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God Hand

by mkob

Part 14: Update #14 Stage 2-3

gigglefeimer posted:

In addition to what mkob said, I seem to remember that enemies recover their stun counter over time, i.e. throwing a jab once a minute for half an hour is never going to stun them. I could be wrong on that, though

Yup, that's how it works.

Update #14

Stage 2-3 Giant Enemy Crane (kicks only)

KMS 2-3 (feat. cartoon SFX)

Moveset used:

Moveset used in KMS video:

Face buttons:
Charged Punch
Right Roundhouse
Left Roundhouse
High Kick
Mule Kick

Square slots:
I have no idea



New Enemies

Combat Adjudicators

A Combat Adjudicator is a special statue which appears in Devil May Cry 3 and Devil May Cry 4. It rates the stylishness of the attacks upon it, and once the player reaches a specific Style Rank, signified by the number of lit flames on the statue, the statue will break and reward the player with a Blue Orb Fragment.


Enemy pathfinding freakout taken from a video by my buddy Alps
Sony's Embarrassing E3 2006 Press Conference