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Part 3: 22nd October 1929 - 18:00 (Part One.)

Let's see what Kikuyo's thinking.



Mr. Yoshinodou's oldest daughter, Takako.

Mr. Yoshinodou's oldest daughter...?

Yes, Mr. Yoshinodou's child. Having received word of his death, all of Mr. Yoshinodou’s children have come home here to the mansion.

When Takako heard you were here, she said she wanted to see you right away. Takako's waiting. She said she wanted to have a talk with you.

Glass Rose doesn't have the smoothest prose.


You means you – Kazuya. I don't know anything else about you.

A talk

What does she want to talk to me about...?

I'm afraid I have no idea what she wishes to speak to you about. Takako is waiting in the Orchid Room.

The Orchid Room...?

The Orchid Room is on the second floor. Use the staircase in the Great Hall to get to the second floor.

The second floor of this mansion...

Yes, Mr. Yoshinodou's children all have rooms on the mansion's second floor.

I get the impression this is Kikuyo's way of making a subtle jab at Kazuya for being illegitimate.

To get to the Orchid Room where Takako is, take the second floor hallway into the east passage and turn left. It's at the end of the passage.

Another thing...

their rooms on the second floor. Their rooms are the Iris Room and the Holly Room. If you see them, why don' t you introduce yourself?

Another tutorial screen.

Upwards is the stairs and the door leading to the Annex, which is currently locked The further door on the side leads to the Study, the nearer room to the Houseboy Room.

This passage leads to the Main Hallway. Kikuyo will stop us if we try to go down there now.

To the left is the Grape Room, also currently locked.

To the right is the Bellflower Room, and the Vestibule. We actually can go into the Vestibule now, but there's nothing to do there.

Turning right again takes us to the doors leading out to the garden. They're locked right now.

This is the Rose Room. We'll be going in here in the next update.

This is the Holly Room, where Marie resides.

This is the Hydrangea Room, currently locked.

This is the Orchid Room.

Video: Takako Yoshinodou.

Excuse me...

Are you Kazuya? I heard about you from Hachiya. I'm Takako. You know who I am, right?

Kikuyo told me you wanted to see me...

They say there's a police detective here, investigating Father's cause of death.

A Police Detective

I simply can't believe there's a detective in this mansion! How could this be happening?


You look a little bit like Father when he was young. I wonder if your... personality resembles his, too?

Cause of death

They say there was poison in his wine. I don't know what everybody else thinks, but I think Father was murdered. By Ayako.

Takako certainly doesn't waste time.


Ayako? Who's that?

Father's new wife. She shuts herself up in her room and hasn't even said hello since we all came home!

She shuts herself up in her room?

She's always been like that. Even when I used to live here. We're right here together on the second floor, too! But she never changes...

Well, if you‘re Father's child, let me give you a piece of advice.

Never trust Ayako. She's the witch that made Father change.


That's right. She's the reason Father got that way.

(Got what way? I wonder what she means?)

She's a witch, Kazuya. Marrying her was the reason Father ended up like this.

A Witch

When Ayako came, she brought misfortune with her. She's just like a witch.


I opposed him marrying her right up till the end. I knew this would happen someday.

Ended up (Divine Judgement)

(Got what way...?)

The burn... on his face...?

Father was a strong person. He wasn't the type of man that would let a thing like that change him. Ayako had us all kicked out of the mansion! She took advantage of the change in Father over since that day 5 years ago...


Father kept that Ayako with him. But he kicked his children--his own flesh and blood--out of the mansion.

The Change

Father started to avoid us.

That day 5 years ago

That day five years ago...?

September 1st. 1924. You remember, don‘t you? The day that huge earthquake hit Tokyo. Father was different from that day on. He started wearing a mask. And then Ayako--

Video: Kiyohiko Yoshikawa.

Sorry, but we're trying to talk. I hope you don't mind...

I'll leave in a minute. I just wanted to introduce myself.

So you're Kazuya, are you?

He was an assistant movie director until just a little while ago...But he got engaged to the chairman's daughter and now he's a real director!

Hey, don't say that, darling!

What's wrong with that? It's true, isn't it?

Takako's really not happy about her fiance's presence.

Kiyohiko just wants to think about fashion.

I had no idea the chairman had another child. I was really surprised when Takako told me the news.


I knew the chairman had four children--one boy and three girls, but I never heard a word about you.

The News

When we heard you‘d been summoned by the chairman and had arrived at the mansion, we were all surprised.


She's my beloved fiancée. and a star actress with our New World Cinema.


Takako and I just got engaged. Now that the chairman is gone, I'll be the one to take care of her.

Back to the chairman topic.

The chairman

The Chairman...?

Mr. Denemon Yoshinodou. the one that just died. Denemon gave up the presidency to his oldest son, Hideo, four years ago and became chairman. I really respect him! He threw himself Into the fledgling film industry while young and built New World Cinema into a great success.

The presidency

The position of president of New World Cinema carries heavy responsibility. The next generation or film-making has arrived, and everybody will be looking to Hideo to see what he'll do as president.

Oldest son

Hideo is your older brother and Takako's.

Four years ago

It was one year after the chairman got injured in the great earthquake.


After Denemon stepped aside and became chairman though, he didn't show up at the company once...


Denemon understood the importance of learning new movie techniques. He was really innovative. He even sent me to Hollywood to study camera work.

Film Industry

Denemon was quick to see the entertainment value of movies, and established a film-making company when he was young. He created many masterpieces of silent film.

New World Cinema

Takako and I are a leading actress and a movie director under exclusive contract to New World Cinema. I suppose we're the future of New World Cinema now...

Actually, our company is finally going to start real talking film production. We‘re scheduled to start filming our new talkie next week.

Next Week

I thought about putting off the start of filming because of what happened, but Takako said she didn't want to change the schedule.


New World Cinema's studios are in Asakusa, here in Tokyo.

Talking film

Talking films are films with sound--people talking, sound effects. The United States released a film called "The Jazz Singer" two years ago, and it's a big hit.

New talkie

Our new talkie is that famous old masterpiece. ”Dolls”. You've probably seen it at least once, haven't you? We‘re going to remake ”Dolls” into a new talking film.


”Dolls" was New World Cinema's monumental first work, a silent film of great renown.


Of course, I‘ll be the director and Takako will play the leading role.


What kind of movie is it?

What? You've never seen it?

“Dolls” is the story of a sad man who loves his wife so much, he goes mad with jealousy and ends up killing her.

Hisako Yoshinodou...?

That's right. Actually, she was--

I told you Kazuya and I were trying to talk. Now if you don't mind...

...All right. I was just leaving.

Kiyohiko leaves.

What did you want to talk to me about?

What did Father summon you for? What's your purpose in coming here?


Now we'll never know what Father was thinking or feeling.


Who is your mother?

Actually... I don't even remember her face... They tell me she died when I was a baby.



Actually... I didn't want to come back here...


My purpose in coming here...?

That's right. I want to know your purpose in coming to meet with Father.

Well, I...

Is it because you want some of Denemon Yoshinodou‘s fortune?


Everybody came back to this mansion, not to mourn Father's death, but to find out what's in his will and how much they're going to inherit.


People around here call this mansion ”the Cinema Mansion.” They thought it was creepy when Father started wearing a mask.


They say that people who live like Father did don't die a normal death...He probably understood that better than anyone.


When Father was alive, he once said, "After I die, I want the family to spend three days together in the mansion, and my will to be read on the third day.”


Aren't you interested in your inheritance?

I don't want any of Father's fortune. What I care about is finding out why Father...

Oh, my...

What was that just now...? What does Takako wonder about, more than her own inheritance...)

Oh, why did Father have to die without explaining about that time...?

(“That time”...? I wonder what Takako means?)

What am I going to do? Whenever I come back here, what happened that day all comes rushing back to me...

What Happened (Divine Judgement)

(What does she mean by "what happened that day'?)

(A red flower...Who was that in the portrait?)

What did you remember just now?

Uh... It‘s nothing... But I... Unh!

Are you all right?

All of a sudden. I don‘t feel very well...I'm sorry, but could you come back after nine?

Takashi leaves.

What did you and she talk about?

Talk about

You want to know what we talked about?

Yeah...Was she mad?

No, not especially.

Well, that's good then.

I let something slip I shouldn't have when we were talking before...

I talked about something that's a taboo topic with Takako, so I wondered how she was...

Taboo topic

A taboo topic...?

Yeah. I mentioned her mother when I was talking about “Dolls“. Remember?

How she was

Actually, it's not just what happened when we were talking, I've been worried about her ever since we arrived at the mansion...There's something... strange about the way she's acting...

Something strange...?

At first, I thought she was just shaken by her father's death...But that doesn't seem to be the only thing bothering her...I hope it's just one of her usual moods...

Usual moods

Takako is a very proud, rather selfish woman. To tell the truth, adjusting to her moods takes a bit of work.

Her mother

Her mother...?

You mean you don't know? Hisako Yoshinodou, the actress that starred in the original “Dolls”, was Takako's mother.

Hisako Yoshinodou

Hisako was the first actress under exclusive contract to New World Cinema.


New World Cinema was built on the success of the original “Dolls”.

Takako's mother

Takako's mother...

Hisako was the chairman's first wife. They had two children together, and I hear she died when Takako was three years old.


I heard the chairman met her in Shinbashi when she was a geisha and fell in love with her at first sight.


They say the chairman founded New World Cinema right after marrying Hisako.

Two children

Hisako was Hideo's and Takako's mother.


She died when Takako was three...?

I heard it was a sudden accident. I don't know the details, and Takako doesn't like to talk about the subject. I think Takako has some bad memories surrounding her mother’s death...

Sudden accident

That's what they say, anyway. Please don't go asking her about it, okay?


Not only does Takako not like to talk about her mother‘s death, she doesn‘t like to talk about her mother at all.

Bad memories

Takako doesn't like to show weakness. If she has bad memories surrounding her mother's death, I' m sure she'd just try to pretend they don' t exist.

Mother's death

Please just remember: Don't ever talk about Hisako in front of Takako. I hate it when she's in a bad mood...

Kiyohiko goes back into the Orchid Room.

Next update: Cat hunting in the Holly Room.