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Part 21: 23rd October 1929 - 15:00.

Emi fades away as Mizuho approaches.

Me? No... I, um...

I didn't think you could be. There isn't anybody here!

Mr. Yoshikawa told do all about you. He said your name was Kazuya.


You're Takako's and the others half-brother, right? Tell me about your mother.

I...I don't even remember her...My mother died right after I was born...

Oh, really...What do you do for work?

I'm a reporter for a newspaper publishing company...


My older brother was a newspaper reporter, too. He went along to cover the action during the Great War, but he got killed in the bombing...

The Daily Times

No, the newspaper publishing company I work for is the Tounichi Times...

Oh, really? I'm glad it's not the Daily.

Really? Why?

I'm just glad you don't work for my father's company.

My father

To tell the truth, my family has disowned me. My father didn't want me to be an actress. People think my father is a progressive-minded businessman, but...My father doesn't understand about modern culture or women working at all.

The Daily Times

It’s a newspaper publishing company in Ginza. You must have heard of it.

Back to the original topic.


Mr. Yoshikawa

After taking me to Tsuyako, Mr. Yoshikawa went straight into the Orchid Room.


We were in the Hydrangea Room.


What did you talk to Tsuyako about?

Was going to meet someone

I don't know where she was going to meet this person, or who she was going to meet.

Just said one thing

She said just one thing?

Yes, this is what Tsuyako said:

“Take this key.”

I don't know what the key is for. I thought about telling that police detective, Ihara, but somehow...

I don't know anything about this mansion...or the people in it, either. I just want to find out why Tsuyako was murdered. It might just be my imagination, but you seem different from the others. So that's why--

I told you not to leave your rooms!

I'm going back to my room. I'll be in the Hydrangea Room, okay?

Mizuho leaves.

Another crime... And again you're the one to find the body...Why does this keep happening?!

The body

Tsuyako's body has already been taken away.


People keep getting killed in this mansion. What did you think I meant?


Are you the culprit?

Of course I'm not the culprit!

No...? I don‘t have any proof yet of whether you’re the culprit or not. If I could find a bottle of potassium cyanide or a bloody vase fragment in your'd be an open-and-shut case, though...


Come to the Grape Room at 4:30. Just wait quietly in your room till then.

Ihara stumbles off, with Katagiri following.

What's wrong?

Takashi hands over the handkerchief.

Oh...I was looking for this. Thank you very much.

This handkerchief

This handkerchief is really important to me.

The first present

Those happy days

Back when I used to understand how my husband felt...

Things like this

No matter how unhappy we feel, they make us remember when we were happy...That's the kind of old keepsake I mean.


This handkerchief is my treasure.


Did you ever notice the locket Ayako always carries?


Kikuyo is a hard-working maid. She runs the household so efficiently. I heard she started working at this mansion when Yurie married Father.


She married Father for his money, but...I think she might be a very lonely person...


I've never really had the chance to talk to Ayako. I've never actually seen the locket.

Back to the opening topic.


Where is Hideo?

He isn't here. He left the room a little while ago. I wonder where he could be...? My husband hasn't spoken to Hideya or me since Takako died. No matter what I say, he just stays sullenly silent...


He's so irritable, I can't even approach him...



I'd heard her name before, but I met her for the first time yesterday.


I have no idea who might've killed Tsuyako... But...

But...? But what...?

No...never mind... But it's just... I...

Is something bothering you?

No, no... Nothing like that...It’s nothing... Really...

(What's bothering Youko, I wonder...?)


Youko, if something is bothering you, please tell me.

No... It's nothing... Really...Please just forget the whole thing...

(What could be bothering Youko...?)

It's nothing... Nothing at all...


Why did you let him in here?

Hideo storms off into the Thistle Room. We need to talk to Youko again here, but first...

I just never know what that man is thinking, what he wants...

Takashi and Youko hear something break.

What was that? Could you go and check on my husband for me?


I... hurt my hand... Don't come near me!


A vase broke?

That‘s right. A vase...

I broke a vase, and hurt my hand a little. What of it?

Nothing...It’s just that Youko was worried...

Yes, and what of that? Stay out of our business!

You’ve seen enough. Now get out of this room!

Video: The third puzzle piece.

Off to the Violet Room.



A vase slipped out of his hand and broke, he said.

Oh, I see...

He hurt his hand.

Oh, I see...

Are you going back to your room?

No, I think I'll stay here with Hideya a while longer. Do you mind if I stay here a while, Hideya?

Of course not. Stay as long as you'd like.

Hideya... He talks like such a grownup these days...!

The Magnolia Room

Do you mean the Magnolia Room next to this room?

Yes, that's right. That room had a lot of good memories for us, but we can't go in it now.

You can‘t go in it...? Why not...?

Yurie's mementos

He put away all of Yurie's mementos? Why did he do that?

Kikuyo told me about that. She said Ayako begged Father to do it...

Ayako did...?

I think I can understand how Ayako felt, really.

I think Ayako couldn't stand it anymore...Oh, I'm sorry...I really shouldn't be talking about this in front of Hideya...


He forbade anyone to enter...?

Yes, Father locked the door, and they say no one has been in there since.

Father put the key away somewhere. Even Kikuyo says she doesn't know where it is.

That's all Yokou has to say for now. Time to talk to Hideya.


Come back and play with me again sometime.

My mom

I don't like it when my mom looks sad...

The Magnolia Room.

The cabinet.

The picture.

The table.

Nothing more to do in this room for now.

Hachiya pounces on Takashi as soon as he leaves the Magnolia Room.

Please go back to your room.

Why was Hideo acting so strangely...?

And why...