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Part 13: Update #13 How to use moves with long startup animations

McKilligan posted:

I also love whatever that 6-inch punch was at 0:56 that just sends dudes flying.

Funny you mention that because there's a roulette move in the game called "One Inch Punch", the technique I used at 0:56 is called "Fist of Justice".

Since we"re on this subject I want to address something regarding moves with long startup animations.

Update #13

The best way to use moves with long startup animations

Many moves in God Hand use long wind-up animations and you might be wondering how the hell are you even supposed to use them, especially on Hard difficulty where enemies are so fast to react and counter you. Well there's a trick to it. How about after a successful guard break?

Fist of Justice

Notice how after a guard break, the opponent stands still and open for a couple seconds. This gives you plenty of time to land any move, more importantly fully charged moves (e.g. fist of justice, charged punch, invincible fist, etc.)

The next hits you'll land on a guard break'd enemy will count as counter-hits, your attacks will do more damage and enemies will be instantly affected by the property of the moves used (using High Side Kick or Forearm Smash after a guard break will launch the enemy, a quick Charged Punch will instantly lift him/her high up at Air Launch Kick height, as if Charged Punch was fully charged, etc.)

I'm mentioning this because on DIE level difficulty, enemies aren't affected by instant-launch attacks like on level difficulty 1, 2 and 3. Knowing how counter-hits work and each moves property is crucial on Hard -- or you could turn your brain off and spam Drunken Twist instead, this works too if you need to beat the game but it's not as satisfying and makes you look like a scrub.

Note: remember to always cancel the guard break recovery animation (after the guard breaker connects) with a sidestep, backflip or up-dodge.

Charged Punch

Yes Man Kablaam

Forearm Smash

Barrel Roll Kick

Palm Smash

Haymaker 2

Invincible Fist