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Part 19: Update #19 Sidestep-cancelling aka Table Hopper

Update #19


aka Nero's Table Hopper from Devil May Cry 4

"While holding the lock-on button, press left/right on the left stick and the Jump button to evade an enemy attack at the last moment with a slight movement of the body, allowing for easier counter-attacks. Must be purchased with Red Orbs. After upgrading Table Hopper further you can press left/right and the Jump button again after a successful Table Hopper to expand its abilities and maneuver by further evading in any direction."

This trick is way easier to pull off in God Hand since it doesn't require "frame perfect" inputs like Table Hopper. Here you just repeatedly cancel the startup animation of a move by mashing right and left on the Right stick.

(face button) + sidestep left or right + (face button) + sidestep left or right + (face button), etc. repeat ad infinitum

The trick works with any cancellable moves. Only downside is that you're vulnerable during the very last few frames of recovery animation after a sidestep, meaning there's a chance you'll get hit anyway when sidestep-cancelling. If you keep mashing in the same direction, you'll circle around an enemy. When there's no enemies around, you'll sidestep at the speed of light.