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Part 31: Update #31 Juggle system rundown

Concordat posted:

I may be mistaken, but I think Mr.Red Robot is the first enemy to counter your counter suplex, requiring you to perform a counter-counter suplex

I'm not familiar with these Elite red robots that much, you only get to fight two or three of them in the entire game, so I've no idea if they can counter your suplex or not. Enemies start countering suplex prompts randomly I think from stage 5 or 6 until the end of the game.

Update #31

Juggle moves

Let's have a rundown of the juggle system in the game

In every god hand video I look on youtube, people seem to completely ignore juggle moves. Juggles are insanely good for crowd control as they will send enemies at the right height for an air launch kick or dragon punch follow-up. On Normal difficulty of course you can make do without them and beat the game no problem but when it comes to Hard difficulty, you really should use juggles since there's no reason not to, especially if you're attempting a KMS run (no god hand, no roulettes allowed.)

There's two types of juggle property:

-You send a dude above Gene's head;
-You send a dude in front of Gene's face;

On the left, yellow line is in front of Gene's face;
On the right, red square is above Gene's head;

Above head height juggle

Flying Knee

The following moves will lift dudes above Gene's head at the right height for an Air Launch Kick or Dragon Punch. Perfect for crowd control: launching dudes into other dudes to give you a breather and deal damage to them.

Double Snap Kick is the only juggle move in the entire game that will instantly send Elites at air launch kick height (not counting a quick charged punch counter-hit of course). For Fatties, two quick charged punch while they're stunned will do the trick (as seen throughout the let's play). I think two quick charged punch is enough against midgets as well. As for mooks, any of the following juggles will work. List of the moves:

-Rocket Uppercut;
-Half Moon Kick (costs an arm but looks cool);
-Flying Knee (can home-in on enemies, pretty nifty);
-Mule Kick (god awful recovery animation, not safe at all);
-Flying Triple (is a multi-hit move so dudes might dodge it);
-Somersault (same as Mule Kick, just terrible but looks cool);
-Double Snap Kick (only raw juggle that can send Elites type at Air Launch Kick height);
-Hand Plant Kick (has an "Evade High Attack" property during the first half of the animation, pretty broken);
-La Bomba (roulette move). Works as an Area of Effect attack, will send dudes in the air and lets you buffer air launch kick/shoryuken. Side note: you can cancel its recovery animation;

Double Snap Kick OP

Then there's Charged Punch that lets you send mooks and elites in the air but only when any of these specifics are met:

-Land a fully charged Charged Punch;
-Land a quick Charged Punch counter-hit;
-Land a quick Charged Punch after a successful guard break;
-Land a Charged Punch (fully charged or not) against a stunned enemy (except fatties, you need two quick charged punch);

And finally two moves I almost forgot, Axe Kick and its Kick follow-up:

-Against a downed enemy, press Up + Triangle to perform an Axe kick. When fully charged, it will send enemies above Gene's head. If not charged, it will send them at torso level;
-The kick follow-up (press Triangle after Axe Kick) will send a baddie above Gene's head;

Above torso height juggle

Quick Charged Punch

The following moves will lift enemies at torso height/in front of Gene's face. Doing a quick Charged Punch + kick/launch follow-up is crucial on Hard difficulty/DIE level for crowd control as enemies are resistant to instant-launch attacks -- though I went over this earlier, you can bypass enemies' instant-launch resistance by landing counter-hits. List of the moves:

-One-Two Punch (first hit juggles, second hit launches);
-Stomping Fist;
-Heel Drop (deals more damage than Stomping Fist but is slower)
-A quick (read: non-charged or barely charged) Charged Punch;
-Axe Kick (when not charged or barely charged);

One-Two Punch unique property

The first hit of One-Two Punch will send enemies above Gene's head but only against stunned enemies while you have the God Hand active. Why or how it works, no one will ever know since none of the other moves in the game do that

In conclusion, you shouldn't neglect juggle moves, they make air game and crowd control so much easier especially on Hard difficulty. Watch out though, landing a juggle isn't 100% guaranteed, enemies might dodge the hits anyway. Having said that, you can still counter an enemy who air-dodges by dashing forward and following up either with an air launch kick or a shoryuken (I already went over this in a previous update.)