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by Devious Vacuum

Part 2: Submissions

Panzer Skank plays Really Shitty iOS Games For GURRLZ: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Peach Style plays: The Scared Groom, Fashion Police

dijon du jour:
dress up games for boys?!
Tropical Spa Day. Nothing unusual here.
Girl Gamz

throws a personal sex party at 123kido!
The Horrors of PlayKaty
Baby Hazel Goes To Disneyland
What did they do to Princess Merida?
Date Them All!

Boyfriend Trainer (VLP) by Devil Ed

Word of the Day is: Date (VLP) by MisterFuzzles!

Onean finally figures out what that League of Angels ad is all about.

Charkie, Mr Swoon, and Syrg find love and gas lamps in Pretty In Pink.

Mr. Swoon and Syrg rejoin Charkie for some more licensed girl games with Mean Girls. It's...not abysmal? Wait, really?

Nerdy to Emo Makeover by chocolatekake!

Let's Play the Mary-Kate and Ashley Series, Part 1 with DurpTwoTwo, ItsGoggalor, ZenScissors, and DevilEd
Let's Play the Mary-Kate and Ashley Series Part 2: Hit-Thingies with DurpTwoTwo, ItsGoggalor, ZenScissors, DevilEd, and Siren, aka Grasslamb
Let's Play the Mary-Kate and Ashley Series Finale: Rolling Start (with DevilEd, ItsGoggalor, ZenScissors, Compufreak, and Kai.)

Night Gaunt takes a look at Otome Games!

Roll Next (With Heavy Sigh, Simply Simon, Loco, and Assoonasitis)

Soricidus Makes A Cat Happy!

DreamingOfRoses takes us to NeoPets and Hannah's Wardrobe Adventure!

(skeletons by DVac)
Goes on a double date during Bad Girl (Prom Night?) Goon Run Renegade Run
Chooses from the many boyfriends of My Virtual Boyfriend!
Dresses up some Celebrity Babies and a Shrek Wedding?!

Then Helmetcondenser Dates Joshua the Redditor

hyphz shows off Magical Girl Mari's Dressing Up Adventure, a Japanese game with an interesting take on dress up gameplay. Arts and Crafts!
by chocolatekake
Instructions from here:

Killerrhubarb plays Disney City Girl! Part 1 Part2 Part 3

BlueFlowerRedSky created this excellent Twine: Magical Girl Makeover