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Part 24: 23rd October 1929 - 17:00.

Standing here reminds me of when we arrived at the mansion... Poor Takako...


I was seeing her for a long time. If I hadn't met Takako, I probably would've still been going out with her. As an actress, Tsuyako was...she was very diligent about polishing her acting skills. She had so much charisma on-screen... She started out having to share a dressing room with other actresses, but she worked and worked until she was playing the leading roles...

When New World Cinema decided to feature Takako--the chairman‘s daughter...

And then there was that business about our relationship, too... That's why she had the attitude she did when Takako died... But I never imagined Tsuyako would be murdered...!

Tsuyako was pressing you to continue filming "Dolls," wasn‘t she?

The leading role

Tsuyako was after that role right from the start.

The president's okay

The president‘s okay...?

Yes, it was Hideo who first decided to remake “Dolls“ into a talkie, anyway. Hideo was more enthusiastic than anyone about talking-film production.

I think he was eager to produce talkies because he wanted to prove himself.


That‘s what Mizuho told me.


I wonder if none of this would've happened if we hadn‘t decided to remake “Dolls”...?


Hideo must be just as shaken as I am. I understand how he felt when he was so agitated in the dining hall...

Over there

At the edge of the garden, just beyond the terrace.


Hideo was arguing with Matsunosuke?

Yes, in the south garden, just off the terrace. It looked like they were exchanging some angry words to me... I don't know what they were talking about, though.

People keep dying, and everybody's on edge. I wonder what'll happen next? I just want to get out of this mansion! But if I run away now, they might think I'm the culprit... Man, I'm starting to get a headache... I'll see you. I'm going back to my room.

Kiyohiko walks away.

You, eh?

What were you looking at?

Hmph. Wasn't looking at nothing.

Yup. I'm sure of it...


Of course I don't trust you! How can I?


Tsuyako was murdered. No question about it.

Tsuyako Sawamatsu

You found out I‘m not the one who killed Tsuyako? How do you know?

Because I saw him.


I was doing some work right here in the south garden.

The west passage

If you look up from here, you can see the window in the west passage that goes to the Cotton Rose Room.

A guy in a suit

A guy in a suit?

You heard me. He wasn't wearing work clothes like you.

I don‘t suppose it'll do any good telling you, but that's what I saw. Hmph. That's all I got to say.

Who is this man?

Don't know. Wouldn't tell you, even if I did know!

Why not?



You're obligated to Mr. Yoshinodou?

A man with no family

I ain't got no family. I left them a long time ago.


Well, I am, ain't I? I ain't never gonna be no lovable old grandpa type...

The same village

You and Mr. Yoshinodou come from the same village?

You heard me. Mr. Yoshinodou was looking for a gardener for this mansion. When he interviewed me and found out I was from the same village, he hired me.

The same village, huh?

During the interview, Mr. Yoshinodou was thinking about that village...

That village? What village is it?

I gave up caring about that place a long time ago. No use in talking to you about it now...

(I wonder what village it is...?)


Mr. Yoshinodou was always strict, but he understood people's sorrow.

That old village

That old village, huh?

I guess even a successful man like Mr. Yoshinodou can get nostalgic about a hometown he can't go back to... That must be it. He was just nostalgic, that's all...

(What village was it? What was Denemon remembering...?)

I guess me and Mr. Yoshinodou ain't never going back to that village now... It's far away. That's why I only remember the good things about that village... Mr. Yoshinodou liked to take walks in the evening in the east garden near that statue of a child. I bet he was thinking about the village there...

Here I am, getting into some big long discussion with you again!

Matsunosuke leaves.

Off to the east garden to look at the statue.

Takashi somehow teleported from the statue to the car.


What were you thinking about? I called your name several times, but you didn't answer me at all...

That child statue

Three statues

Three statues?

Two statues of women

Sooth the spirits

His wives died so young, they probably left behind some regrets...I'm sure Denemon understood that...


His wives died so young, and he continued to care for them...It's kind of romantic, really.

Back to the three statues topic.

Statue of a child


I wonder if he had that statue made to soothe someone's spirit, too...?


Kanae says that statue was made before she was born.


Taking a walk

She's been really depressed, so I suggested it. I thought it might make her feel better.

Kaidou, you know that Kanae is hiding something, right? Don't you want to know what it is?

But Kanae doesn't seem to want me to know...

Takashi should really be thankful for Kaidou's aversion to prying into other people's secrets. Kaidou, for some reason, has always questioned if Takashi is really Kazuya; Kaidou could probably make Takashi's life a lot more difficult if he started prying / voicing his suspicions.


Do I really love Kanae? What do you think?


But now's not the time for that.

Kaidou leaves with a wave, and we head off to the north garden.

Father had it made to soothe her spirit after she died...


For me?

You were looking for this, weren't you?

That's Takashi passing the doll over to Kanae.

My doll


I loved this doll. Father brought it back with him for me...

My treasure

This doll was the only one who knew...

The only one who knew...?

Yes. She was the only one who knew how I felt back then...

(Back then...? What is Kanae remembering...?)

How I felt

I don't want to remember how I felt then...!

Back then

Back then...?

Yes, back then...

Kanae, what happened back then?

Nothing... Nothing happened... Please don't ask me about it...

(Back then... What happened "back then"...?)


Are you all right?

No, I don't want to remember...! Why...? Why would Mother... a thing like that...?

(A thing like that...? What is Kanae talking about...?)

A thing like that

Kanae, what happened?

I don't want to talk about it... It wasn't my fault...!


I just want to forget it! Forget everything...!

(What does she mean by “a thing like that"...?)

Nobody understood...


Are you all right?


Mother died... Mother died‘s all that girl's fault!

Could that be what's behind Kanae and Marie not getting along? And what does it have to do with Yurie's death?

Matsunosuke's native village that he mentioned... The same village where Denemon was born... That village might be important.