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Part 50: A look at the GOD HAND official Japanese guide book

The GOD HAND official guide book (JP)

Alrighty, I figured now would be a good time to show the content of this GOD HAND Japanese guidebook goodie. A couple year ago, someone scanned a dozen pages or so from the guide and uploaded it on photobucket, however the quality was kinda ass. So I decided to import a copy for myself—which only cost me the modest sum of 20 american dollars—and see if I could find some juicy hidden strategy and information about the game. No dice on that though, as the book is a fairly straightforward guide showing a bunch of official artworks everyone can find in google image, maps of every levels and various data (e.g. details about the Arena Challenge, the enemy roster of the game, what you can buy at the shop, etc.)

I received the book after a few weeks, skimmed through it, some pages caught my attention and Alps’ asked a friend of his to help with translating the seemingly more important sections from japanese to english.

This is Alps talking:

"Mike got a hold of the official God Hand guidebook (JP only) so he chose specific bits of info to want translated. We tried to get a freelancer for this one but it didn't end up working out due to monetary constraints. I got a friend (who just so happened to work on the Ace Attorney Investigations 2 translation after playing it raw) to help us out. Thanks Jin.

Anyway, most of the stuff she translated was really basic info we already knew but among that, there's gold bits we weren't quite aware of. Posting them all here.

(note: I might have already shared all of this during a previous update, I forget, but here it is again)

Translation page 1
Translation page 2
Translation page 3

Just refer to the pictures and the numbers bellow to get a translation.
(note: If a number is empty, that means either 1) Jin couldn't translate it or 2) we already know what it's supposed to mean)

On Easy the enemy HP is at 80% whereas on Normal the enemy HP is at 100%. Jin translated Hard mode HP as +20 instead of 20% and I don't know why, it doesn't seem like that mistake is likely. Nonetheless we have a grasp on numbers.

1: Easy
- 3 God Reel Stock (max 6)
- Difficulty can be raised up to Level 2
- Damage taken from enemies 2/3 of Normal Mode
- Tension Gauge fill rate 1.25x Normal
- Random item appearance rate up
- Enemy HP 80%

2: Normal
- Roulette Wheel stock 2 (max 5)
- Difficulty level goes up to Die
- Everything normal

3: Hard
- Roulette Wheel stock 2 (max 4)
- Difficulty won't go any lower than Die
- Damage taken/Gauge fill/Item drop same as in Normal
- Enemy HP +20%
- Roulette Wheel Skill "God Dogeza(?)"(grovel) unusable

Tension meter refill (tension meter = god hand meter)
Damage an enemy
- Jab (0.8)
- Other normal attacks (1.5~3.0)
- Yes Man Kablaam
- Stomp
- Beat up
- Suplex
- ????
- Poison Stab Special - Stinger (0.5 x number of times kicked+1)
- Cobra Twist (1.0 x number of times strangled+1)
- Punishment - Spanking (0.5 x number of times punched+1)
- Gorilla Throw
- Belze Pummel (0.5 x number finger rotations)
*Fill rate varies for counter hits depending on difficulty


6: Take damage from enemies
Fill rate = Damage / Player maxHPx10

7: *Fill rate maximum is 10.0

8: Taunt enemies
Lvl1-3 - 12.0
Die - 6.0

9: Up-dodging (up on the right stick)
# times dodged Fill
once 1.5
multiple times 0.5
you get 1.5 the first time and 0.5 any subsequent times


11 12 13 14 15
Item drop rate
- Money 25%
- Healing Items 37.5%
- Skull Cards 26.25%
- Tension Card 3.75%
- Power Up Card 7.5%
*Healing items turn into skull cards when no enemies are nearby

16: Attack power of set attack

17: Action button type when enemy is in dizzy status

18: Stages appeared in + other information(piyori means dizziness, so a dizzy whip enemy's prompt would be spanking)

19: Enemy behaviors by difficulty
Lvl1 - Enemies are slow and don't attack/guard/dodge much, only one will start attacking head-on even if there's a whole group, damage taken from enemies 60%

20: Lvl3 - Enemies guard/dodge/counter a lot, up to three attack at once from any direction, there will be one more of...something in the wheel, normal damage taken

21: Lvl2 - Enemies have more attack patterns, and up to two will attack at once from the front and side, also getting out of grab(?) attacks will be a little harder. Damage taken 80%

22: Die - Enemy movements are even more of a pain and attack speed increases, guarding decreases by a lot and harder to knock down. 120% damage taken. (By guarding she means guarding time)

23: "Evil spirits" (Demons) appear when you defeat a certain enemy or randomly after killing non-boss enemies. There are 4 types with high movement speed and attack. You should kill them immediately with God Hand. Appearance rate: Weaklings - 1/32, Leaders - 1/18. After you defeat one another won't appear again until you kill 7 more things (this information is false, I’ve already proven how the demon RNG isn’t really RNG in a previous update). Only one will appear at a time (also wrong), but two can pop up on Lvl3 or higher. Seems like among other factors tested by Mike coincide with this inherent value.

24: Demon Appearance Order:
Stages that Evil Spirits appear on
Stage 1 - Evil Spirit (Evil Spirit(Green) on Die)
Stage 2 - Evil Spirit + Evil Spirit (Green) randomly
Stage 3 onwards - ES/Green/Red randomly
Stage 5 onwards - If Lvl3 or higher, all of them randomly


27: Boss type

28: W-God Hand user(?) (Double God Hand Gene) who only appears in a secret coliseum mission. Uses quick lash normal attacks when you get close... i'm going to get super literal here. Uses quick lash normal attacks when you get punches and kicks, uses Stab God, Dragon Fang Leg, Double Slice Wave, Hurricane Chop, and roulette wheel moves like W God Hand when you're at a distance Stab God, Dragon Fang Leg, Double Slice Wave, Hurricane Chop,Respectively, (I'm assuming the first is) Divine Smash, Dragon Kick, Shockwave 2, and Head Slicer and roulette wheel moves like W God Hand when you're at a distance. I still have no idea what the hell the W means but I know in English this is basically saying Double God Hand. Both arms shine when he uses God Hand. He doesn't become invincible like the player, but attack speed/dodging ability increases by a lot. You can fight him with maxed tension gauge and wheel stock, but only at Die difficulty. His grab move is the same pummel move as Azel's. Try countering with O and X but only at Die difficulty

29: Attack power - Really strong

30: Dizziness Quick Time Event - Pummel

31: appears in the coliseum?

32 33 34 35 36
Attack power level: 30 (I find this exact value a little hard to believe)
attack power: 80

37: (+) -> x1.5 on Lvl1, x1.2 on Lvl2, x1.0 no Lvl 3, x0.8 on Die
(-) -> 0.8 for Angra battle only

38: damage adjustments by stage


Casino Junk:
44: Small Devil. Fever

45: Skull. Miss

1 - you can...see better? can be repeated up to 10 times and 2x likely to get....something
2 - get a set of them and your fever/riichi(?) get reset


49: Hard Mode

50: Clear normal mode to unlock hard mode. Recommended for experienced players b/c you can only play on Die. There are some secret features you can only get on hard mode (like jukebox disc D)

51: Also on hard mode - roulette wheel stock is limited and enemies have more hp

And that seems to wrap up everything Mike wanted done. We don't know how much more valuable info can be in the other text boxes altogether but we did learn a great bit from this."


Anyway, let's check out this bad boy. First off, the book is way smaller than I imagined. It's not even a book, it's a mini-book more like. I've placed it on top of an A4 paper sheet to give you an idea.

Enjoy the following scans in high resolution:

page 2
page 3
page 4
page 5
page 25
page 27 - move list + descriptions (for whatever reason, the previous owner of the book circled and crossed out random move names)
page 46 - story board
page 47
page 63
page 123
back cover

Overall I'm fairly disappointed by the book, it's fine but not mind-blowing or that helpful, really. For example, knowing how much god hand meter you get by punching guys isn't the most practical information one might need to get better at the game. I also thought we would find more in-depth stuff about the gameplay like some super duper hidden secret canceling technique no one found out about before but nope, there's none of that either. But hey at least I'm glad I've been documenting this stuff on the internet for posterity's sake.