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Part 34: 24th October 1929 - 09:00 (Part One.)

Video:Ayako's Locket.

What? Last night...?

Don't you remember?

No, I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about...

But Kazuya...


Who do you think is committing them?

I have no idea... Do you know?

Kazuya.... thank you...

Kazuya, maybe I... without even realising it...

Maybe you did what without realising it?

Maybe I let slip my true feelings to you...

Your true feelings...?

(What could Ayako be talking about...?)

My true feelings

(Ayako's true feelings...?)

No, don't pay any attention... It's nothing, really... It's just that when I see your face... I somehow feel like you see right into my heart... Kazuya, maybe you're...?

Kazuya...Do you know about the mask...? Do you know why he started wearing it...?

Will care for Madam

Ayako seems exhausted.

To me

I’m afraid you don‘t know anything about this family. Please don't meddle in our affairs...


But Ayako is --

Kazuya, please leave Madam to--

Hachiya, Kazuya and I have important things to talk about. Please wait next door...


Hachiya bows and leaves.

Kazuya, you think I'm mentally unstable, don't you...?


Something wrong

Something wrong with you? No! I...

No, that's all right. It's probably true...

Sometimes I think my heart's just ready to fall to pieces...


I truly understand how Marie feels... That girl is lonely.

Nobody likes to be alone... Everybody wants somebody to understand them--their true self...

Everybody in this mansion hates me... Nobody ever tries to talk to me...Nobody ever even looks at me... I wonder why you're so kind to me...?


Takashi turns and leaves.



No, nothing.

I see...

Whatever Madam says

Disregard whatever she says...?

Yes, please just consider everything Madam says as nonsense.

How did Ayako get that way?

I'm afraid I can't share that information with you, sir. Please just leave Madam's care to me.


Marie walks off.

You can actually pick the ring up back in chapter one.

Video: Marie by the window.

What's the matter, Marie?


What were you looking at?

Aren't you mad at me?

Why would I be?


What were you looking at?

Just the garden from the window...


Your father used to look out this window?


After he injured his face...?


I know Father started wearing a mask to hide his burn... but I don't think that was the only reason...


Marie, how did you feel about your father?


Mother loved Father very much. That's why she couldn't stand to see Father withdraw from her...


Why did Father close himself off in the study every night? What did he think about in there?

What were you doing in the study last night, Marie?

I... I was looking for my treasure...

Looking for your treasure?

But it wasn't in there. Father probably threw it away a long time ago...

(I wonder what Marie's treasure is...?)


(What could Marie's treasure be...?)

That treasure really was--.

I have to go, Kazuya.

Marie leaves.

That Marie...

I can't stand it. That girl is starting to look more and more like Mother.

About Denemon.

About Father...? What did Marie say?

She said your father never understood how she or your mother felt.

How I feel

How you feel...?


I wonder if Marie and I would've gotten along if Mother had lived...?


You remember your mother when you look at Marie?


Marie looked just like Mother. That's why Mother loved her so much...


Mother was really young when she and Father got married, and then I was born right away.

That's when Mother quit her acting career.


Kikuyo says it's not my fault, but Mother said it was because I was born... But it wasn't my fault...!

Mother's dreams.

Mother hired Kikuyo, thinking she could take care of me while Mother went back to acting. But Father wouldn't let Mother go back.

Back to the Marie topic.


Yurie took Marie to the annex... And that annex caught fire, right?

Kazuya... You know, don't you... You know what I did when I was a child...

What did you do?

I don't want to say...

(What did Kanae do...?)

When I was a child

I was always so lonely. Marie took Mother away from me.

What I did

Kanae, what did you do...?

The horrible thing

Kanae... Did you set the annex on fire...?

...I thought if Marie would go away, Mother would pay more attention to me...But it didn't work...

When it happened, Marie was the only one Mother was worried about...


Why was Marie the only one Mother loved...?


I wanted Mother to love me, too...

That awful thing

(What does she mean by “that awful thing”...?)

That's right. Marie was the one that sent Mother to her death...

Marie looks like a lonely girl, but actually, she does the most horrible things...! Just take a look at that jewellery box in the Holly Room. You'll soon find out just what kind of girl she is!

I just can't forgive Marie!

Kanae leaves.