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Part 17: 23rd October 1929 - 12:00.

The Bellflower Room is locked right now, so head back out into the Great Hall and...

Video: Mizuho Takase.

Don't you know who I am?

Who I am


Haven‘t you ever seen me before? People only ever remember the leading actresses, I guess...

I'm Mizuho Takase. Tsuyako is here somewhere, right?


You know, the actress, Tsuyako Sawamatsu. You know who she is, right? Tsuyako is so talented! She can perform any role at all, and so well, too! And she's so attractive...

Tsuyako heard from the president that the chairman had died, so she came here. But when she didn't return this morning, I got worried. That's why I decided to come here, too.

The president

The president and Tsuyako seem to be so close! They have meals together a lot, things like that.

The chairman

I'd never actually met the chairman...

Back to the “Who I am” topic.

Mizuho Takase

Mizuho Takase...?

That's right. Mizuho Takase. Pretty nice name, don't you think? Now I hope you remember it! I’m a new actress, under exclusive contract to New World Cinema. I’m still in training, but I'll be famous before you know it!

A new actress

I only get supporting roles right now, but I'm planning on winning a leading role next year.

Still in training

Right now, I'm studying acting and being an assistant to Tsuyako. Until I became an actress, I'd never assisted anyone with anything, so it's really hard.

New World Cinema

I graduated from the New World Cinema acting school for women, in Asakusa. I hear Denemon fell in love with his second wife at first sight, when she was at that same school.

Oh, Mr. Yoshikawa! Tsuyako never came home. I was starting to get worried...

Not now. Something terrible has happened here!

Something terrible...?

Takako is... She's... dead!

What?! Takako?! I can't believe it! How...? What happened...?

I... I... ah....

Kiyohiko walks off, Mizuho chases after him.

I heard music coming out of this study...

My father... often used to listen to that symphony...

My father

Ever since my father got injured... he stayed holed up in this room...

My father

I respected the man Denemon Yoshinodou as an entrepreneur, but I despised him as a father...

Got injured

My father injured his face five years ago.

His face

That's why he started wearing those strange masks, because of his facial injury.

Five years ago

What happened five years ago?

It was after that great earthquake five years ago...My father was hit by the quake in Asakusa, and disappeared. We looked for him desperately, but we couldn't find him anywhere. And then three days later, he came back to this mansion on his own, with that injury. His face was burned badly...Yes... That's when my father got that horrible burn on the right half of his face.

Back to the beginning of the conversation.

That symphony

My father listened to that sad, gloomy symphony over and over again. Whenever I hear that symphony, I remember my father as he looked then and I feel awful.

As he looked then

The way he looked wearing that mask, and shutting himself up in this room.

I just can't understand why my father shut off everything he'd been about up until that point, started to avoid his family, and closed himself up in this mansion...

Katagiri approaches as soon as Takashi steps into the Great Hall.

His music is filled with suffering and despair – death premonitions.

That music I heard coming from the study... that was Mahler, wasn't it?


Mahler was a Jewish composer, born in an out-of-the-way village in Bohemia. His music is filled with suffering and despair – death premonitions.

Death premonitions

Maybe Denemon Yoshinodou got a premonition of his own death, and that's why he called you here... Or maybe...

A premonition

Even if he did know he was going to die...if his death was fate, there wouldn't have been anything he could've done to avoid it...

His own death

What about you? Have you ever gotten a premonition of your own death?


That's what I think.

This mansion is Denemon Yoshinodou's tomb...

Katagirl looks back over his shoulder, then leaves.

Off to visit Hideya for no apparent reason.

Doing another puzzle?

It's impossible!

Let me take a look.

Nothing happens or is said after you solve the tangram, you have to speak to Hideya to proceed.


Aunt Takako was my dad's little sister. My dad was always really nice to Aunt Takako.

Little sister

Kanae and Marie are my dad's little sisters, too, but their mother was different from my dad's mother.


Kanae never comes to the annex. She says she hates the annex. I wonder why?


I really like Marie. She's really good at playing that piano. But my mom doesn't really like Marie...

Back to the opening topic

Kill herself

That's what that Tsuyako lady said last night, in the dining hall.

The dining hall

That was the first time we all got together here. Except Aunt Ayako wasn’t there...

That Tsuyako lady

Had you ever met Tsuyako before that?

Nope, that was the first time...But...

But...? But what...?

I saw that Tsuyako lady talking to my dad this morning, in front of the Magnolia Room. I don't know why, but my dad looked really upset...

Looked really upset

I’ve never seen my dad look that he was mad and he didn't know what to do...

The Magnolia Room

The Magnolia Room?

The room next to this one. When we used to live here, it was my room.

Oh, really?

Yeah. Hey, Kazuya, did you know there was a fire here?

A fire

A fire? There was a fire here?

Yup. Grandpa told me. Before I was born. This place caught fire, and the annex got burned.

The annex got burned...?

Yeah. But Matsunosuke put out the fire, so the Great Hall didn’t get burned. And then they rebuilt just the annex, Grandpa said.

You did it!


You're pretty good, Kazuya.

Let's play again together sometime, okay?

Takashi leaves.

This is the door to the Magnolia Room.

Off to try find Matsunosuke.

I'm busy! I've gotta take care of the east garden today. Now beat it!

The east garden

The east garden?

You go out the front entrance and it's the garden alongside the annex. Mr. Yoshinodou used to like looking out on that garden from the study...

Mr. Yoshinodou

Mr. Yoshinodou knew all about trees and flowers. He appreciated the finer things, you know.

The annex

Alongside the annex...?

That's right. I once planted a real nice hedge around that annex. But it got taken out when the annex was rebuilt...


It was one of the finest hedges you'd ever hope to see! But Hideo was going to use the annex, and he said he didn't need no hedges.


When the annex was rebuilt...?

You heard me. Actually, there was a fire at this mansion a long time ago, and part of the annex got burned. When Hideo and Youko got married, Mr. Yoshinodou had the annex rebuilt so they could live there.


Hideo hasn't got what it takes to be a leader. He'll never be like Mr. Yoshinodoul


That woman takes absolutely no notice of me!


There was a fire...?

That was when Mr. Yoshinodou was away from the mansion for a long time. In those days, Madam Yurie was using the annex. I found the fire first, and I did everything I could to put it out. I rescued Madam Yurie, who was sick in bed, and Miss Marie--just a baby at the time.


Madam Yurie was a very sensitive woman. That‘s why she was always getting sick. But Madam Yurie's sickness is none of your business. I ain't telling you nothing.


You rescued Marie?

That's right. Miss Marie was a real cute baby. Madam Yurie sure was crazy about her. So I wonder why... such a thing ended up happening...?

(Such a thing? I wonder what Matsunosuke is talking about?)

Miss Marie is such a tenderhearted person... Must be why it happened...But what am I talking to you about Miss Marie for...?

Why it happened

Why it happened? Why what happened...?

Oh... nothing. Just forget about it.

(Why what happened...? What is Matsunosuke talking about...?)


Miss Marie is...Nah, forget it.

But what am I standing around shooting the breeze with you for?

It seems to hold some secrets concerning Kanae and Marie...

What was Hideo talking to Tsuyako about...?