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God Hand

by mkob

Part 30: Update #30 Stage 4-1 to 4-4 + Evil 3 Stooges boss fight #2

Update #30

I hope you guys have seen Wild Wild West

Stage 4-1 to 4-4

Stage 4-1 The Kilo-Crab
Stage 4-2 Robots on Parade!
Stage 4-3 Kissing A Hot Chick
Stage 4-4 Seriously, We Want The God Hand


New enemies

The way they named enemies in the guidebook is pretty funny. "Mechanism Woman/Man" (followed by the color of their outfit), "Goggle Woman", "Bandana Woman" and "Zebra Woman". All self-explanatory but still really Engrish.

e: never noticed that before but there's a typo in the game when examining the villager in the tube test thingy: "Trapped by demons for their own SADISITIC pleasures-a-go-go."