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by HydroSphere

Part 23: 23rd October 1929 - 16:00 (Part Two.)


You really did see it, didn't you, Marie? This demon...?

Kazuya...You believe me, don't you!

Accusing Marie of lying causes her to become upset and end the conversation.

Last night

It was after bedtime. And after I saw the demon, Takako died...

A shadowy figure

A shadowy figure?

I heard footsteps on the second floor landing last night. It sounded like you, so I opened the door up quietly, and peeked out...And that's when I saw a figure going down the grand staircase...I think it must've heard me, because it turned around for a second, and looked my way. When I saw it, my heart started pounding! Because it looked like...

(Looked like what...? What did Marie see...?)

What I saw

What did you see...?

I think it was... No... I think it must've been some kind of illusion...Yes, an illusion...

(What did she see..? What did Marie see...?)

The demon

What demon?

When I saw it, I remembered what Father told me long ago. This is what Father said...

“When this demon sneaks into the house, it takes on the shape of someone you love.”

It takes on the shape of someone you love...?

This demon

Father told me he actually saw this demon...

Its eyes

He said this demon has a terrible evil in its heart, so if you look into its eyes, you can recognise it right away...

A terrible light

A terrible light deep in its eyes...?

That shadowy figure... looked like you...

Like me?!

But those eyes...When it turned around and looked at me...

That wasn't you. That wasn't the person that's here with me right now!

Right? Right, Kazuya?

Kazuya! Are you all right?


(My head feels like it's going to split in two!)

Oh, Kazuya!

Takashi walks out, still holding his head.

Mizuho's up next.


No, nothing yet.

Oh, okay. If you find out anything, let me know, all right?

Very insightful and riveting conversation.

Off to see Kiyohiko.

Oh, it's you. I'm glad you're here.

Glad I'm here?

That's right.

Don't tell me... You're looking for something, right?

Yes, that's right. I lost one of my cuff links. I've been looking for it, but I can't seem to find it.

One of your cuff links?

It won't do me much good if I only have one of them. They were my favourite cuff links, too. Do you think you could help me look?

So that's where it was, huh? Thanks a lot!

Takako gave me these cuff links to celebrate me becoming director. Now that I think of it, I was wearing these when...Takako and I came to tell the chairman we wanted to remake “Dolls”. Thanks again!

Oh, it's you. I don't have anything else I want you to help me look for.

Can we talk for a minute? About Tsuyako...?

Sorry, but I want to be alone right now. Finding that cuff link made me start thinking about Takako again... I don't feel like seeing anybody right now. I'll come down to the Great Hall at five o'clock. Why don't we talk then?

Takashi leaves.

Ihara mentioned earlier that he would be in the Grape Room around this time.

We get another Emi sighting on our way.

This is the Grape Room. The door only unlocks after 16:30.

The area music changes when the time reaches half past the hour. The conversation music stays the same though.

Katagiri's in the Bellflower Room. What do you wanna know where Katagiri is for...?


Whatever. What've you been doing?


Whenever you start wandering around, another dead body turns up.

Whenever I wander around...?

That's what I said. Try and tell me I'm wrong. What are you doing all that wandering around for, anyway?

Hidden secrets


An odd guy

I'm odd...?


You just sit there.


I'm waiting for people to die?! Ha ha ha! Well, aren't you the comedian?

Takashi has a point. Right from the word go, Ihara hasn't really shown any interest in investigating.


What do you think I'm looking for?

Denemon's secrets

I don't know, but if I were you...I think if my father called for me and then died before saying anything... I'd have a question or two. ...Like what exactly Denemon Yoshinodou thought about in this mansion...what his worries were...and what he was hiding, let's say.

I'll tell you one thing...

Takashi leaves.

Off to pester Katagiri.

The Magnolia Room

Yurie Yoshinodou

For some reason, all of the women who marry Denemon come to a miserable end...


Nobody kills themselves without a reason...


Nobody in this mansion wants to talk about Yurie's suicide.


I knew. I knew even before I met you... that you'd be coming to this mansion...

This is not helping to make Takashi look any less suspicious.


Mr. Katagiri... I...

(What connection do you have to these murders, Mr. Katagiri...?)

A serial murder case

Do you know something about this case...?


Mr. Katagiri...?


(What does Mr. Katagiri know about this serial murder case...?)

Mr. Katagiri...?


Katagiri proceeds to walk off before Takashi can try to give any sort of answer, leaving us to finally pick up the French Doll.

What did he mean by that?

Who could this man be that Marie said she saw?