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by mkob

Part 4: Update #4 Stage 1-3 + Infinite weapon durability bug

Update #4

Stage 1-3 A Poison Chihuahua?!

KMS 1-3

Moveset used:



JP & NA version differences

Right at the beginning of the level, the name of the saloon is different in the JP/NA versions:

Dragon Kick

Our first roulette move reward, the infamous Dragon Kick that literally sends people into the Milky Way (Milky Way)

Fairy Challenge #2

"Destroy the car before time runs out."
Time limit: 1:00

Might be a nod to old Capcom arcade games such as Final Fight and Street Fighter.

Infinite weapon durability

Weapons don't lose durability when hitting an enemy with a heavy/light weapon attack at the same time as a breakable object. "Breakable objects" includes EVERY objects in a level that break in one hit, like chairs, doors, boxes, wooden railings, etc. In stage 1-1 with the wooden 2x4, I managed to do 14 heavy attacks in a row (the maximum durability of Heavy attacks you can do with the 2x4 is 4.)

2x4 wooden beam:

Weapons caption

I have no idea what any of this means. Something about the damage dealt from a light attack, heavy attack, throw attack, and the weapon's durability probably.

2x4 durability