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Part 1: Update #1 Stage 1-1

Update #1


Stage 1-1 The Beginning

You really should check the following before watching the first episode:

Easy, Normal and Hard difficulty differences

So since I'm playing on Hard, I might as well explain how to unlock it. Simple, beat the game once on Normal difficulty.

On Hard, the Roulette Wheel stock is limited to 4 Roulette Orbs, enemies have 20% more HP than on Normal, they are faster, more prone to dodge your hits, are resistant to instant-launch attacks, their blocking stance is shorter meaning less time to land a Guard Breaker, and you can't use ☆GROVEL☆ a roulette move that lets you go back to difficulty level 1.

-Tutorial - Controls overview (text)
Basic overview of the controls, guard break, stun status, counter hits, etc.

-How to get good at God Hand (video)
Same as above but in video format, in which I address the basic controls, movement options, dodging, cancels, counter-hits, enemy stun and dizzy status, crowd controls and various tips and tricks. You really should watch this video before starting the let's play or else you'll have no idea what I'm doing.

-Default moveset deconstruction (text)
The default moveset has all the tools you need to beat the game! It is totally possible to beat God Hand with the default moveset only. Your attacks deal no damage whatsoever in the later stages, but you can do it with enough perseverance and lack of social life. People call it a No Upgrade run or Stock run.