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by Haifisch

Part 33: Desperate Struggle

: It looks like the submarine decided to rear up on its hind legs.
: I can't believe we're still okay after that fall...either we're really lucky, or we're dead and we just haven't realized it yet...
: (Come on, now. As if the latter could be true!)

(Music:The Last Desperate Struggle. If you haven't listened to any other music in this LP, at least listen to this! And then go back and listen to the rest of the music.)

: What now?! The water sure is rising fast!
: Come on! You'll just have to go up! Up to the top! (Let's see how I can help with my ghost tricks!)

: Sissel! There you are! How's it going?
: "How is it going"? I'd say it's going pretty badly! You DO understand how dangerous this situation is, don't you?
: Of course! After all...just ask anyone who knows me how much I hate taking a bath!
: (Maybe he's been in danger of drowing before himself...) Okay, ready to create a path for these ladies?
: Of course!

I know. We're gonna try to create a path for you somehow!
: The water just keeps on rising...please hurry! Oh, and by the way, did I ever tell you--
: can't swim. Neither can Kamila.
: Oops! Already said that, didn't I? Okay, well...good luck!

But what happens if we don't do anything at all? Well, after a fairly short time, there's a sudden rise in the water level...

Then the screen fades to black, and we get some more dialogue.

: I have to find a way for Lynne to get up to the top...
: A woman who can't swim and an ambitious woman -- they both head for the top!
: (To do that, I have to create some kind of footholds for her.)
: A woman who can't swim and a sensible woman -- they both keep their feet on the ground!

And then we get to try again without blatently fucking things up.

The room is the same as before, just tilted sideways. As you've probably already guessed, Missile's going to end up doing some fan swapping - these machines have two different sizes of fan, if you recall. And Sissel can get over there too, so he can turn the machinery on.

: These pistons sticking out right in front of's almost like they're taunting me. Maybe it's a challenge?
: It might be just that. Think you can climb them?
: Hmm...if I wasn't holding Kamila, I could probably do it easily.
: Sissel!'re not telling Miss Lynne to leave poor Miss Kamila behind, ARE YOU?!
: *sigh* could you just be quiet for a minute, Missile?

Hmm...if we try it again after swapping the biggest fan to the bottom machine...

: These pistons sticking out right in front of's almost like they're taunting me. It's like they're silently pressuring me to climb them.
: Oh, I doubt they're doing that, Miss Lynne...
: (Hmm. It looks like how much the pistons thrust out is related to how large the fans are...)

So it sounds like we need a third size of fan. But where to find that?

Up here, apparently! This can be easy to miss if you're not looking around enough. And after swapping that fan in and running the machines again...

: Wow, this is great! You made a staircase for me!
: You'd better hurry! I don't think that water is gonna wait for you.

Naturally, to make sure things aren't too easy, once you hit certain points in the puzzle, the water will rise rapidly to a new baseline. Of course, from there it will slowly rise like it normally does.

: Now the steam is getting in the way! It's too hot to get through!
: What?!
: And there's no way to go around, either. Think you can do something?
: Of course we can!
: (We have to!)

: Huh?
: Just a second ago, it was chilling me to the bone. And now it's hitting me as steam hot enough to melt a person! My boots and my coat are soaking wet! Water just pours out of them when I move.
: How dare that water treat you like that! Here, let me lap it all up for you!
: Hmm. You'd better not, Missile. It's salt water.
: (It sounds like she's starting to get crabby...)
: Achoo!
: Okay, okay. I'm working on it!

This puzzle's trickier than the one before it, but you also get two warnings as the water keeps rising.

: Oh! I wish I could drink it all up for you!
: No, Missile! It's too salty!
: (Uh, I think the more relevant point is that he's dead, so he can't drink it...)
: Whatever! Just do something about this steam!
: Leave it to me, Miss Lynne!
: *shiver* Thanks, Missile.

You still have plenty of time after you see that, but if you still keep dawdling...

: Not that I can see all that well with all this steam here.
: Missile will switch around all the pipes so you can cross!
: That's right! Don't give up, Miss Lynne!
: My back is really starting to hurt...

And you STILL have quite a bit of time. But if you just don't get the puzzle solved after a while, the water rises up and Lynne drowns. Again. And we get a bit of banter(along with another blatently obvious hint) before getting to start over.

: You couldn't take a little warm mist?
: Hey, that was no "warm mist"! It was boiling hot steam!

What we have to do here is use Missile to swap around the cracked pipes. If you were paying attention to the gif earlier, you can see that each of them has a different pattern of steam. There's one pipe that blows a tall cloud of steam upwards and a tiny bit of steam downwards, two that only blow steam downward, and one that spews huge clouds of steam in both directions. Swapping the two that only shoot steam downward into the bottom two spots is my first step here.

Sissel can get back up here using the machinery the same way he did when the room was rightside up. And from there he can close a valve...

Since that pipe is the only one that can be turned off all the way, the pipe that shoots steam in both directions is the one that has to go here. Lynne can't get through if it's in any other spot. From there, the pipe that shoots steam upwards is safely tucked away in the upper left corner.

: It looks great! All that horrible steam is cleared out of the way!
: Okay, it's not far now. Try to move forward!

: ...we can escape!
: Now how in the world am I going to get up there?!
: Don't yell at me.
: If you want to yell, you can yell at me!
: Missile...How can I yell at you when you're so sweet about it?!
: (Uh, I think you just did...)
: Let's look for something to pull Miss Lynne up with!
: Yes, something to whisk Miss Lynne up and glide her ever so gently to the top with.
: Hey! Are you being sarcastic?!

: Are YOU being sarcastic now?
: I'd hate to drown now, after coming all this way.
: I'd hate that, too.

: That's easy enough for you to say. (So I have to get Lynne up to the door in the ceiling, eh? I'd better find something we can use to do that with...and fast!)

As before, if we don't move fast enough, Lynne will drown again. And this time there are no warnings(though the puzzle is dead-simple, so you pretty much have to be actively trying to see this one).

: Like I always say...a woman who can't swim and an ambitious woman -- they both head for the top!
: Yeah, yeah. Got it. (I need to find a way to lift her up...)

And now to do it right! Luckily, there's a hook on a chain that's hanging around by the door.

: All right! Now THIS is what I'm talking about!

And then the water rises up again...

: Is that any way to ask for something?

: I'm afraid I just can't do's all up to you and your miraculous powers now!

: I'm not very good at opening doors, I'm afraid.
: But you managed to open the door when you escaped Lynne's apartment, didn't you?
: Yes, but do you have any idea how many times I had to attack that horrible door to open it?
: No, I guess I don't have any idea...
: Neither do I! Because I can't count beyond "three"!
: Gee, I'm sorry to hear that.

Oh, Missile. ...oh, right. The door. ...wait, weren't we unable to open it when we tried before?

: I can't budge it! It must be stuck!
: Oh, no!

...okay then.


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