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Part 13: 23rd October 1929 - 08:00.

Video: Marie playing the piano.

Kanae. :stare:

I don't know what's wrong with her!


It's your piano...?

That's right. This is my piano.


What, you didn't hear, Marie? Father said he'd give it to me.

No way...

Just remember! This piano is going to be mine! So don't go touching it with those filthy hands of yours, you understand?

(“Filthy hands”...? Why would Kanae say that to Marie... ?)

Father promised me, Marie. He said this piano would be my wedding present when Kaidou and I got married. So keep your tainted hands off my piano!


I’ve hardly soon Marie since we left the mansion, but she's just the same as ever—a nasty little thing!


I'm marrying Kaidou and we're going to be very happy together!

Got married

Father was glad I was getting married. He gave us his blessing.


Father loved our mother more than anyone else. That‘s why he put this piano in the Great Hall, so he could always remember.

Anyone else

That's right. More than Ayako, too.

Back to the Piano topic.

Your tainted hands

”Tainted hands”...? Why do you say that?

Hmmm... Now what could I mean, I wonder...?


Why don't you ask Marie?

Back to the start of the conversation.


Marie thinks she's better at playing the piano than I am!


Takako's dead and everybody's upset, but does she care? Here she is, making such a racket at the crack of dawn! Honestly!


I just can't believe Takako is dead...I can't stand to think about it!


Everybody‘s grieving except Ayako.


Marie always acts like this! She doesn't care how other people feel.


What piece was she playing?

Mother's favorite Chopin Etude. Mother always played that piece whenever Father was away from home. And she always wore such a sad expression...

Away from home

Father was often away on business. Sometimes, he wouldn't come home for a long time.


Mother was a beautiful woman, but she always looked so sad.


If Mother had lived, Father would never have changed! If only Mother had lived, these horrible things wouldn't be happening right now!


It's your fault Marie! It's your fault about Mother!

Kanae storms off, leaving Takashi free to talk to Marie.

Yes...Kanae is just upset about what happened to my other sister, Takako. All I have to do is wait it out...


I never saw Takako once after we left this mansion. We hadn't even talked yet...


Takako and I didn't talk much, even when we were all living here together.

Back to the first topic.


Kanae has hated me for a long time...


Kanae gets mad at me for every single thing I do.

For a long time

For a long time...?

Yeah, ever since Mother died... No, I guess even before that...

Before that

Ever since I was a baby...


I always loved Mother best when she was playing the piano.

When she was playing the piano?

Mother always had the kindest expression when she was playing the piano. When I heard her play, I could forget everything else.

(Forget everything else? I wonder what she wanted to forget?)

The only thing I remember about Mother now is her sitting at the piano with that kind expression. I forgot everything else...


I don't remember anything about...when she died...


Father once told me that I was starting to look like Mother...

Everything else

Marie, what did you mean by “I forgot everything else”?

I meant—No, never mind. Just forget I said it, okay?

(What did Marie mean by “everything else”?)

Just...forget I said it, okay? I don't have anything else to say...about Mother..


When I touch this piano, I feel like Mother is right here...I wonder how Father felt when he looked at this piano...?

How Father felt

Father never once told me how he felt, about anything...

This piano

If Kanae takes this piano away, I'll never be able to play it again...


Kazuya, Father's really dead, isn't he...?

What...? Why do you ask that, Marie?

Because I...I...saw something...

What did you see?

As soon as Youko approaches, Marie gets up from the piano and leaves.

My, Marie really seems to be opening up to you! What were you talking about?


She's usually quiet and keeps to herself, but it looks like she can really talk to you.

Opening up

The two of you seem so friendly with each other.

Talking about

You want to know what Marie and I were talking about?

Oh. my. You don't have to look so angry...Goodness, I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to be nosy. I was just curious, that's all. It’s none of my business if you were having a friendly talk with Marie...

Yokou backs away.

What, you want to talk to me...?

Yes, please.

I suppose you want to ask about Marie. Am I right?


Yes, that's right.

Well, you're certainly direct.

Marie is always by herself. She seems kind of lonely.

That's how you see it? I’m not really sure. Marie is hard for me to understand. Even when we were all living together, Marie never opened up to me at all. The funny thing is, I got along so well with Takako and Kanae...

Never opened up

She was always so withdrawn. She never warmed up to me at all.


Don't tell me...Was Marie saying something again...? Those crazy stories of hers...?

Those crazy stories

Those crazy stories...?

Yes. I bet she told you some wild story about seeing a ghost, right?


I hate to say this, but Marie... likes to make things up...I suppose she's trying to get people's attention because she's lonely...

Going back to the Marie topic.


Kanae wanted to be an actress, too, I hear, just like Takako. But Father was very against it, so she gave up her dreams...

Was very against it

I hear Father said to Kanae flatly, “You'd never make it”.

And back to the Marie topic once again.


I'm in shock about what happened to Takako. I wonder if she really did commit suicide, like Tsuyako said.


Both Father and Takako, committing suicide! I can't believe it...Then again, now that I think about it...

Now that you think about it...?

Actually...and you can't tell anyone I told you this! Actually, Kanae's and Marie's mother, Yurie...

I heard it was when Father was abroad on military business...


My husband was a student and away living in a dormitory at the time. He says he doesn't know exactly what was going on with Yurie in those days.


In the recent Great War, Father was producing films in China at the military's request. He lived in China for two years when Marie was little. I hear Yurie died during that time.


I don't know very much about Yurie. But the year after Hisako died......Father got remarried right away, to Yurie, a new actress at the time.

It seems like he had a good time. If you feel like it, why don't you come back and play with him again this afternoon?

Youko leaves.

Takashi glances around before picking the mask up.

Video: The second glass jigsaw puzzle piece.

Denemon's mask...One appears whenever I hear that voice out of nowhere...And then it changes into a glass puzzle piece...What is going on...?

Where did that scar on Marie's forehead come from?

And what was that I saw from the piano...?