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Part 5: Update #5 Stage 1-4 Gold & Silver boss fight

Update #5

Stage 1-4 Secret Warehouse Carnival

KMS 1-4
Must see for counter-hits galore and awesome music

Moveset used:



Enemy caption

Gold & Silver (boss)

G&S's "Whip it good" taunt might be a nod to "Whip It", a 1980 single by the American new wave band Devo.

Stage 1 enemies
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For whatever reason, "Demons" are called "Evil Spirits" in the JP version.

How the out-of-bounds glitch works (I think)

This glitch has something to do with how God Hand handles loading. When you first start a level or restart from a checkpoint, the level geometry is loaded first then Gene's model hitbox second, so technically, Gene doesn't exist for a couple of ingame seconds until everything else is loaded properly. You can even make use of this glitch in different areas of the game (not the out-of-bounds glitch, the "no hitbox" thing), since like I said, it happens every time you load a stage. For example, during the very first stage of the game, if you walk up to the two enemies in front of you and start charging a Charged Punch, the game doesn't consider you inside the level (yet) and the two enemies won't be able to damage you up until you release the Charged Punch (this glitch has something to do with a totally different glitch called invincibility-frames extension, I will address it later, though.)

So anyway, when you exit Gold and Silver's warehouse and start holding down + right on the Left stick, Gene can go through the level geometry since his model isn't "here" and you can do a bit of exploring in stage 1-3. The glitch is almost always guaranteed to happen if the HUD appears on a black screen. Go ahead and pause the video at 7:05 and play it at 0.5x speed and see for yourself:

You can re-enter the level anywhere, the enemies you didn't take care of will still be here, same with the items you didn't pickup and you can even enter stage 1-4 again by exiting 1-3 normally via the door guarded by the fatty and fight G&S again.

As far as I know, there are only 3 instances of out-of-bounds throughout the entire game and I will obviously cover them when the time comes (second OOB being in stage 2, third being in stage 4.)