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Part 52: 24th October 1929 - 23:00.

Video: Kazuya Nanase.

I don't see the resemblance.

Feeling...pain? Ha ha ha!

What's so...funny...?

I'm laughing 'cause I'm having fun!

You love... to watch people die...?

This situation

A couple of murders in this mansion... and the whole family goes to pieces! Ha ha ha!

This stupid mansion

So you've been hiding... in this hidden room... all along, huh?

Denemon put me in here. Denemon brought me into this mansion. And he only told that vacant Ayako about me.


You call your own father...a fool...?

Yeah, all people who let me fool them are fools!

Both Takashi and Kazuya spend this whole conversation vaguely waving their arms about.

I've never had as much fun as I did that night!

The victims were all confused and running around in a panic. I used that as a cover, and killed a whole bunch of them myself! Heh heh!

You killed a whole bunch of people...?!

Yeah, a whole bunch... I dunno, scores of people... They were all scared of the earthquake, and running around...

Just shut up! What kind of monster...are you?!

That's what Denemon said, too...

His son

Denemon knew I had this mark when I was kidnapped. Man, I bet he was glad to see me go! That's why he never really tried to find me.

I bet he was hoping I'd die by the roadside somewhere and just disappear from the face of the earth!

In his way, Kazuya is a victim as well. Denemon chose death over murderous insanity, but Kazuya was denied any kind of choice.

But unfortunately for him, I didn't die.


The mark on your hand...?

That's right. This butterfly mark tied me and Denemon together once again!

Butterfly mark...?

There are two words we can ask Kazuya about here; whichever one we ask about will determine the ending we get.