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Part 14: 23rd October 1929 - 09:00.

Before going into the Bellflower Room, I make a quick detour to pick up one of Denemon's diaries.

I wonder what the story is behind it...

Sound of a door being unlocked.


Mr. Ihara was looking for me?

Yes, that's right.

Where is Mr. Ihara now?

One of his men came just a little while ago, and they went out into the south garden together.

One of his men

He came this morning to see Detective Ihara.

The south garden

The south garden? Where's that?

The garden through the Great Hall's terrace door is the south garden, sir. Mr. Yoshinodou often used to take walks there. He said that garden brought back memories of Hisako.

This mansion's gardens are pretty big, aren't they?

The mansion has three separate gardens, sir.

Three gardens?

Yes. The garden off of the terraces has always been known as “the south garden.” The one off the front entrance is “the east garden.” And the one off the rear entrance is called “the north garden”, sir.


What? You mean walk around the gardens?

Detective Ihara told us not to go wandering about, but...

I'll unlock the doors to the gardens for you later. I really do recommend a stroll around sometime this morning. However...If you do go out into the gardens, please be careful not to do anything suspicious.

Even though there's a door from the Bellflower Room to the garden, we have to go out via the doors in the Main Hall.

Video: Koutarou Katagiri.

This is Koutarou Katagiri. He'll be helping me with the investigation.

What?! Koutarou Katagiri?!

Something the matter?

Uh, nothing...

Katagiri's chatty.

Out for a morning stroll, eh? I don't want you wandering around, you know.

Another body...?

I just think we haven't seen the end of dead bodies around here, that's all.

Is that why you asked this man here?

That's right. This is a man I can depend on. I'm sure Koutarou Katagiri here will really help out with the investigation.

The investigation

Takako's body has already been brought to the station – along with Denemon's. We should get the results of the autopsy by tonight.

Koutarou Katagiri


Katagiri is one of my men. What's the matter...? Katagiri got something on his face or something? What are you staring at? You sure are a strange guy...

Let's try talking to Katagiri again.

So you're Kazuya Nanase, huh?

Kazuya Nanase

Mr. Katagiri, I'm...


Uh, okay.

The cat from Marie's room shows up again by this statue.

Takashi's just kind of standing around in a daze after Katagiri's departure.

There's not very much to this garden. Going either left or right leads to the statue. The right set of doors in front of Takashi lead to the Great Hall, the left set to the Dining Room.

Looking at the flowers at the base of the statue.

At this point, I can't remember where you need to go next; luckily, Glass Rose has a hint system.

Head over to the Violet Room.

Help Hideya with another Tangram.

And you'll get a hint as to where you need to go next.

You can get hints (provided you can solve a random Tangram) just about any time Takashi can get into the Violet Room. Hideya does not need to be present; Takashi will get a mental image of where he needs to go if you solve a Tangram when Hideya isn't around. If you get a Tangram you can't solve, you can just choose to quit, then check the Tangrams/talk to Hideya again to get a different puzzle.

Head down from the Entrance Hall.

Into the Vestibule.

Out the door into the east garden.

Where Takashi immediately pounces on Kaidou.

Oh, I'm just looking for something.

Looking for something? What are you looking for?

My fountain pen. It's really important to me...

Your fountain pen?

I think I might've dropped it when I got out of the car. I've looked all around here, but I can't seem to find it.

The pen is under the front tire of the car.

(Hey, the fountain pen's under the car, near the tire!)

Oh, you found it?

Kaidou takes the pen from Takashi.


So that's where it was, huh? When Kanae and I got engaged and I visited this mansion, Denemon gave this fountain pen to me.

Kaidou leaves with a wave. He seems to have changed his tune a bit.

Like the south garden, there are two paths you can take in the east garden, downwards and right, but both lead to the same place. Nothing left to do in the east garden, so we set off to the north garden.

The north garden is accessed via the door at the end of the annex.

The north garden is slightly larger than the south and east gardens.

There's only one path in the north garden from the annex.

The path takes you past a well, past the gardener's room and door leading to the rear vestibule, and ends in a couple of chairs and a statue. Need to go to the gardener's room here.

And look at the rake which Matsunosuke attacked Takashi with.

I-I'm sorry... I didn't know it was yours...

This is my room! Get out!

My room

This is your room, Matsunosuke?

Matsunosuke...? How the hell you know my name?

Detective Ihara told me.

The detective told you, eh? I suppose he was telling lies about me!

No, not at all...!

I don't trust that Ihara fellow – or you, neither! Now get yourself out of my room!

Matsunosuke, I’d like to speak to you a minute, if you wouldn’t mind, sir!

“If you wouldn't mind, sir...”?

Huh? I don't know what...

I knew you were a suspicious one!

A suspicious one

No, there's nothing suspicious about me! Really!

Can't fool me! You‘re as suspicious as they come!


That's right. I know!

I've seen you any number of times!


Yesterday wasn't the first time?

You heard me.

What? But what do you mean?!

Don't pretend like you don't know. I know all about it! I should've taken care of you yesterday! Then Miss Takako would still be alive. Everything‘s gone to hell since you got here!


Miss Takako was just like Mr. Yoshinodou. I don't mean the way she looked. Personality, I mean.

Back to the “A suspicious one” topic.


I've been working at this mansion since before Miss Marie was born. Seen everything about Mr. Yoshinodou and the family with my own eyes. I know everything that goes on at this mansion!

This mansion

Mr. Yoshinodou called in architects from France to build this mansion! Its style is in the “arnew...” What was it called...? Oh, yeah! The ”arnew vo' style, some fancy imported way of building. Bet you're impressed now, eh?

The family

Mr. Yoshinodou never said too much, but he really cared about his family. I'm sure of that.

Miss Marie

Don't you dare do anything to hurt Miss Marie, you hear me? Miss Marie is a sweet girl. She's so nice, she gets hurt a lot...

Mr. Yoshinodou

Mr. Yoshinodou wanted to live out the rest of his life here in peace. But then you show up, and now look what happened...!

What happened...?

That's right! All those people with their evil plans, gathered together here at the mansion! They're all after the fortune Mr. Yoshinodou built up!

People with evil plans?

You heard me. And you're one of them! Just like those men!

(Those men...? Who does Matsunosuke think has evil plans, I wonder...?)

I'll protect Mr. Yoshinodou's fortune myself! I'm not letting those men get away with nothing!

Those men

Who do you mean by ”those men”?

You figure it out!

(Who are "those men”...?)

Well...Oh...nothing. I shouldn't have said that. It's no business of yours. Just forget about it.

I never expected him to be a police detective, though. I wonder what relationship he and Ihara have to this case?

That marble statue of a woman in the south garden...The red flowers...I wonder what Denemon thought about when he walked through that garden...?