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Part 8: 22nd October 1929 - 22:00.

I recommend that you watch the videos in this update.

Oh, you. Have you seen Takako?


I haven't seen her for a while. I looked all over the second floor, but I can't find her anywhere. Where could she have gone? I haven't searched the whole first floor yet...I wonder if she could be somewhere around the butler's pantry?

This is the key to the Back Hallway Takashi and Hideya were discussing earlier.

This is the door to the Back Hallway; apart from the Kitchen, the Storeroom, Servant's Washroom and Servant's Dining Room are also found along there.

This is the door to the Kitchen.

Takashi automatically picks this note up as soon as he enters the Kitchen for the first time.

Going straight ahead leads to the entrance to the wine cellar.

The Wine Cellar.

The table.

The wine rack.

The door.

Video: The Food Storeroom.

The Food Storeroom.

The stain on the floor.

The table.

Video: Denemon Yoshinodou.