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Part 8: Update #8 Stage 1-6 Elvis boss fight #1

^^^^ Thanks for the translation

Update #8

Stage 1-6 - Who's The Boss? Elvis!

KMS 1-6 (featuring Female Freddy Krueger)

Moveset used:

Map + Elvis' character sheet

"You can wax on, wax off all you like, I'm still... kicking your ass."
Possible nod to a quote by Miyagi-sensei from the movie The Karate Kid. (click to watch movie clip)

Yes Man Kablaam

aka "Presidential Punch" in Japanese.

A slow punch with an awful startup and recovery animation. This move is only good for gaining a LOT of God Hand meter back by hitting enemies with it. The best way to connect YMK is to guard break or stun an enemy first and then strike with YMK.

Techniques caption

Stage 1 Clear results

At the end of each stage, there will be a short overview of your performance. Depending on how you did, you may be rewarded with more or less gold.

Clear Time will not count towards any gold reward. The Continues you took trying to beat a stage however will greatly affect the gold reward:

No death: 50,000G
1-3 deaths: 30,000G
4-9 deaths: 10,000G
10-15 deaths: 5000G
16+ deaths: a box of fucking nothing

The Slain Villagers count takes into notice how many villagers were not kept alive to the end of a stage, and will subtract 3000G from your total gold reward per dead villager.

As for Enemy Slain, depending on how many enemies you beat on which level, you will get a different amount of gold. The count for enemies you've defeated also carry over your deaths (note: whatever gold or new techniques you acquire between deaths on the field will carry over to your retries.)

This should be a no-brainer, but GOLD is the currency in God Hand that lets you buy new moves and upgrades at the shop as well as gamble at the Casino and Chihuahua races (will address this later.)

Stage 1 Roulette Moves sheet:

Roulette Moves captions