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Part 56: Forearm Smash is a better version of Barrel Roll Kick

I'd like to point out that Barrel Roll Kick and Forearm Smash share the same property, or should I say Forearm Smash is a better version of Barrel Roll Kick:

Forearm Smash and Barrel Roll Kick share the same property

Video below by my buddy Alps, everything mechanics-related in this let's play comes from a collective effort between us:

Odd Launching

"Barrel Roll Kick and Forearm Smash (both first and second version) are the only instant launchers (not counting Unblockables.) On Level Die, you'll notice how much harder it is for enemies to get launched without the use of a Guard Break, Counterhit, or Dizzy-Effect (I used High Side Kick to exemplify this, any other kick or blockable-launch move works just as well to serve the example.) The only exceptions to this resistance rule are Barrel Roll Kick and Forearm Smash. So I played around with them a little.

It seems that on a normal hit, BRK and FS instant do a "weak" launch (enemies are sent flinging instead of shot in a straight line until they hit a wall.) As exemplified in the video, it does not change with the simple use of God Hand, nor catching the enemy in midair. However, it seems the resulting dynamics of these two moves change upon the status of a Guard Break, Counterhit, or Dizzy-Effect, to the point where they all become "strong" launches (which adds some more specialty to these moves, not that it makes Barrel Roll Kick much more useful when Forearm Smash will fill the quota better.) This could make for some interesting crowd control potential if used correctly.

High Side Kick was added just to exemplify how other "weak" launch attacks would compare when used in the same situation."