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Part 4: 22nd October 1929 - 18:00 (Part Two.)

The “room preview” only shows the lamp and the bed, but there is one other point of interest in this room as well.

The bookcase where we pick up our first set of Denemon's notes. These contain riddles, that, if you solve, you'll be rewarded with a number of heart fragments. There is one note per chapter, and the riddle has to be solved within that same chapter.

The Holly Room.

The lamp.

Video: The Holly Room Lamp.

The bed.

Video: Marie Yoshinodou.

Hee hee hee....

So, you're Kazuya, are you?


And you are...?

How do you do? I’m Marie. Hachiya told me my brother was here.


I don't like Hachiya. He's always giving people strange looks through these glasses of his.


They told me your name. Kazuya Nanase, right? When I heard I had another brother, I was so happy!



That's right. I'm Marie. I'm Denemon Yoshinodou‘s fourth child...No, wait a minute! I guess I'm fifth, now that there’s you! Hee hee hee!

Is this your room?

Yeah. I mean it was, when I used to live here...

When you used to live here...?

I haven’t been here once since I moved into the dorm. That's because nobody ever said it was okay to come home...But then Father died and I finally got to come back.


This mansion holds lots of memories for me...


Yeah, I've been living in the girl's school dorm. Father's orders.

Come home

The whole time I was gone, I kept wanting to come home.


Kazuya...? Do you know how Father died?

There was... poison in his wine...

Yeah. that's what Hachiya said. And he said Father must’ve committed suicide...But I know what really happened.

Father was murdered, wasn't he? Everybody's lying.


Everybody in this house always lies, all of the time!


Father was murdered...?

Yup. Father was murdered. I'm sure of it!

(She's sure of it...? I wonder who Marie thinks killed Denemon...?)

Don't you know...? Don't you know who killed Father, Kazuya?

Who (Divine Judgement)

(Who does Marie think killed Denemon...?)

(Hey! That was...!)

Father was killed by a demon...

A demon...?

Yup. Father was killed by a demon. By the demon that‘s possessed this house...


Kikuyo's not pleased.

I-I didn't tell him anything...

You shouldn't be in here. Please leave at once.

You were the one who told Takashi to say hello to Marie. :mad:

Kikuyo leaves without actually forcing Takashi to leave the Holly Room, but Marie isn't willing to talk anymore after Kikuyo's little visit.

Back in the hallway, if we take the side path from the Rose Room, we come to the Iris Room. The door you can see on the right-hand side leads to the unlocked Poppy Room.

Try to enter the Iris Room and...

I can see somebody through the keyhole.

Takashi really likes peeping through keyholes.

I don't know why. Takako's always hated red flowers, ever since she was a little girl. I asked Kikuyo about it, but she said she didn't know either.

Really? I...

Video: Kanae Yoshinodou and Kaidou Nonomura.

Wait a minute... You must be Kazuya.


The one Hachiya was talking about -- your older brother.


If we try to talk to Kanae now, she'll just tell Takashi to talk to Kaidou first.

How do you do? I’m Kaidou Nonomura, Kanae's fiancé.


We just got engaged last month.

Kaidou Nonomura

You're Kaidou Nonomura...?

I‘m a silent film narrator at the Ginza Theater.

I've never seen clothes like that before. What kind of work do you do?

Silent film narrator

A silent film narrator...?

You mean you don't know Kaidou? He's the most popular narrator in all of Ginza! Kaidou's got ladies with flowers lined up at the stage door every night!

Not everybody's interested in narrators, you know. Let's not talk about that anymore, Kanae.

What...? Fine.

Silent film audiences need us narrators to explain what's going on in the film. The narration makes the film enjoyable. I like the idea of that, and that's why I chose this work.


I don't think I've ever seen anybody wearing clothes like that before. Where did you get them?


I... I work at a newspaper publishing company...

Hmm. A newspaper publishing company, huh...? And where do you live?

Well, I...

I bet he‘s too ashamed to tell people what he really does or where he lives...

Kanae, don't be rude! Everybody has things they want to keep to themselves, you know.

Kaidou's a lot more willing to stand up to Kanae than Kiyohiko is to Takako.

Fine. Whatever...

The Ginza Theatre

The Ginza Theater...?

It's a New World Cinema movie theater in Ginza.

A movie theater in Ginza?

Haven't you ever been there? It’s all the rage. It's a movie theater that only shows New World Cinema films.

Now the Ginza Theater is showing a film called ”End of the World.” It’s directed by Mr. Yoshikawa and stars Takako.

The Ginza Theatre

If you ever come to Ginza, you should come to the theater. I'll get you in.

End of the World

It's a modern love story, an open imitation of American films.

Mr. Yoshikawa

Takako's fiancé. He directs nothing but her films now.


Have you met Takako yet? ”Never trust Ayako.” I bet that's what she said to you, am I right?

You actually can meet Kaidou and Kanae before meeting Takako.

Uh, what's Ayako like...?

She's in the Rose Room. Why don't you go see her and find out for yourself?

We can't meet Ayako until we've spoken to Takako, Marie, Kaidou and Kanae though.

That ends the conversation with Kaidou, time to talk to Kanae.

Hachiya told me you came here because Father invited you. How exactly did you approach Father anyway?


Hachiya said you didn't get to see Father after all. Is that true?


This is the Yoshinodou Mansion. You don't belong here.


What did you do, take advantage of some weakness of Father's? How else could you have gotten him to invite you here? It’s unthinkable! A shady character like you could never be part of this family!


The guy who's after Father's fortune. The one who claims to be Denemon Yoshinodou's child.


I'll never accept you as my brother!


Denemon Yoshinodou's only legitimate children are Hideo, Takako, Marie and I. Just the four of us!

There isn’t anything else to say to this man.

Kazuya, it looks like we’ll be staying at the mansion a while, too. I'm sure we'll find some time to talk.

Kanae and Kaidou go back into their room, and we go off to the Rose Room.

The Rose Anteroom.

The fireplace.

The drawer.

The turtle.

Video: Ayako Yoshinodou.

Are you all right?

I get dizzy all the time. I just don't feel well...I've lived here so many years, but I just can't get used to the place. Nobody understands...

Kazuya, what happened? When did you change into those clothes?


Who are you...?

Why, I'm Ayako! Don't tell me you've forgotten me, Kazuya...!


You're Ayako...

That's right. Denemon's wife. Ayako. You do remember me, don't you?

Say, Kazuya, did you go look in the basement for me yet?


You know, like I asked you to a while ago...?


The basement...?

Yes. Was my husband's body really there, like Hachiya said?


Hachiya told me I shouldn't look at my husband's body...

My husband's body

Is his body in the basement?

Yes. Hachiya told me my husband‘s body was in the storeroom, in the basement...Kazuya, I still can't believe he's dead.

Last night, I was feeling dizzy again...The next thing I know. they were telling me he was dead...Is he really dead? Is it really true his body is in the basement?


Kazuya, please help me...! There isn't anyone I can trust here...

Please help me

If things go on like this, I'll go crazy...!

Anybody I can trust

There isn't anyone you can trust...?

Everybody in this mansion hates me. They think everything is my fault. They don't know the truth...

(The truth...? I wonder what she means...?)

They just don't know the truth...! If they only knew...


Everybody...except for you...

The truth (Divine Judgement)

(What is Ayako trying to say?)

That's right... Nobody knows what my husband's really like...