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Part 35: 24th October 1929 - 09:00 (Part Two.)

Oh, Kazuya!

Oh, it's you.

No, not yet...

Oh, okay...


Thinking about something...?


Kaidou, huh?

The “Dolls” script

Kaidou took the “Dolls” script...?


About Takako?

I don't know what he was talking about. Why don't you ask Kaidou? I think he's in the Iris Room.

And Kazuya, another thing...I've just been talking to Mr. Yoshikawa here. I asked him if he could remember anything—anything at all—that would help solve these murders.

No, I've been trying to think ever since Mizuho asked me, but I'm so upset, I just can't concentrate...

Everybody around us


The chairman

Can you think of anything else about Denemon?

Hmm... I feel like there's something... Something just out of reach in my memory...

Oh, it's you.

What were you thinking about?

Oh, about the future.

The future?

That's right. About the future...

The film industry

My father loved films. I guess that's probably why I chose this career...

Silent film narrator

Are you going to continue on as a silent film narrator?

Yes, well, I'm going to try. I don't know how it‘ll go, though.

New World Cinema

The chairman is gone... Hideo is dead, too... I don't know what‘s going to happen to New World Cinema now. I'll just keep hanging in as a silent film narrator for as long as I can...

Silent films

You were reading the "Dolls" script?

Was curious about

You were curious about somebody?

The scriptwriter, Ippei Kaibara.

The scriptwriter

“Dolls” was his masterpiece.

Ippei Kaibara

Ippei Kaibara, huh...?

I don't know why, but his name is blacked out on the script.


Kazuya, what do you thlnk Denemon thought about, shut up in this mansion? I think Denemon thought about nothing but the end of his life once he started holing up in here...

The end of his life...?

A future

That‘s right. Denemon didn't have a future anymore...


Kazuya, I might not marry Kanae after all.


Kaidou did all but admit he doesn't love Kanae earlier.

I’m thinking about breaking off my engagement to Kanae...

Kazuya, you certainly are a mysterious fellow, aren't you.


When I'm with you, I find myself telling you things that I was keeping secret. I wonder why?

Takashi leaves.

What were you and Kaidou talking about?

What were you and Kaidou talking about?




Believe me, I know how Kaidou feels about me...


What Kaidou is thinking...?

I bet he's thinking about breaking off our engagement...


Kaidou is the first man I've ever loved...

Fulfilled his reason

I suppose Kaidou has already found out all he needs to know about this family.

His reason

When Kaidou and I got engaged, he said to me eagerly that he wanted to come to this mansion and meet Father. I've had a strange feeling ever since. But I didn't want to admit it, so I pretended like I didn't notice... But it looks like Kikuyo noticed a long time ago...


Kikuyo can always see right through me. She was worried about me, so she stayed with me until a little while ago. But when she noticed you coming out of the Iris Room, she headed off towards the back passage. She said she was going to clean up the second floor storage room.

It's empty, even though we just saw Kikuyo enter.

Ayako's troubled expression, Kaidou's story, that seems so important...What do they all mean?

Kikuyo disappeared into the storage room. Where did she go?