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Part 2: Update #2 Launching a dead dude into another dude

Update #2

Let's have a look at the map from the first level.

Level 1-1 map


"Reinforcements" are scripted enemy spawn points, you need to fulfill certain requirements first for more bad guys to appear in specific areas of a level.

In 1-1 for the main door to open, the requirements are:
-Killing the demon in the saloon (mandatory)
-Beating the crap out of at least 10 bad guys

Launching a dead dude into another dude

There's something I've been doing in the first video that I'd like to explain. I don't have a name for this "technique," but basically you can launch a dead dude in another dude's face. Click on the link to watch the video then come back.

How it work:
-Launch a DEAD enemy in the air, at Air Launch Kick height
-Open Roulette Wheel (R1) to target nearest enemy
-Perform Air Launch Kick (↑+△)

When an enemy is considered dead, with no HP left, you cannot target him anymore by opening the Roulette Wheel, you will target the nearest guy instead. Now if you send the dead dude at Air Launch Kick height (either using La Bomba, a Juggle move like Charged Punch in the picture and first episode, or a charged Axe Kick like in the video, etc.), the game still recognizes his/her "airborne" hitbox and you can perform an Air Launch Kick (or Shoryuken) and send him flying right into another guy's face. It looks pretty awesome and is pretty fun to do.

I found that out by accident. What I was actually doing in the video was opening the Roulette Wheel to lock-on the other guy, but then I was mashing both Triangle to close the wheel and ↑ ↑ on the left stick to dash and the game recognized the Air Launch Kick input and performed it anyway. Actually, pretty much 80% of the stuff me and my buddy Alps found in God Hand were accidents, where Alps told me to check something specific but then I ended up experimenting a bit more and here we are. More on that later.