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Girl Games

by Devious Vacuum


The other day I got a very important message on, and that person convinced me to make a clarification for this thread:

The message I got was related to Girl Games and trans women. I want to clarify that while the games we're making fun of are blatantly exclusionary on many levels, in this thread, we are all girls. These games want to define "girls" strictly and narrowly, so in this thread, I want to do the opposite. The bad messages in these games effect everyone, so therefore everyone is girls. Including everyone who identifies as female, which includes trans women, or, as I like to call them, women.

When I react to and analyze these games, I am going to start with what offends me personally, but of course that is not going to always be the same for the rest of you. People with different experiences and backgrounds will have additional things to say about why these games are dumb and bad. I have no authority to speak on behalf of a trans woman, a queer woman, a woman of color, A MAN, and so on, about how these games affect them except on a very superficial level. But that's why I made this thread!

I want you to tell me, and I am eager to hear your opinons and experiences. Ultimately, I want to increase my own awareness of all these issues and the awareness of the entire thread as well! It's no good to go around tearing down only some problematic aspects of these games. If you are reading the thread, if you are experiencing these games, then your opinions are valid and you will be heard here.

Okay, now go back to making silly .gifs, thank you everyone.