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Giants: Citizen Kabuto

by Lord Booga

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Original Thread: We're never getting to Majorca at this rate. Giants: Citizen Kabuto [VLP]


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Giants : Citizen Kabuto is a third person action (and  racing, and RTS... ) game by Planet Moon Studios, which follows the story of three different races/creatures on a huge chunk of a planet known as the Island.

It was released with a lot of praise, but unfortunately never got the standing it deserved for its clever humour, cut scenes, and (with the occasional exception), excellent gameplay.

The four main races of the story, sometimes as allies, sometimes as food, are : -

The Meccaryn ("Meccs" for short from here on) are a high-tech race of... well, not quite sure, but they have an impressive array of weapons, gadgets, and rather handy jet-packs. They're all British, for some never-explained reason, with the player playing as Baz, with companions joining up along the way. Cannot swim, and in fact seem to attract swarms of piranha when in more than waist deep water.

The Sea Reapers are a race of evil creatures, led by Queen Sappho, they can swim, very fast, they regenerate health in water, and have a special 'turbo' ability, enabling them to move around very fast when required (as the jet-pack does for the Meccs). You play as Delphi, a rebellious Sea Reaper (daughter of Queen Sappho), who isn't, in fact, evil. And was topless in the original game, censored with a bikini for the US market. There are the male reapers, who act as soldiers and guards, and the females, who appear to be the leaders (and spell casters).

Kabuto (singular - he's the last of his species) is a gigantic creature, originally created by the Sea Reapers to protect the Island, however they turned against their creators. He's big, fast, very strong, and eats things (mostly Smarties) to regain health, grow bigger, and gain new abilities. Can lay eggs to summon his offspring for assistance during battle.

Smarties are native to the area, and are mercilessly harassed, captured and killed by the Sea Reapers, and snacked upon by Kabuto. Smarties provide much of the humour for the game, as well as  performing the peon duties for the strategy section of the game for the Reapers and Meccs.  Are all Jewish/Australian hybrids, unknown why. Giants heads also. You can't play as them, but they're a key part of the story.

You can also find a speedrun of the game here, at The Speed Demos Archive

I'll be doing this as a VLP with voice-commentary, because I always loved the game, and noticed that nobody had done it, and such a good game cannot be hidden away!

I am using 'Graphics Revision Mod' - which... well, does what it says. Adds new shaders, high res textures, weather & effects, and new creatures previously hidden ingame. Also using the 'Giants Hook' mod, which is mainly a bugfix addon and some graphics enhancements.

If people wish, I can remove or adjust them, but there's no real reason to, they all make it look much better.

We start the story off with the Meccs, apparently on their way to planet Majorca, somehow have a few incidents....

Introduction to the Meccs

Meccs, Chapter 1, Part 1

Meccs, Chapter 1, Part 2

Meccs, Chapter 2

Meccs, Chapter 3

Meccs, Chapter 4

Meccs, Chapter 5

Reaper, Chapter 1

Reaper, Chapter 2, Part 1

Reaper, Chapter 2, Part 2

Reaper, Chapter 3, Race!

Reaper, Chapter 4

Reaper, Chapter 5, Part 1 |

Reaper, Chapter 5, Part 2 |

Kabuto, Chapter 1 |

Kabuto, Chapter 2 |

Kabuto, Chapter 3 |

Kabuto, Chapter 4 |

Kabuto, Chapter 5 + Finale |

Bonus Videos:

Skipping the last level of Meccs Chapter 1

Kabuto Death Reel |
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