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by mkob

Part 7: Update #7 Stage 1-5

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Update #7

Stage 1-5 Sneak Into Elvis's Crib!

Correction: time code 5:00
The roulette wheel slow motion only affects the demons lunge attacks (green and spike demons') but it doesn't stop the fatties e. honda headbutt and the other lunges from the different fatty types. It simply looks like an oversight/exploit and not an actual feature by the designers.

KMS 1-5

Moveset used:



Enemy spawns difference in room of death:

Level 1, 2 and 3:
Wave 1: basic thugs x2
Wave 2: basic thugs x3
Wave 3: midgets x4
Wave 4: Elite thugs x2

Level DIE:
Wave 1: basic thugs x3
Wave 2: basic thugs x2 + fatty x1
Wave 3: midgets x8
Wave 4: Elite thugs x3