
: Oh, Missile! You're here.
: Oh, poor Miss Kamila! Miss Lynne, what should we do?!
: We have to get out of here, before any more water comes in. Sissel should be along any second.
: I knew Sissy would come!
: And "Missy" is here, too!
: I'm so happy everybody's going to be with me now!

: Kamila!
: Miss Kamila!!!
: I'll get you out of here! If it's the last thing I do!
: Aw...I think I'm going to cry...
: (...or "whimper", as the case may be...) I'd better send a signal to Lynne that I'm here. Before it's too late!

: Oh! Look at that's Sissel. He's here!

: I'm glad you're here, Sissel!
: Sorry for the wait. It looks like this room is gonna fill up with water fast.

: We won't be getting out that door, I'm afraid. The water pressure is too great already. I can't open it.
: What?! What does "water pressure" mean?
: Think of it as the force of the water holding the door closed. The water level keeps getting higher and higher in here.
: (So the only way out of here is up, huh?)
: Exactly.
: Okay, got it. Let's look for a path that goes up!

: Good idea. Let's try it.
: Oh, and by the way...
: Yes?
: I can't swim. Neither can Kamila.
: Don't you have any good news for me?
: Hmm, let me think about it! In the meantime, could you hurry, please?

: Provided the person who designed this sub didn't miscalculate the ladder length...
: (I didn't even consider that possibility...)
: And I have to warn you...I can't swim. Neither can Kamila.
: Yeah. You already told me.

Alright, time to try getting Lynne out of here. It's important to note that the water here is constantly rising(instead of being plot water that isn't an actual thread), so we have to do this in a sensible amount of time. Which isn't that hard right now, but...well, you'll see.

: But it's stuck or something. I can't open it. ......I'll leave it to your superhuman strength, Detective.

: If I turn it off now, Lynne won't be able to see.

Okay, fine. This puzzle's simple - there's a switch near the top of the ladder. All we have to do is flip it.

: You did it, Sissel! Thanks!

: What was that?
: It looks like water seeping in isn't the only thing we have to worry about...

: Hey, don't get mad at me.
: Maybe the contacts are bad or something. Hey, I know! You can fix it with your powers!
: (Okay, now that's just taking things too far...)

: You never mentioned that before.
: Not only that, but...I can't swim. Neither can Kamila.
: You HAVE mentioned that.

And now for a Trick.

: Oh, hey, great! Did you used to be an electrician in your past life or something?
: That's a cruel question, considering the circumstances. Now, all we have to do...
: get to that door, and we're safe!


Saving Lynne