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Part 48: 24th October 1929 - 20:00.

Off to try get in the Rose Room.

There isn't really anything to point you in that direction, but we need to go to the Holly Room now to progress.


Now I think about it, I realise Marie and I have never really talked...

And... I wanted to leave Kaidou alone... He's in the Iris Room.

I'm not really sure if I can understand Marie after all this time... But it certainly has to be better than not talking at all, right?


You two, stop looking at me that way! Now I'm embarrassed... Kazuya, Marie has something to tell you.


I found this inside that music box.

Dear Father,

I am really happy and grateful that you are going to grant my request and let me come back to the dear old mansion. How lucky it was for both of us that you recognised my mark on the night of that great earthquake! We must have been destined to meet again...

(“Grant my request”...? “Let me come back to the mansion”...? This must be a letter Kazuya Nanase wrote to Denemon...)

Kaidou, why did Kikuyo come to this mansion?

Why did the woman who wrecked her and her husband's life die...? I suppose that's what she wanted to find out.

Getting revenge

Getting revenge on her husband...?

That's right. By entering the house where the woman he loved used to live, and finding out everything there was to know about the mansion and family... I suppose she thought of Yurie as a kind of substitute for herself... That's why she was so fascinated...

Kikuyo knows who you are, doesn't she?

I'm not sure. I haven't really talked to her yet... but she can't start over now. She can only exist in this mansion...

We saw Kikuyo disappear in this room a while ago.

That was the last piece of paper needed. We now have the whole paper.

Video: The secret room.