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Part 5: 22nd October 1929 - 19:00.

Video: Youko Yoshinodou.

I heard Father called you here. Now that this has happened, you must be very upset.

Your name is Youko?

That's right. I'm Hideo's wife, Youko.


That’s right. Don't you know who he is? Hideo is the oldest son in the Yoshinodou family. We used to live in this mansion, too. But then, because of that woman...

This mansion

When we were living here. I was happy. I came here when Hideo and I got married, and Hideya was born here.


Father bought all of the furnishings in this mansion from abroad. Everything's so valuable and beautiful. I love it all.

Got married

My husband and I have been married for ten years.


My son, my only child. He's extremely shy with others, but he's very sweet with me. Hideya's in the Violet Room. Why don’t you go in and say hello to him?

The Violet Room

That's the room at the back of the first floor annex.

Back to the first topic.

That woman

That woman...?

Ayako, of course. Father started acting strange after he married Ayako. Now I really think what Takako said that time was true.


Father is a frightening person. Nobody dares go against him. That‘s what I always thought when we lived here...

Acting strange

He started avoiding people and wouldn‘t talk. He changed into a completely different person.


Ayako married Father when he was old enough to be her own father...She's after his fortune.


Ayako closes herself off from everybody else here. I never know what she's thinking. I just don't understand her at all.

What Takako said

Die like her mother did...?

Yes, that's exactly what she said. When Father heard that, he went pale and got very quiet. I don't know why Takako said a thing like that. But now Father is dead, just like Takako said would happen...

That time

When Father gathered the family and us he was going to marry Ayako.

My goodness, we really got to talking, didn't we?

Before we go see Hideya, I make a quick detour to the Study.

Some characters have diaries that you can find by checking certain bookcases in the mansion. More diaries become available as you progress through the story. Diaries also accumulate, so you don't have to worry about repeatedly checking the bookcases every hour. I'll show off any new diaries at the end of each chapter.

The door at the end of the corridor leads to the garden, the further room is the Violet Room. The closer room is the Magnolia Room, and the room on the right is the Thistle Room, where Hideo and Youko reside, which seems to be at odds with Kikuyo's earlier statement about Denemon's children all having rooms on the second floor.

Video: Hideya Yoshinodou.

Takashi's not that comfortable with lying.

What's your name?


Don't feel like talking, huh?


Oh! A tangram. So, you like puzzles, huh?


Shall we try it together?

You don't have to solve the tangram, the game will continue if you just select quit.

You did it!

Oh, so you can talk!


That's okay. You don't have to talk if you don't want to. Let's play again sometime, okay?



Grandpa died, huh...

What was your grandfather like?

Everybody said Grandpa was scary...He was always nice to me, though.

Oh, really?

And Grandpa loved wine.


Grandpa hurt his face. That’s why he wore a mask. But I wasn't afraid.


Your grandfather loved wine?

Yeah. There's lots of wine down in the wine cellar. Grandpa collected it.


I've never had wine. Is it good?

Wine Cellar

The wine cellar...?

Yeah, in the basement of this mansion.


How do you get to the basement?

From the kitchen at the back on the first floor. But the door to the back hallway that leads to the kitchen is always locked.

Back Hallway

The back hallway door is on the back landing, where the back staircase is.


Where's the key for the door to the back hallway?

Hmm...I don't really know...But I bet Kikuyo knows!

Let's play again sometime, okay?

Okay. See you!

Video: Hideo Yoshinodou.

I'm Hideo Yoshinodou! Remember that!

Hideo Yoshinodou

You're Hideo...

That‘s right. I'm Hideo. The oldest son. Now that my father, Denemon, has died, I’m the head of the Yoshinodou family.

There‘s a police detective here, investigating Father's cause of death. But the matter will all be settled soon.

Police Detective

A mannerless man named Ihara. I can't wait until both of you leave this mansion!


Poking around in other people’s business! It's so vulgar!

Cause of death

Who do you suppose put the poison in the wine?

Who? What the hell are you talking about?

Let’s get one thing straight. My father committed suicide. Enough of these ridiculous theories!


My father had been depressed and was holed up in this mansion for years. It's not so unlikely he‘d commit suicide...

Ridiculous theories

Ridiculous theories...?

You're sure Denemon wasn't murdered?

Enough! My father committed suicide, and that‘s the end of it!

My father-- But what the hell would you know anyway, showing up all of a sudden?

(Why is Hideo getting so upset? Is he hiding something about Denemon...?)

I’m not discussing my father with you any more!

My father

Why don't you want to talk about him?

What could you possibly understand about my father and me?!

(What did this man think of his father, I wonder...)

I'm tired of even thinking about it! I refuse to discuss my father with you!

Back out into the Main Hall.

Kaidou is waiting for you in the Poppy Room.


I suppose he has something to talk to you about.

The Poppy Room

Where is the Poppy Room?

The Poppy Room is on the second floor. It's next to the Iris Room.

Kikuyo leaves.

Sorry about that business before. I wanted to have a chance to talk to you.

As always, mind reading before chatting.


This mansion is fabulously beautiful, but it somehow seems filled with gloom. Don't you agree?

Fabulously beautiful

Denemon was a great admirer of the art nouveau style. They say he called in architects from France when he built this place.


Filled with gloom...?

When I got engaged to Kanae and first visited the mansion I thought to myself: ”I bet I'd end up half-dead if I had to live in this place...!”

Got engaged

Kanae's big brother, Hideo, was the one who introduced Kanae to me.


Kanae is always comparing herself to Takako.

End up

This house is steeped in nothingness. It stops people looking to the future. Maybe the place really is possessed by vengeful spirits, just like people say.

Possessed by vengeful spirits...?

Yes, by the spirits of Hisako and Yurie, two unhappy women...

Two unhappy women

Denemon Yoshinodou was married three times--he lost his first two wives.


Hisako was Denemon's first wife, Hideo and Takako's mother. Hisako was the actress that gave New World Cinema its start, but then she died unexpectedly when Takako was three years old.


Hideo is eager to produce talking films. I think New World Cinema has really changed since Hideo became president.


Takako is a beautiful woman. But I could never love beauty that is only skin-deep.

Died unexpectedly

Apparently, talking about Hisako is taboo in this house, maybe because Takako doesn't like it...

New World Cinema

New World Cinema got its start when Denemon, who was working for a camera shop in Asakusa at the time, made some news reels covering the Boxer Uprising. He got started in the film industry at its inception, and he must've done some things he wasn't proud of to take his company this far.

(Some things he wasn't proud of...? Does this man know what Denemon did?)

Yeah. Denemon Yoshinodou must've done some pretty awful things in his life...

Pretty awful things

Some pretty awful things? Like what kind of things?

You want to know? You're probably better off not knowing. Heh heh heh.

(What were those "pretty awful things"...?)

Denemon is your father. You never got to see him alive again. What happened in his life? Maybe you could poke around this mansion and find out. Heh heh.

Back to the “End up” topic.


Yurie was Denemon‘s second wife. Kanae and Marie‘s mother. I hear she died when Kanae was eight years old. Kanae won't talk about how Yurie died.


Marie is quiet. Goes to a girls' school. She never looks at me or talks to me.

Eight years old

Kanae doesn't like to talk about the past. It must've been hard for her...

How Yurie died

I suppose Kanae will tell me someday. I don't want to force it out of her.

I'm glad we had a chance to talk.

And with that, Kaidou leaves, and the game gives the “it's time to investigate this room” pan around.

The Poppy Room.

Before investigating, I pick up Takako's second diary.

The picture.

The display case.

The dressing table.