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Part 32: Update #32 Stage 4-5 You, Me, Pattycake

Espresso Steampunk posted:

I've been watching these videos non-stop for the last 3 days. Amazing work! Forgive me if this has already been answered but... what's the best way to hold the controller? I know you're using an emulator so it may be a bit different, but when I use a PS3 controller, I have a really hard time going from Square to Right Stick with my right thumb, so cancelling stuff is a gamble. The stick sometimes bounces back too hard and I get an accidental sidestep in there or something.

Hello, thanks and welcome to the party. I'm using a PS3 controller too and I accidentally sidestep sometimes whenever I want to up-dodge, but only when I enter inputs too fast, so you should go slower on the right stick. The way I see it, cancelling and dodging in god hand is like Parrying in Metal Gear Rising (you have to press a direction + the attack button before getting hit) and Dodge-Offset in Bayonetta (you hold a face button while dodging); two techniques that become pure muscle memory the more you play the game. Use your right thumb to slowly slide back and forth from the right stick to the face buttons, try not to be too self-conscious about it and give it a couple days.

Update #32

Stage 4-5 You, Me, Pattycake

KMS video will be next update

Song used during the video clip is "Revelation" from El Shaddai

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