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Part 16: 23rd October 1929 - 11:00.

Well, this is just awful, isn't it? I wonder what's going to happen now? I hope nothing else bad happens...


Two people, dead in this mansion! That‘s pretty awful, wouldn't you say?


Anything else...?

With the situation in this mansion, I get the feeling something else bad is going to happen, that's all...

Get the feeling

It‘s just my sixth sense. It's pretty often right, too.

Something else bad

Something else bad?

Would you be shocked if I said I thought somebody else was going to die...?


I don't know who’s going to die. That’s because I'm not the murderer...

Back to the “Anything” topic.

The situation

Denemon dies and the whole family gets together after such a long time...but they don't even try to talk to each other. And now that this has happened to Takako, it's the same thing. Everybody withdraws into their own shells. I wonder why? It's a strange family...

Come to think of it, there was some trouble between Kanae and Marie about the piano this morning, right? I hear you were there, too.


Kanae told me. She said you probably felt sorry for Marie...said it was because Marie was good at winning people's sympathy.


I don't know why, but Kanae really seems to dislike Marie. I hear they‘ve never gotten along, ever since they were little kids.


I hear Kanae once asked Denemon if she could have that piano, but he flat-out refused.


If you're looking for Kanae, she isn't in the Iris Room. She left, saying she wanted to be alone. She usually wants me to stay right beside her, but all of a sudden, she said she wanted to be alone. Maybe she has a secret...

Right beside her

When I'm with Kanae, she can convince herself that I love her.

To be alone

I like being alone. I used to always be alone...

A secret

A secret?

That's right...Everyone has a secret or two they want to hide. Kanae has secrets, too. I would never pry them out of her. But you just have to know, is that it? Kanae is probably in the Lily Room. That's the room her mother used to use.

Kaidou proceeds to walk away from the Iris Room.

The Back Passage can be accessed either through the door opposite the Poppy Room, or from the stairs on the Back Landing.


I lost something.

Lost something

You lost something?

You wouldn't understand. I'm just looking for a treasure of mine.

Wouldn't understand

You‘ve never lived in this mansion, so you don't have any memories here.


A treasure of yours?

That's right...It was something I loved when I was little.

Something you loved when you were little?

It‘s a doll Father bought me. I thought I left it in this room...Maybe Kikuyo put it away somewhere...


Kikuyo has been working at this mansion ever since Mother came here as a bride. Kikuyo's the only one I trust here.

A doll

Before Marie was born. Father brought it back with him from France for me.


When I was little, Father‘s work was so busy, he was almost always gone.

Back to the “Treasure” conversation.


Mother spent all her time in this room whenever Father was away. I have so many memories of Mother in this room...


Mother was so kind while she was here...



Why should I tell you about Mother and me? I'm starting to get a headache.

Before we leave, we need to get a key from the cabinet Kanae was standing in front of.

The box shown in the vision is in the Lily Anteroom.

Video: A gentle push.


What could it be doing here...?

Maybe Mr. Yoshinodou did it...

Mr. Yoshinodou

Mr. Yoshinodou's death wasn't a peaceful one.

Did it

Mr. Yoshinodou did it...? What do you mean?

Yes, I can feel his presence...ever since Mr. Yoshinodou died...


His presence...?

Yes. I can feel Mr. Yoshinodou's spirit hanging over this mansion...


His spirit...?

That's right.

Can't you hear it, Madam?

I can't hear anything...

I'm sure Mr. Yoshinodou wants you to know, Madam...He wants you to understand his pain...his frustration...


Kikuyo leaves.

Kazuya, I...I think I might have...him...



I might him...I don't know...but maybe...No...I him...

Ayako, what are you talking about? Who do you mean by “him”?

He...said so...

But I...Oh, I just don't know...!

You don't look very well. You'd better go back to your room and rest.

All right...

Hachiya guides Ayako upstairs.

Denemon's mask...Who could have put it here...?

I keep uncovering more and more mysteries...

Who attacked me on the staircase? What is Ayako so frightened of? Kanae has such a strange attitude...