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Glass Rose

by HydroSphere

Part 18: 23rd October 1929 - 13:00.

Actually, I'm...

...looking for something?

That‘s right! How did you know? I lost one of the earrings I borrowed from Tsuyako.


Yes, Tsuyako let me borrow them. If 1 lose one, she's really going to be mad. I'll be in big trouble!

Do you think you could help me look for it?

Mizuho comes running up.

You found it? Oh, thank goodness!

The chairman gave Tsuyako these earrings when she appeared in her first film. They're really important mementos to her! When Tsuyako let me borrow them, this is what she said:

“Wear these, and I bet you'll be a star, too!”

Thank you so much for finding it! Well, I'd better get going.


Marie was looking for me?

Yes, that's right, sir.

Where is Marie now?

Until a little while ago, she was in the Poppy Room on the second floor. She might be somewhere near the west passage or east passages now...All I know is that she certainly seemed to be looking for you, sir.

Off to the East Passage.

Takashi automatically turns his head to look at the door opposite the Orchid Room as soon as you enter the East Passage.

The main door to the Poppy Room is locked right now.

Taking this door in the Poppy Room leads to the West Passage.

Video: The third victim.