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Glass Rose

by HydroSphere

Part 22: 23rd October 1929 - 16:00 (Part One.)

Video: Emmy.

I wonder how Marie and Kanae are doing...?

Denemon's Notes for this chapter are available now.

My sixth sense

I get the feeling there might be even more deaths... What do you think?


Kanae is terrified a murder happened right here on the second floor. She went to the Lily Anteroom where Kikuyo is and won't leave her side. And Marie won't leave the Holly Room. Mr. Yoshikawa is in the Orchid Room and Mizuho is in the Hydrangea Room.

Everybody's shut themselves up. I wonder what‘s going to happen now?

Aren‘t you scared?

Aren‘t you...?

Kaidou leaves.

But I'm scared...

What did I do that day...? Tell me, Kikuyo. What did I do?

You didn't do anything. Now you don't have to worry about a single thing!


We can't get into the Lily Anteroom, so we'll work out way down the list, and try Marie.


I thought I was used to being all alone in this house...But now I'm afraid to be alone...

These awful things

Father died, and then Takako died...Now Tsuyako, too... They were all murdered, weren't they? I'm scared!

Marie, did you really see it?


The demon you said was possessing this house...?


Where did you see it? What did the demon look like?

Do we choose to believe Marie's story, or do we think she's mistaken/lying?