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Part 42: 24th October 1929 - 15:00.

Hey, this room brings back memories!

This room brings back memories...? What do you mean?


Denemon knows my father. Actually, I wanted to get into film production, too, when I was young... My father asked Denemon and I even trained under him for a while...

Student Houseboy

You were a student houseboy in this mansion?

A Publishing Company

I run a publishing company called ”Starlight Publishing.” in Ginza.


In those days, Denemon was making his way in the film industry, burning with many lofty ideals. He was strict, but I was always deeply impressed by him.

That training period

I owe what I am today to what I learned then. I truly believe that.


In those days...?

Yes, in those days, Hachiya. Kikuyo and Matsunosuke weren't even here yet. I remember when you were born very well.

What?! You remember when I was born...?

Kazuya wasn't an illegitimate child at all.


Denemon couldn't have been happier when you were born.

You two twins

Did you say “twins”?!

What, didn‘t you know?

You may have noticed, no one ever mentions Takako's age in relation to Kazuya's. We're told that Kazuya is younger than Hideo (the eldest child), and older than Kanae (the third oldest child), but we were never told if Kazuya is older or younger than Takako.


So I guess Takako didn't know about this, either...

It's possible that Hideo knew that Takako and Kazuya are twins (he mentions remembering Takako as a quiet baby in one of his diaries), which may have been part of the reason Hideo was always so hostile to Takashi.


I disappeared...?

All of a sudden, no one could find you...The house was in an uproar... Denemon and Hisako looked for you frantically. But they never found you. Denemon and Hisako were devastated... So when I heard from Denemon that he had found you, I was really surprised and very happy for all of you.


That must've been his biggest regret--not getting to see you again...

Denemon and I have only been exchanging letters these past five years.

Really true

Hachiya told me about it. By the way, doesn't something seem a little odd about Hachiya...?

A Mask

Yes, this mask, right?

So Denemon was wearing this mask to hide the scar on his face, huh...?

Come to think of it... looking at this mask, I remember something Denemon told me once.

Something Denemon told you...?

I don't remember exactly when, but he said, “I wear a mask over my heart. I suppose it'll be that way till I die...” I wonder what he meant by that...?

He wore a mask over his heart, huh...?

I can't even begin to imagine what Denemon meant by those words.

The Will


Actually, I gave the will to Hachiya a little while ago... You must be anxious to know, so I wanted to tell you myself. This is what Denemon's will says:

I leave all of my assets to my wife, Ayako. If for any reason Ayako is unable to receive them, I leave all of my assets to... my son, Kazuya Nanase.

That's what it says. But... Well, to get right down to it... About your inheritance from Denemon... Three years ago, Denemon converted almost all of it to stocks. And I'm sure you know about the recent decline in the stock market... In short, I'm afraid most of Denemon's assets are now nothing but worthless paper. I'm really sorry...

Given that Ayako is still able to receive Denemon's assets, Kazuya doesn't actually have an inheritance. Incidentally, 24th October 1929 (the current in-game date) was the date of “Black Thursday” the first day of a four day stock market crash in the US that lead to the Great Depression.

Well, I'll be going. Now I wonder where Tae wandered off to? If you see her, would you tell her I'll be waiting in the Bellflower Room?

Jungo leaves.

Video: Denemon's Plea.

It's a little hard to see, but the second picture shows death cat, walking off down the hall.

Kikuyo is swaying backwards and forwards.


For some reason, you can't read Kikuyo's thoughts here.

Are you all right?

This mansion now

What do you think will happen, Kikuyo?



I've... lived out my life... in this mansion... I've come through a lot, living my life out in this mansion... But now all those things I thought were important, things I tried to protect...

Kikuyo leaves.


So you're Mr. Ogasawara's secretary...?

This mansion now

How long have you been working for Mr. Ogasawara?

Hee hee hee!

Did I say something funny?

I’m surprised people actually believe I really am Jungo's secretary!

Why wouldn't they?

Do I really look like the secretary type?


A fashion model

A fashion model and sales girl?

Yes, that's right. I model the new clothes for the customers in a Ginza department store. Sometimes they even have me standing in the show window!


Cafe Pergola

Cafe Pergola?

Jungo and I once went to Pergola.

You did?

Look, we went to Pergola because Mr. Yoshinodou asked Jungo to. He asked Jungo to find out about a man there, named “Katagiri”.

What kind of man Mr. Katagiri was, huh...?

I always wanted to see what people who lived in a mansion like this were like. That's why I came with Jungo. But everybody here looks so lonely. I wonder why? Bye bye now!

Tae leaves.

Well, actually, I have a little problem... I seem to have lost something...

You lost something?

Yes, I thought I put it in my jacket pocket, but now I can't find it... It's my lighter...

Your lighter...? What does it look like?

It's a trench lighter.

A trench lighter...?

It has a screw-on cap and it's on a chain. Could you help me look for it?

(Ah! Here it is!)

So that's where it was, huh? Thank you very much. You really helped me out!

Ever seen one of these things before? It's called a “trench lighter” because of the trenches in war. They say it was first made in the trenches out of an empty cartridge case. It's got a chain to make it easier for injured soldiers to use with one hand. They say they used to attach the chain to a belt loop.

Wow, you really know a lot about it, don't you!

Well, actually, it was Denemon who told me all that. Denemon shot films on the battlefront and travelled abroad at a young age... He's had a lot of interesting experiences. I liked listening to him. If he had lived, I bet he would have had all kinds of things to tell you, too... Gee, talking about Denemon is making me feel really sad... Your whole family and the senior employees must all be deeply saddened by this sudden loss of the head of the family.

Is Jungo unaware that Takako and Hideo are also dead?

I just saw that gardener fellow, Matsunosuke... He seemed really downhearted...

If you see Tae, could you tell her I'm waiting here?

Takashi leaves.