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Part 54: Ending Redux.


Yeah, the fool...

You think being afraid of going foolish...?

And then he lived his whole life after that, always afraid he was going to suddenly go mad just like his father.


You're wrong... Denemon wasn't afraid of you. He was afraid of his own destiny, and he cursed it. Denemon was deeply saddened by his own destiny. And so, in order to change that ill-fated destiny he faced... he called you here to this mansion. But you knew what he had planned...

And I made it so my beloved father... wouldn't have to shiver and tremble at his own cursed destiny anymore! I helped him out, in fact.

I don't have any demon whispering in my ear telling me to kill... I am the demon!

Between Kazuya being abandoned and left to go insane, and the implication that Kazuya is still capable of feeling some type of love even now, there really was a lot of wasted potential for him.

Video: The cycle begins anew.

Video: Credits.

Well, that wasn't really much of a better ending.