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God Hand

by mkob

Part 24: Update #24 Stage 3-1

Zeikier posted:

Tangentially related, but way back I was doing a challenge run of Pokemon LeafGreen, and when I got to Brock I decided to do the comic entry a la God Hand. Then I realized how awkward it is doing human poses with a character whose face is their body.

Hey that's cute.

Hbomberguy posted:

hardcoreviolenceshow's run of god hand is pretty solid and funny 3/10

Thanks for recommending it mkob!

Yeah he's cool, make sure to check out his other god hand videos.

Update #24


Join us for Masochysteria!
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Beginners more than welcome!

Cirque du sadique Ringmaster

Video might be blocked in certain countries because youtube is dumb with their copyright stuff

Stage 3-1 An Adult Playground
Stage 3-1 KMS

Moveset used:

Moveset used in KMS video:
Square moveset:
Jab, Straight, Short Uppercut, Chin Music, etc. the usual

Face buttons:
Charged Punch
High Cross Kick
Forearm Smash 1
Spinning Backfist