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Part 3: Update #3 Stage 1-2

Update #3

Stage 1-2 My Right Arm The God Hand
Fairy Challenge fight song is Galaxy Remix (More Strobe Action) from Space Channel 5: Part 2

Moveset used:

KMS Stage 1-2

The true KMS run starts here. As seen in the first cutscene (if you didn't skip it), Olivia puts a paper on Gene's back as a joke. Activating the God Hand or using a Roulette Move will remove the sign. Beating the game with the KMS still on is a famous challenge amongst God Hand players, and there is actually a reward for doing so - upon completion of the game, you will receive one out of 4 Jukebox CDs.

This KMS playthrough is played on a fresh Hard difficulty save, fresh meaning I'm starting the game from scratch, and it is pure raw (kickass) gameplay with no commentary but with custom soundtrack. Songs used will always be in the video description.

Level 1-2 map


Head Slicer

The Head Slicer roulette move comes with a twist: it can decapitate bad guys. In order to get the decapitation effect, the enemy you're facing as to be low on HP and you have to be up-close to him. The head popping out was removed from the JP version of the game since Japan is pretty anal about gore stuff. Personally, I don't think gratuitous gore fits the slapstick violence theme of God Hand.

Fairy Challenges Rewards

You get different rewards upon completion of fairy challenges depending on your difficulty level (not Difficulty period, but difficulty level, i.e. lvl 1, 2, 3 and DIE.)

Fairy Challenge #1
Objective: "Annihilate all of the enemies before time runs out."

Time limit: 2:00

level 1: 5000 G
level 2: 7500 G
level 3: 10,000 G
level DIE: 20,000 G