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Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

by Haifisch

Part 38: Fate Changed

As you may recall, last time we found out that Ray is Missile. Now we're going to learn a bit more about how the hell that even happened.


: You couldn't change the fates of these people on your you decided to wait those ten years out...

: ...that fateful night rolled around again.

: So I decided I needed to find somebody to help me this time around.

: But, wait a second! You were able to manipulate that desk lamp!
: Over the course of the long years, my powers changed. My ability to swap objects weakened, but I became able to manipulate small objects.
: B-but, in that case, why didn't you cooperate with yourself...?!
: Because I couldn't.
: Huh?
: From watching the man in red, I found out there were individual differences in our powers. I couldn't do any of the things he could do. Like travel through the telephone lines, for example.
: ...! What...?!
: It may not seem like much, but it's a very important power. Especially if you're trying to chase somebody.
: But there's something I don't understand. You knew from the very beginning that I had that power. How did you know so much about me?
: Why wouldn't I? After all, we had met before, on that night the first time around!
: We what?! We met before...?
: From listening to the conversation of the two intruders to the apartment, I learned that Miss Lynne had lost her life at that junkyard on the edge of town. I followed the Ghost World paths to the junkyard, and came upon an incredible scene.


: Imagine, if you will, there in the darkness, a twisting and swiveling desk made my fur stand on end, I can tell you.

: (So I was shot on that night the first time around as well...)
: You had lost your memory that time, too. You had just died, and you felt confused. You declined to cooperate with me.
: I did what?!

: That's what you said.

: ...away over the telephone line.


: I'm really sorry I didn't help you.
: That's why I decided that, this time...I would use that desire of yours to our mutual advantage.
: Mutual advantage...?
: The only thing you were interested in was finding your own lost memory. If I could guide you along the right path to doing that, we would both benefit. And, namely, "the right path" would be the path to the man in red, to Yomiel.
: What...?
: I gave you the information you needed to know to set you in the right direction. And then I gave you a time limit.
: A time limit...?
: That's right. As you know, I said you only had until tomorrow morning. If I hadn't done that, you wouldn't have found out the truth tonight...

: If that had happened, it would've all been over.
: Th-then, you mean...that thing about ceasing to exist...?!

: But I just wanted you to use your time wisely.
: (Oh, boy...I hate to admit it, but this little doggie really outsmarted me in every way...)
: Let's just call it the wisdom that comes with age.

(Music: The World of the Dead)

: ......and now it's time to say farewell. These past ten years will cease to exist, and with them, so will I.
: Missile...
: I believed in you. I always knew you could do it. And so you did! Thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
: ( you waited and waited, these ten long years...all for the sake of your two ladies, Lynne and Kamila, eh?)
: Of course! Because that's what doggies do!


: Now, then, farewell, Sissel...

(Music: Prologue ~ The Beginning Of The "Night")

: You bet I was! You nearly scared me to death!


: Yipee! It worked!
: But it's not even my birthday today.
: It was my mom's birthday the day before yesterday. I made this surprise for her, but it came out so well, I wanted to use it again!

: That's all right, Lynne. After all, we're celebrating the "birth" of your new position as detective, right?
: Really? Thank you, Detective Jowd.
: Dad! You're home!
: Hi, Kamila. Let me introduce you. This is Lynne. She was just assigned to the detective division today.
: Hi, Kamila! It's nice to meet you!
: Nice to meet you too, Lynne! Congratulations on becoming a detective! ...huh?
: Is something wrong?
: You have one of those badges, too?
: Oh, this? Yeah.
: I have one just like it. My dad gave it to me the other day. But yours looks a lot older than mine, though.
: Ha ha! How long are you going to keep wearing that toy badge, Lynne?
: What's wrong with it? To me, this is the symbol of a real detective!
: It's been ten years since then, hasn't it? Who would've guessed you'd actually become a detective one day?
: When you gave me this badge, I just knew. I knew it was my destiny, somehow!
: Destiny, eh?
: And now that I'm a detective...I'll find out where that destiny will lead me!
: Ha ha! That, you will. That, you will!

: Oh, hello! Don't tell me you're that same little kitten...?
: That's right. The very one.
: You know what? This is a very, very special cat! He's ten years old, but he's still a kitten!
: Still a kitten?
: Yup! He never got any bigger or anything!
: Wow. What a mysterious little fellow...
: I know, right? His name is "Sissel"!
: Sissel...hmm. It seems to me I've heard that name somewhere before...
: I think Sissel likes you, Lynne!

: Okay, mom!

(Music: Epilogue ~ The End of the Night)

Credits time! You can watch them in video form here, or continue down to read the extra scenes as text. (but I recommend watching the video, if only so you can see the names of the fine folks who brought us this game! I'm mostly posting the text+pics because people will want gifs of everything anyway.)

: Happy birthday to our looovely Lynne!
: Uh, like I said, it isn't my birthday. Hey, Missile. I thought I asked you to stay home and guard the fort?
: But birthdays are for celebrating together, with friends and loved ones! Nothing like it, baby!

: There! How do you like that? Not bad, huh?
: But definitely not...good...
: Maybe now I can be a great detective, just like Inspector Cabanela!
: What kind of example is the inspector providing for his men...?

: Here's your food, gentlemen!

: Memry?! What are you doing here?
: I heard you were gonna be picking new members for the Special Investigation Unit today...
: So you took on a part-time job here again, just so you could eavesdrop?!

: Oh, you have no idea the lengths I'd go to achieve my goals!

: La la la! I've never cooked this way before! So exotic! So exciting! Tumeric, coriander, cumin, and fenugreek! Curried chicken paradise! La la la!
: Is this really necessary, this new "curried chicken" menu item?
: Oh, but our very best customer requested it! Now, good luck with the taste-testing!
: Oh, boy. I don't think I could eat another bite. Just who exactly is this "very best customer", anyway?!

: Not to worry, Beauty, my dear! I followed the instructions exactly. Twenty kilograms of gunpowder, just like it said!

: Wait a minute. "Twenty KILOGRAMS"?! I thought it was twenty GRAMS...!

: That's right, sweetheart.
: Darling husband, don't you have any ideas at all you could give me? You must have heard some juicy stories. The indiscretions of a minister, perhaps...?
: Now, now. Must you talk that way in front of our darling angel?
: Here is to the stodgy mind of my darling husband!

: The Yonoa is about to scrape the bottom of the sea, sir. Be forewarned, sir.

: Keep it together, man! Are you trying to give me a case of the vapors?! I believe I nearly died of fright just now!

: Love, peace and pigeons! Long live rock-'n'-roll!

: Stop the park from charging admission! Protect the rights of those who live here!

: Today's the day, you know. He's finally gettin' out. You know, everybody's starting to get real tired of seeing you do that...
: Then let me show you! A new dance! That has been passed down! In our family! For generations! We do this! When we have a stomachache! We call it! "Dance Away the Pain!"
: Oh, I'm reeeal interested in that one. Think you could show it to me, say, next week?

: Ten long years, Yomiel. Your time's up today. The young lady who always comes to visit you is waiting outside.

The end.